I Kind of Miss My Old Comic Book Collection My Life 28 DEC 2012

congorilla issue 2 dc comics vokesI was busy clearing out an old PC the other day when I stumbled across a backup of the old Excel Spreadsheet I used to keep, a carefully crafted document complete with arithmetic macros and all, all in the name of keeping track of my once burgeoning comic book collection.

At one point in time I had amassed a sizeable collection of well over 3,000 comic books and graphic novels, a great source of pride and joy for me taking into account how as a teenager I had laboured tirelessly in putting it together over the short space of a handful of years, with a major shortage of sources and severely limited funds to boot!

Obviously as you can tell by a lot of the content on this blog, I have a somewhat love affair with the art of comic books and as a youngster spent countless hours doodling, sketching and producing my own comic book art, a pastime which sadly has long since fallen away as my obligations in life began to pile up as the years went by.

Sadly, a girl that I was dating back in the day suffered from a strong form of depression, and as a result suffered from severe jealousy fits. Unfortunately for me, the cheesecake art (ready sexy women in skin tight costume pictures) that you often find in superhero comic books triggered a response from her, the end result of which saw me one day bagging the lot in a load of black refuse bags and leaving them downstairs in the block of flats’ reception area for anyone to grab if they wanted. I didn’t even have time to change my mind – they pretty much disappeared instantaneously. Lucky kids.

That was way back in 2004 if I remember correctly (give or take a year or two), and sadly for me, every now and then I hark back to a story or piece of art that I once had access to, only to remember that I tossed it all away on the whim of a girl that would eventually go on to cheat on me, thus ending the relationship due to her infidelity. Oh the irony.

Oh well. Fair enough, I probably wouldn’t have been able to store them in this currently little study of mine anyway, so all’s well that ends well then.

Sigh, not really.

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