jQuery DataTables: How to Disable Sorting on a DataTable Instance Programming 18 FEB 2013

DataTables is a fantastic plug-in for the jQuery Javascript library that I use for pretty much all my web development projects. It is a highly flexible tool, based upon the foundations of progressive enhancement, which will add advanced interaction controls to any HTML table – in other words, it creates useful dynamic, with oodles of extra functionality, tables out of plain old vanilla HTML tables.

Today’s question is how to disable sorting on a DataTable instance when it initializes.

Turns out, this is pretty easy to achieve, simply by turning off the bSort property during the method call. In practice:

"bProcessing": true,
"bSort": false

Yup, pretty much as easy as that.

(Note that you can further refine your sorting by turning bSort back on and making use of the aaSorting column definition.)


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