Hoshin Engi Cosplay: So Dakki (Rin Higurashi) Cosplay 29 SEP 2013

Japanese ero cosplayer Rin Higurashi grabs her white bodysuit and funny hat, bringing to life the evil and manipulative So Dakki from the Hoshin Engi franchise.

So Dakki is the Queen of the In Dynasty ruling over China. She is considered one of the most beautiful women in all of China and is also incredibly manipulative and calculative. She is one of the ultimate villans in the story, and one of the most powerful beings in both NingenKai and SheninKai. She loves toying with other people’s lives, especially Taikobou’s because he is her mental arch rival in terms of intelligence.

This 5000 year old fox demon has the ability of taking control of specific female human bodies. Around 60 years ago, she went by the name of Ou Shi (also a Queen), and now, she is So Dakki. Dakki is one of the 3 most powerful Youkai Sennins whom trained in Kingoto, the other two are Bunchuu and Choukoumei. Dakki attained most of her powers (mind control and manipulation by worldly desires) from JyoKa.

Before that, all she ever wanted was power, but later on, when she realizes that the ‘First People’ (alien race of Jyoka) were willing to let go of all their powers to become part of the earth. She started doubting her motives. Then, her agenda changed from wanting power to wanting what the First People did, become part of the Earth as well. Or to be precise, become the “mother” of Earth.

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