Anna Mercury Cosplay: Anna Mercury (Belle Chere) Cosplay 07 APR 2013

Well known American cosplayer Belle Chere suits up in leather to bring to life Warren Ellis’ fiery redhead, Anna Mercury!

Anna Mercury is a leather-clad, red-headed hero who travels between parallel worlds, fighting to keep advanced weaponry from being used by more primitive worlds.

On Earth, in the modern day United Kingdom, Anna Mercury is actually Anna Louise Britton, an agent of the government, tasked with missions in the nine parallel worlds adjacent to our own. Anna’s travels through the space between worlds charges her equipment that lets her defy gravity, move through solid objects, and perform other feats, though the energy is limited and must be monitored closely.

Anna appears in the comic book limited series “Anna Mercury”, created by Warren Ellis, published by Avatar Press, and with art by Facundo Percio. Issue 1 was released on 2 April 2008.

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