Titans Cosplay: Troia [Donna Troy] (Unknown) Cosplay 12 MAY 2013

An unidentified American cosplayer appeared at the 2011 Super Megafest convention, bringing with her all the spandex that comes with Troia, aka Donna Troy, also known as Wonder Girl during her younger years, and who is almost always associated with the Titans brand…

Donna’s superhuman powers have changed several times over the years, but in all of her various incarnations, they have always consisted of considerable superhuman strength, endurance, speed, and the power of flight. In her pre-Crisis origin, Donna was granted those powers by the Amazon’s Purple Ray, and these powers increased as she grew older. She also wielded a lasso of her own, but it apparently had no magical properties like Diana’s Lasso of Truth.

This particular costume made its appearance in July 2008 when DC started up the Titans line again, restricting the series name to simply “Titans”, so as not to clash with its kiddie “Teen Titans” property.

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