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For Sale: Sturdy White Baby Compactum – R1,200 For Sale 21 JAN 2014

Please note that this item has since been sold and is no longer available for purchase.

Although we’ve just had our second baby arrive on the scene, unfortunately the room that she now calls her own simply doesn’t have enough floor space to accommodate the beautifully sturdy and neat white compactum that we used first time around for Jessica.

I’ve attached a picture to this advert showing my three year old Jessica standing in front of the compactum to give you a good sense of its size, and as you can see, this tall, spacious work space comes with ample storage area in the form of four sturdy pull-out drawers and a vertical, shelved cupboard to the side. Its height is perfect for working with a baby, saving one a lot of backache in the process, and is definitely one of those must haves if you have the floor space for it!

We’re selling it for R1200, which seems a good price if I take into account other similar items for sale on Gumtree and OLX.

compactum 3

Please note it is fairly large and you will therefore have to arrange transport for it, either in the form of a trailer, bakkie or truck. (Unfortunately I can’t help you out on that front. My little Hyundai Getz just doesn’t cut it!)

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For Sale: Flatscreen TV Stand – R200 For Sale 21 JAN 2014

Please note that this item has since been sold and is no longer available for purchase.

Sadly, with the recent birth of my second child, my space in the house has shrunk yet again (in other words, I lost my man cave office space), meaning that I’m now forced to get rid of some of my furniture in order to free up precious floor space in our now rather cramped house.

As such I’m selling my stylish, compact, originally a flat-pack, flatscreen TV stand for a measly R200. The pictures attached to the advert gives you an idea of the size – in case you are wondering, that’s a 40 inch flatscreen television fitting comfortably up there. As you can see, it has two shelved cupboard spaces on either side, with an open shelved space in the middle.

I bought it at the end of 2012 from Makro for R500 on special, meaning that its still relatively new and most definitely going for a steal!

flatscreen tv stand 2

(Please note you’ll need to arrange your own transport for it. I neither own a trailer, bakkie nor truck)

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Ubuntu Server: Apache: Turn off SSL Tips, Tricks and Tutorials 21 JAN 2014

ubuntu-torso-in-a-white-topIn the event that you’ve traditionally had your Apache webserver serving up SSL-encrypted web traffic on your Ubuntu server and you’ve now gone and changed your mind (or simply don’t want to pay for the privilege of someone else saying you’re perfectly safe and okay, here, have this certificate, now where’s the money any more), turning off SSL is pretty simple.

To do this we make use of the special scripts available to us by default when using Apache on an Ubuntu install, first disabling the SSL module, then disabling the default-ssl site, and finally restarting the Apache service itself.

The commands are as follows:

sudo a2dismod ssl
sudo a2dissite default-ssl
sudo service apache2 restart

Obviously if you have any other SSL-enabled site configurations in your /etc/apache2/sites-enabled folder, you’ll want to run the a2dissite against them as well!

Also, if you don’t want to risk restarting your webserver,’service apache reload’ might also be sufficient for reloading the webserver configuration.