I’m a fan of buying electricity online or via SMS versus trudging through to a Spar or petrol station and getting some prepaid electricity the old fashioned manual way. For the last while I’ve been using ibuy.co.za for all my online electricity purchasing needs, but when my credit card recently expired and they wouldn’t allow me to quickly add a new one via the portal interface, I turned away from them and started looking out for alternatives.

The latest one which is quite pleasing to me is myPrepaid.co.za, which breaks down the process of buying electricity online through them into three simple steps. First, register an account on their system and link your meter number to that account. Second, create a beneficiary under your online banking account. Finally, whenever you need electricity simply make an EFT payment to that beneficiary you created at the start of the process, and your electricity tokens will be sent through to you via e-mail, or you can log into the portal and grab them from there.

So far so good, meaning that it looks like I’ve found my replacement for ibuy.co.za!

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