Reiko the Zombie Shop Cosplay: Saki Yurikawa (Midori Kanda) Cosplay 26 MAY 2013

Zombie-ya Reiko, otherwise known as Reiko the Zombie Shop, is a Japanese manga series by Rei Mikamoto, chronicling the exploits of Reiko Himezono, a teenage “zombie shop”, or a “…necromancer-for-hire employed by bereaved families to resurrect departed loved ones for a short time so that the dead may impart their final truths to the living.”

Popular Japanese cosplayer Midori Kanda has opted to bring back to life (well undead if you have to be technical) teenage serial killer, Saki Yurikawa in this pretty creepy cosplay session.

Introduced in the first volume’s side-stories, titled Dead Sister, Saki Yurikawa is a teenaged serial killer, a homicidal maniac who forces young girls to be her “little sister”, and then brutally murders them when they refuse.

When she was younger her original little sister, Midori ended up comatose after a younger Saki knocked her down a flight of stairs while trying to imitate the character of a magical girl anime series Saki use to watch. Since then, she’s murdered over thirty young girls, and others who have gotten in her way.

Saki meets her demise when she crosses paths with Reiko who, even reduced to a severed head, manages to kill Saki by summoning the souls of the people she’s killed, leaving Saki to be forever tormented in Hell.

From that point in the series, Saki serves the role as Reiko’s faithful zombie, silently following Reiko’s orders. It is unknown whether or not Saki’s mute personality was a side-effect of the zombification or a result of post-traumatic stress disorder while she was imprisoned in Hell. Despite her murderous intentions, Saki has a fondness of sweets to the point where she once skipped school to get a sundae.

Towards the end of the final volume, Saki regains her free will after Reiko accidentally destroyed the Witch’s Stone while she was carrying it. This causes Saki to revert back to human status and attempts to use her newly regained freedom to escape, only to be sliced in half by Jasmine.

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