Street Fighter Alpha 2 Cosplay: Sakura Kasugano (Nadyasonika) Cosplay 03 JUN 2014

First appearing in Street Fighter Alpha 2, the youthful Japanese schoolgirl fighter Sakura is the target for today’s Cosplay entry, taken on by Mexican cosplayer Nadya Anton (aka Nadyasonika) – fighting mitts and all!


Sakura Kasugano is a player character from the Street Fighter series of fighting games, where she is portrayed as a young Japanese schoolgirl who idolizes Ryu, whom she wants to be trained by.

Sakura first appears in Street Fighter Alpha 2, where she participates in street fighting after watching Ryu win the first World Warrior tournament. She searches for him and wishes for him to train her to be a better fighter. She eventually comes across Ryu who after a short sparring session, tells her he could not train her as he still has much to learn himself.

In Street Fighter Alpha 3, Sakura decides to travel the world to find Ryu. After trying to save him from the warrior M. Bison, Ryu promises her a rematch. She is also playable in the spin-off Street Fighter EX3.

In Street Fighter IV, years have passed since Sakura last saw Ryu, so she decides to find Ryu again for a match in the new worldwide tournament. In introduction sequences of Super Street Fighter IV, she is often seen in a group of three with Dan Hibiki and Blanka. In Rival Schools: United By Fate, Sakura is involved in the adventure between her school and various others in Aohura City. After helping her childhood friend Hinata and the others out from within the ordeal, she realizes how much it means to her to protect something she cares about.



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