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An Emily Update My Life 10 JAN 2014

So the end of the road is finally in sight – this coming Monday, 13 January 2014, Chantelle and I will be welcoming into this world our little Emily, in all likelihood the last addition to our little branch of the Lotter Clan.

It’s been a long nine months and Chantelle has certainly struggled this last month and a half, thanks to the general uncomfortableness associated with pregnancy, and of course the soaring heatwave that Cape Town experienced for much of the December holiday period.

Pleasingly, unlike the previous pregnancy with Jess, and despite the little scare with Chantelle’s earlier car crash, there were absolutely no complications this time around – meaning that Chantelle has carried Emily all the way through to full term, and in the process affording her the full experience of being pregnant.

Mind you, she’s ready for Emily to come out now – it’s been a little too tiring and uncomfortable these last few weeks!

Needless to say, we’re a little bit apprehensive for the upcoming c-section operation on Monday morning (08:00!) – unlike last time when it was a medical emergency and there was no time to really given anything much thought, this time around we’ve got a very nervy Sunday evening to ponder on the big event lying in wait for us. Doubt much sleep will be had by the either of us in other words!

On another note, I must say that I’m pleased that we’re in Vergelegen this time around – they really are one of the better baby-friendly hospitals around, and we’re looking forward to the experience based on what they showed us during the earlier facilities tour (thankfully they’ve now fully restored functionality following the flooding that hit the area early December last year).

All in all, it’s really an exciting time again, and despite the long hours and loads of work coming our way, I CAN’T wait to see my new baby girl and hold her in my arms already! :)

pregnant chantelle lotter showing off her belly

(Looks like January is certainly going to be the month of birthdays in the family. In addition to little Emily, my sister Claire and her husband Riley just welcomed their second son, Grayson into the world a week ago on the 2nd of Jan this year, and then of course my brother Ryan celebrates his birthday towards the tail of January. Presents, presents, presents!)

Lollos and Lettie Birthday Cake Print Design 10 JAN 2014

Andrea and Albert recently(-ish) hosted a Lollos-themed birthday party for little Bella who turned three (and when I say Lollos-themed, I mean that they had the actual Lollos costume there – which Jessica absolutely loved to bits mind you. It certainly helps to be in the entertainment industry, that’s for sure!)

Anyway, Andy tasked Chantelle’s Cupcakery with producing a simple cake print box cake for the party, which of course meant that Chantelle immediately turned to me and tasked me with coming up with the image to be sent off to the printers!

Luckily for me, a decent enough in terms of size Lollos image turned up after some deep Google searching, and with a little Photoshop magic, I introduced Lettie to the image and rounded off the remaining bits and bobs to end up with what was rather a colourful cake print:

lollos birthday cake print

Just in case you’re not so familiar with Lollos – it’s a kiddies entertainment franchise relatively popular with small Afrikaans kids at the moment – basically Lollos is a friendly alien creature who is learning all about us through his Afrikaans-singing friends. Kind of like an Afrikaans version of Barney the Dinosaur basically.

Anyway, you can grab the large print version here: Download Large Print Version