The King of Fighters Cosplay: Bonne Jenet (Pamela Colnaghi) Cosplay 01 SEP 2013

B. Jenet (Bonne Jenet in full, or real name Jennie Behrn) is a character from both Garou: Mark of the Wolves and The King of Fighters series. She was voted as the third favorite character during her debut. She is voiced by Rei Saito and Gina Rose, but this time around she is brought to life courtesy of Italian cosplayer Pamela Colnaghi.

In Garou: Mark of the Wolves, Jenet is the leader of a group of pirates known as the Lillien Knights. Jenet entered the tournament hosted by Kain R. Heinlein to rob him of anything valuable he might be keeping in his mansion. In her ending, she passes out amidst the destruction of Kain’s mansion after defeating him. Her crew saves her from being trapped under the rubble, but fails to secure any of the treasure they had been looking for.

In her King of Fighters debut, she is the one who called for Tizoc and Gato to form a team though she is mostly in the tournament for monetary gain. King informs Mai Shiranui and Yuri Sakazaki that Jenet has plans to also enter the KOF XIII tournament, but ends up as an audience with Tizoc, Malin, Bao and Momoko.

A cheerful girl, Jenet is also very ambitious when it comes to money. Although being the daughter of a very wealthy family, she prefers to steal rather than ask her parents for money. She is a party girl and is very comfortable around men, since her relationship with her Lillien Knights is of pure dominance.

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