Tekken Cosplay: Lili de Rochefort (IvettePuig) Cosplay 29 AUG 2013

Lili, full name Emilie de Rochefort, is a video game character from the Tekken series by Namco Bandai. Along with Sergei Dragunov and Armor King II, she is one of the three characters that were introduced in Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection in 2005. Lili’s storyline in the Tekken series typically involves pleasing her father and her rivalry with Asuka Kazama. Her fighting style is street fighting mixed with gymnastics and is among the faster characters in the Tekken series.

Today’s cosplay outing comes to us courtesy of Spanish cosplayer IvettePuig.

tekken cosplay lili de rochefort by spanish cosplayer ivettepuig 4

Lili is the only daughter of a wealthy and pacifistic oil magnate. She resides in a very luxurious suburban mansion with her father and her butler, Sebastian. At the age of 12, Lili struggled violently to free herself from a group of kidnappers, and she unexpectedly took out one of her captors. At that moment, she first realized she took pleasure in defeating her opponents. Lili only wants to please her father, but she knows that he despises fighting because he wants his daughter to be a prim and proper lady and not a thug. Her desire to fight could not be controlled, and for this reason, she secretly used her family’s private jet to travel abroad to take part in worldwide street fighting tournaments, which she enjoyed immensely. This was done under the guise of a vacation from her homeland. One day, after defeating an opponent in San Francisco, she acquired an invitation to the King of Iron Fist Tournament 5. Lili noticed that the sponsor of the tournament, the Mishima Zaibatsu, had caused her father much trouble in the past. With the assumption of the Mishima Zaibatsu being a useful potential asset to her father, she was determined to take part in the tournament and win to put an end to her father’s business troubles.

However, her chances of winning the tournament were completely destroyed at the hands of Asuka Kazama. To make matters worse, her father discovered her involvement in the tournament, and as punishment he forbade her from leaving the house until further notice, thwarting her chances of a rematch with Asuka. Sometime later, the Mishima Zaibatsu seized the oil fields her father owned. Rochefort Enterprises fell into disarray, and Lili’s father (who was forced to cope with the takeover) collapsed from overexertion. Lili, who was worried about her father’s well being, believed that if she were able to reclaim her father’s oil fields somehow from the Mishima Financial Group, she would without a doubt remove his anxiety. While she deeply thought how best to act, the Mishima Financial Group announced the opening of the King of the Iron Fist Tournament 6.

Believing this was her big break, Lili entered the tournament for her father’s sake.

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tekken cosplay lili de rochefort by spanish cosplayer ivettepuig 6

tekken cosplay lili de rochefort by spanish cosplayer ivettepuig 7

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