Djibril – The Devil Angel Cosplay: Hikari Jinno | Djibril Aries (Arisa Kamui) Cosplay 26 NOV 2012

Jiburiru – The Devil Angel is a hentai anime OVA series, composed of three four-episode series. It is based on the erotic video game series (eroge) Makai Tenshi Djibril, Makai Tenshi Djibril, which were created by Front Wing.

Probably best known for her Fate/Stay cosplay outings, Japanese cosplayer Arisa Kamui opts to dress down and show some skin in order to bring this particular cosplay to life!

Hikari Jinno: Introduced in the second game, Hikari is visiting her brother, and witnesses the defeat of the original Jibril. Partially due to being exposed to the secret of Djibril, and partially because she was the only person available to replace Rika, she ends up recruited as the second Djibril, with the suffix of Aries, in order to rescue Rika from the clutches of Misty May and Rococo. Later in the third game, Similar to kidnapping of Rika, she was captured by demons and becomes her darker self, and becomes a major role of the game.

Djibril Aries: The second of the three Devil Angels, Aries was recruited to replace Rika when she is defeated in battle and taken as spoils. She also spends most of the third game in a second, corrupted, persona of Dark Aries, which has a unique power to control minds. She is stronger willed than Rika, managing to break the controlling influence of Misty May in the third game multiple times, and, at least in the anime, summoning her own ‘Super Nova’ style attack despite being almost completely controlled.

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