King of Fighters Cosplay: Kyo Kusunagi (Nadyasonika) Cosplay 19 MAY 2014

Mexican industrial design student, costume designer and maker, cosplayer, model, and gamer Nadya Anton is perhaps better known by her online handle Nadyasonika. This time around it is a bit of cross-play (gender swap if you will), as Nadyasonika brings to life the fire-fisted King of Fighters favourite: Kyo Kusunagi!

king of fighters-cosplay-kyo kusanagi-by-mexican-cosplayer-nadya-anton-aka-nadyasonika-1

Kyo Kusanagi is the main character in SNK Playmore’s The King of Fighters video game series; he was first introduced in The King of Fighters ’94 as the leader of the Japan team. He is one of the iconic characters of the series and regularly appears on publicity material and merchandise. His name and abilities were designed in order to relate him with the Yamata no Orochi legend. Because he was highly popular and his outfit changed along the series, the designers created a few clones with his old appearance.

Kyo is first introduced as a cocky delinquent high school student who is the heir to the Kusanagi clan, who can use pyrokinetic powers. In The King of Fighters universe, his clan is one of the three clans that sealed the legendary snake entity, Yamata no Orochi. Due to his clan’s past, Kyo fights against the Kusanagi’s enemies; his rival Iori Yagami, the last member of the Yagami clan, and the Orochi’s soldiers. He enters every The King of Fighters tournament representing Japan and uses his clan’s fighting style to combine fire with kenpo. Aside from the main series, Kyo also appears in several other media series such as spin-offs and crossover video games as well as comic adaptations of the series.

Video games reviewers have praised his design and fighting style as one of the best from the series. Reviewers noted him to be a necessary character to have in every video game from the series and commented of him to have the best winning pose.

king of fighters-cosplay-kyo kusanagi-by-mexican-cosplayer-nadya-anton-aka-nadyasonika-2

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king of fighters-cosplay-kyo kusanagi-by-mexican-cosplayer-nadya-anton-aka-nadyasonika-5

king of fighters-cosplay-kyo kusanagi-by-mexican-cosplayer-nadya-anton-aka-nadyasonika-6

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