The Venture Bros. Cosplay Quickie: Molotov Cocktease (Unidentified) Cosplay 12 DEC 2012

An unidentified cosplayer uses the humorous Adult Swim animated series The Venture Bros. as her source of inspiration for today’s cosplay costume.

Molotov Cocktease is a highly-trained assassin and sometime-ally, sometime-rival to Brock Samson, as well as his love interest until her apparent death at the end of the episode “Operation P.R.O.M.” Despite, or perhaps because of their often-violent history, she held Brock in very high regard, although she disdained his loyalty to the Ventures. She was an ex-Soviet agent who made a living as a mercenary. She shared a somewhat sadomasochistic relationship with Brock, who has referred to her as “the only woman [he has] ever loved.” She unfailingly wore a chastity belt (her father’s dying wish) until the end of the fourth season, when she told Brock she was “taken” by Monstroso. Her name is a play on the phrases “Molotov cocktail” and “cock tease.” In some Venture Bros. related artwork, her last name is spelled “Coqtiz,” though “Cocktease” has become the official spelling. Her name is also a reference to Bond girls with improbably provocative names, such as Pussy Galore.

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