Of course I know that as parents we have no real control over the personalities of our children as they grow up, but despite that, I do know that many of their mannerisms are definitely picked up as a direct result of what we as parents do.

IMG_20150220_183954 jessica lotter with face paint butterfly

Case in point, and without a doubt my favourite at the moment – whenever I need to get the kids to do something then I tell them I have a good plan and this is how it’s going to run. Some examples:

  • “I have a good plan, let’s first bath and put on pajamas, and then we can watch a little TV before bedtime”.
  • “I have a good plan, if you are both good girls in the shop then maybe I’ll buy you each a chocolate when we’re finished.”
  • “I have a plan, why don’t you sleep a little bit and then when you wake up we will be there and you can play, promise!”

You get the picture.

Anyway, these days Jessica is quite fond of taking what I say, reworking it so that whatever I was against might still work, and then delivering it in the exact same fashion!

  • In response to “No, you can’t take toys to school”: “I have a good plan Daddy. We take the toys with to play with, but leave them in the car when we get to school”.
  • In response to “No, you can’t wear a dress because it is too cold”: “Daddy, I have a good good plan. Let’s wearing sock pants and a long top because then we’ll be warm and we can wear a rokkie!”. (Sock pants are of course stockings. Rokkie is a dress if you don’t understand Afrikaans.)

In other words, these days my little girl always seems to have a “plan” or two up her sleeve! :)