In a world slightly more advanced than that of today, girls slightly more advanced than those of today begin “broadcasting” from a Shibuya parallel to the Shibuya in our world.

There is a site on the Internet that can tell you anything you want to know. Platonic Chain. The question is, if this endless knowledge is available, just what would you want to know?

Three girls, Hitomi, Rika and Kanae have access to this site. These are their stories about just what might happen in an all to possible “Network World” of tomorrow.

Back in 2002 Apres and United-Asia Entertainment took a risk and produced a short (24 episodes at five minutes per episode) series entitled Platonic Chain, a story about three girls and their interaction with an omniscient website known as Platonic Chain. Platonic Chain knows everything about everyone and can be used for the most wonderful human interaction queries. The stories focus on how the girls might interact with each other and the world if such a web of information existed.

The stories are well told and are often funny, in a fantasy drama romance sort of way. The characters are reasonably well developed (given the short run time mind you) and all have their distinct possibilities, but in reality, all of this takes a back seat to the animation which happens to be the real star of this particular show.

Back in 2002 CG was just starting to be introduced to anime, and often used in conjunction with more traditional hand drawn animation. Platonic chain flipped this on its head and did a completely CG rendered series, a triumph for the visual technology at the time.

Look, it has decent voice-acting and a groovy opening track, but at five minutes a pop the show isn’t really worth the time unless you need a small gap filler. That said, if you are keen on seeing a fantastic victory for computer animation (and this particular cel-shading technique) that happened twelve years ago in the world of anime, then it is certainly worth checking out even just as a history lesson!

A pleasant little oddity in other words.

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