Golden Axe Cosplay: Tyris Flare (Heidi Rogers) Cosplay 28 JUL 2013

American cosplayer Heidi Rogers (also known as Cosplay Kitten) revisits an old arcade classic in the form of Sega’s Golden Axe, returning as the sword-swinging Tyris Flare!

The Golden Axe series is a side-scrolling arcade hack ‘n’ slash series developed by Sega. The series takes place in a medieval-fantasy world where several heroes have the task of recovering the legendary Golden Axe, the mainstay element of the series.

Tyris Flare is a red-haired amazon who wields a cinquedea-type sword while wearing a chainmail bikini, bracers and red boots. Both her parents are murdered by Death Adder’s forces, leading her to seek revenge in the first Golden Axe game. Her magic attacks are all fire based, including the summoning of a giant, flame-spewing dragon. Tyris has the shortest range of the heroes, but possesses the most powerful spells.

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