Catherine Cosplay: Catherine (IvettePuig) Cosplay 20 AUG 2013

February 2011 saw Asian masters of the RPG genre, Atlus, release their exceedingly difficult survival horror, adventure puzzle platformer, entitled Catherine, to the world, and now Spanish cosplayer IvettePuig has decided to bring the enigmatic titular seductress to life!

catherine cosplay catherine by spanish cosplayer ivettepuig 1

Vincent Brooks is in trouble. After a fling with a mysterious but attractive stranger named Catherine, that he meets in a bar while contemplating his future with his current lover Katherine, he begins to experience horrific nightmares, nightmares which correlate to the rumours currently swirling around his neighbourhood, rumours of death encountered in dreams translating to real life.

And the problem is, the horrors encountered in these new nightmares are definitely out to kill him.

Catherine, the titular character is a mysterious, carefree 22-year old woman with a charming face and particularly well-proportioned body, which tends to make men turn and stare. She seduces men for fun and it is after her liaison with Vincent that his personal hell begins…

catherine cosplay catherine by spanish cosplayer ivettepuig 2

catherine cosplay catherine by spanish cosplayer ivettepuig 3

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