How to Reboot a Frozen Huawei Ascend P6 Android Phone Tips, Tricks and Tutorials 15 JUL 2014

Annoyingly, my Huawei Ascend P6 android phone (a really good phone just by the way), froze the other night whilst browsing, remaining in its locked, unresponsive state for far longer than what I was comfortable to wait.

Of course, this smart phone has a built in battery, so unlike what I used to do with the Samsung Galaxy Ace, I couldn’t just pop off the back cover and remove the battery in order to force a reboot, meaning that I needed to locate the appropriate soft reset option for my Huawei device.

huawei-ascend-p6-take-screenshotAs it turns out, the same key press combination used to take a screenshot on the phone, as well as force a hard reset/factory reboot of the device, is also employed if you need to do a simple device reboot: To summarize, in order to reset your frozen Huawei Ascend P6 android phone, simply press and hold both the power and volume down buttons simulataneously, for about ten seconds, until the screen goes black, the phone rumbles, and then reboots (you can let go of the buttons when the screen goes black).

Note that key combination will work regardless of whether or not the phone is frozen – if it is frozen, then the phone will reboot, if the phone isn’t frozen, it will first take and save a screenshot, before eventually triggering the reboot operation (don’t let go of the key combination during the screenshot process).

(As a bonus, if you do actually want to do a full wipe, in other words factory reset of your device, first turn off the phone, and then simultaneously press the power and volume down rocker. This will power up the device and allow you to select the factory reset option from a boot menu.)

Problem solved.


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  • thank you good man :)

  • Thanks for helping me, I was freaking out.

  • joris scholten

    ah man i love you i have a huawei ascend p6 my self and i didnt no what to do. i did the same thing with my samsung galaxy ace

  • john

    Thanks, worked well

  • Paloma

    You saved my life ! I have an ascend G6 and it freezed up about two hours ago, and i’m going on a trip tomorrow.. Thank you so much !

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    Thank you so much! You´re awesome!

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    Thanks for the help!

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    Didn’t worked out for me. Still only the Huwaei logo appears, nothing more, nothing less…. :(

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      same here -_-

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    Thank you very much, this was really helpful :)

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    Thanks. You just saved my phone from being dismantled by me.

    • Ha ha, well I’m pleased to have saved you the effort of dismantling then! :)

  • Jelle

    Big thanks, this also works for the G6 U10 and thanks to you I did not have to wait for my battery to die!

    • Great. It’s pretty standard in terms of the key press combination, so it should work across quite a large range of phones.

  • Ben Bushnell

    Sorted that out for me thank you!