Bayonetta Cosplay: Bayonetta (IceQueenSerenity) Cosplay 28 OCT 2012

American cosplayer IceQueenSerenity, also known as Michela Dee to her mother, grabs some pretty lengthy hair extensions and does her best to transform herself into the titular witch from the much hyped Bayonetta video game release.

Bayonetta was one of those hugely Internet-hyped games that eventually saw the light of day in Japan on October 2009. The game is a third person action game, very much in the vein of Devil May Cry (which makes sense since it is directed by Hideki Kamiya who directed both the Devil May Cry and Viewtiful Joe game series), and focuses on the attractive titular character Bayonetta, a witch who finds herself thrust into battle against both angelic and warrior-like foes but without any recollection as to why she is fighting. She possesses the ability to shapeshift and thus use a variety of weapons, both ranged and short distance-based, as well as make use of a number of magical attacks (that makes use of her hair of all things) in order to dispatch her enemies.

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