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Cars.co.za reviews the latest Toyota Corolla
[Partner Content] 18 FEB 2014

I used to own a Toyota Corolla once. Think it was a 1998 model, horrible sky blue colour, but such an awesome, reliable car. Sadly it was written off by a guy driving a bakkie who thought he could turn across the robot before I reached it.

He was wrong.

I didn’t suffer a scratch mind you, and given the awesome 5 star Euro NCAP safety rating the brand new models have, chances are I wouldn’t have even written the car off in the first place!

As it stands, the latest iteration of this iconic Japanese car is on the release line, and from all accounts this is a very solid car – exactly what one would expect from Toyota come to think of it.

But don’t just take my words for it: Cars.co.za reviewer Ciro De Siena put together a great video review for this smooth, family-friendly beast, before slapping it on their always informative car reviews subsection of the site.


So not a horrible idea then if you are in the market for a safe, reliable and good looking family sedan!

2014 toyota corolla

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PHP: Strip Leading Zeroes from a String Tips, Tricks and Tutorials 18 FEB 2014

green php elephants - elephpantsBecause ordering numbers is a whole lot easier when they all of the same length in terms of characters, with leading zeroes used for padding, the issue of stripping these unnecessary characters out for display purposes tends to crop up quite a lot.

Which is silly because PHP has a handy standard function that will do this for us with minimum effort.

The ltrim function strips whitespace from the beginning of a string. In addition, it has the option of stripping specified characters by means of the character_mask parameter.

Taking this into account, it then becomes trivial to strip leading zeroes from a string:

echo ltrim('0000005678','0');
//results in 5678

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