Vocaloid Cosplay: Hatsune Miku (Kibashi) Cosplay 10 JUN 2014

It’s absolutely insane how a singing synthesizer application with a female persona has managed to completely enthrall so many millions of fans across the world, so much so that ‘she’ is now even partaking in real life concerts – in digitized form of course!

Needless to say, we’re talking about Hatsune Miku, the vocaloid phenomenon that has spawned what is probably one of the most popular characters to cosplay for Japanese cosplayers – and it is no different for this week’s cosplayer, Kibashi, as she dons the famous blue wig!


Hatsune Miku is a singing synthesizer application with a female persona, developed by Crypton Future Media. It uses Yamaha Corporation’s Vocaloid 2 synthesizing technology. The name of the character comes from a fusion of the Japanese for first, sound, and future, referring to her position as the first of Crypton’s “Character Vocal Series”. She was the second Vocaloid to be sold using the Vocaloid 2 engine and the first Japanese Vocaloid to use the Japanese version of the Vocaloid 2 engine. Her voice is sampled from Japanese voice actress, Saki Fujita. Hatsune.

During Miku’s development, Crypton decided to take a different approach from that used by the other Vocaloid sound bank publishers. It was decided that to make the product successful not only would a highly appealing voice need to be developed, but that the voice needed an image. In this way, the target focus for Crypton’s Vocaloids changed from high-end music studios to the general public, specifically teenagers.

The task of coming up with Miku’s image went to the manga artist Kei Garo. When Kei designed Miku, his only direction was that she was an android and what her color scheme (based on Yamaha’s synthesizer’s signature cyan color) was. The design on Miku’s skirt and boots are based on synthesizer software colors and the bars represent the actual bars within the program’s user interface.

Crypton then officially created and posted Miku’s personal data sheet. However, this only contained her ‘physical’ and technical traits; Crypton did not provide much info in the way of Miku’s personality which has allowed song/music video creators and fans to associate the traits that they think suit her best.



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