How to Disable TouchPad Clicking on a Fujitsu Lifebook A Series Laptop

I have a Fujitsu Lifebook A Series laptop from work which is a fantastic laptop overall, and certainly a piece of equipment that I’m more than happy to be working with. However, laptops and I have traditionally not been the greatest of friends, particularly when it comes to the touchpad interface.

I’m forever accidentally tapping the touchpad whilst navigating the mouse cursor, which of course is translated into a left click by the operating system, which in turn, needless to say, leads to quite a number of more than a little annoying situations that I then need to dig myself out of!

Luckily turning off the touchpad clicking, or tapping as they like to call it, turns out to be a rather simple affair.

Assuming you’re using Windows 7 like I am, open up your Control Panel and change the view via the “View by:” control at the top right of dialog. You should now be able to find an item entitled “Mouse” in the Control Panel dialog. Open that and on the resulting Mouse Properties dialog, you should see a “Device Settings” tab to the right of the dialog, carrying the red Synaptics icon for easier identification.

This tab should list your TouchPad under the Devices list, and after selecting your TouchPad instance, click on the Settings button in order to open up a new Synaptics Properties wizard. You should spot a menu item entitled “Tapping” in the item list and by clicking on it, you should now notice a checkbox labelled “Enable Tapping”. Simple uncheck this box and apply the changes.

Brilliant. Your TouchPad should now no longer be clicking! :)

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  • Peter Gallienne

    hi i have a fujitsu lifebook a seriesand have had the same problem with the touchpad. I tried what you suggested with the mouse found in the control panel but can not find any reference to the touch pad only the mouse. can you help with this problem please