Soulcalibur Cosplay: Taki (Kelume) Cosplay 29 MAR 2013

American cospayer Kelume takes on what is probably my favourite playable Soulcalibur character, the swift and deadly Taki!

soulcalibur cosplay taki by american cosplayer kelume 1

Taki is a fictional character in the Soul series of fighting games produced by Namco. Taki, one of the series’ main characters, is a 16th century Japanese demon huntress and a runaway kunoichi (female ninja), who is traveling the world on a quest to destroy an evil sword known as Soul Edge.

Taki was introduced in the arcade version of Soul Edge in 1995, in which she and Sophitia were the two official protagonists. She was featured as a player character in every title of the Soul series until 2011’s Soulcalibur V, in which Taki’s place was taken by her young disciple Natsu. Taki is also featured in some other works, including Namco × Capcom and Queen’s Gate.

The character has achieved popularity, receiving mostly positive critical feedback. She is often regarded as one of the top female ninja characters in video games, and a sex symbol of the fighting genre and gaming in general. Several publications, which noted her iconic status in the Soul series, regretted her absence in Soulcalibur V.

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