Aim for the Top! Gunbuster Cosplay: Noriko Takaya (Yuu Nanase) Cosplay 29 DEC 2013

Japanese cosplayer Yuu Nanase dons the famous yellow headband of clumsy Gunbuster pilot Noriko Takaya, in an effort to bring to life one of the central charaters in Hideaki Anno’s hit 1988 Aim for the Top! Gunbuster anime OVA.

In anticipation for the Earth landing of the Space Monsters, huge insectoid aliens discovered to be travelling through the galaxy, mankind is in fierce development of huge mechanical fighting suits to become the sword for all humanity – the RX-7 Machine Weapons.

However, as advanced as these giant battle suits are, they are no more than training vehicles for the upcoming intensely powerful Gunbuster fighting suits, something that everyone at the pilot training academy are all too aware of.

The story begins in the year 2023, not long after the first battles with the aliens, and centers on young Noriko Takaya. Although Noriko’s father was a famous admiral in the space fleet who went missing following one of the first battles of the war, her own talents as a pilot are questionable – especially when compared to the other students. Nonetheless, she has entered a training school on Okinawa, where she is largely influenced by her instructor, Kouichirou “Coach” Ohta, who was one of Admiral Takaya’s crew. He has faith that she will overcome her early clumsiness, while other students are critical of her inability.

Noriko idolizes the beautiful, competent and talented Kazumi Amano. She is not alone, the other students recognize that Amano is the top RX-7 pilot at the school, and likely the entire world. Coach Ohta shows the extra training which Amano creates for herself, inspiring Noriko to look within herself for strengths which she did not know that she had.

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