Djibril – The Devil Angel Cosplay: Rika Manabe | Djibril (Ushijima Iiniku) Cosplay 04 OCT 2013

Jiburiru – The Devil Angel is a hentai anime OVA series, composed of three four-episode series. It is based on the erotic video game series (eroge) Makai Tenshi Djibril, Makai Tenshi Djibril, which were created by Front Wing.

Popular Japanese ero cosplayer Ushijima Iiniku has no real problem with baring her skin, so it’s no wonder that this is such a good cosplay match for her to pull off!

Rika Manabe: A quiet and sweet student who has been a friend of Naoto since childhood. During her childhood, Naoto doesn’t seem to be getting along with Rika pretty well back then, but when he got close to her, they were really close friends. As she accepts to be his girlfriend, she cried of joy. After hearing from Luvriel about the battles between the angels and the demons but that Luvriel was too injured to fight, Naoto wants to join in the fight. Unfortunately, for Naoto, angels are supposed to be girls, so Rika accepts to be a part of the army. But when Luvriel told Rika that she has to have sex to acquire Amore power, she felt shocked and worried. She was later kidnapped at the beginning of the second anime and is transformed into a darker form of herself by the new demon character Miss Rococo.

Djibril: The first of the three Devil Angels, as well as the only one not related, by blood or choice, to Naoto. She is Loveriel’s replacement in the first game, due to a mutually assured destruction strategy going wrong. She was captured in the second game by a giant worm creature, and over the course of the game, put through a perverse version of her training in the first game, and in the third game, she was weakened by the use of a spell cast through the corrupted hand of Dark Aries.

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