The guys over at Eclipse PR sent through a surprise package to me the other day After a fair bit of driving around and feeling quite lost, the courier driver eventually found our house and handed over a bright yellow box with a big red ribbon around it. (These PR blogger drops are always exciting because you never quite know what’s going to be inside!)

With the ribbon eagerly removed, the lid of the box was opened to reveal three big bags of Willards Cheese Curls – one of the plain yellow ones that we all know and love, and two of the exciting orange ones, the so-called Chilli Cheese flavour Cheese Curls!

I used to buy Cheese Curls for the girls, so obviously Jessica was quite pleased and quickly snatched away the plain Cheese Curls (seeing as she’s not really adventurous when it comes to flavour). Emily on the other hand (surprisingly!) loves the chilli cheese flavour, and so quickly scuttled away with one of the orange bags in tow, leaving the last bag for Chantelle and myself (though we did periodically swipe from the girls’ bags too!).

Launched at the end of 2014, the previously limited edition chilli cheese flavour Cheese Curls are a great balance of tangy cheese and chilli, and proved popular enough that it stuck around and is now a fully fledged standalone product! (Plus, it also won a “Product of the Year” award for 2016).

So, I wonder what flavour combination those guys at Willards are going to be coming up with next…?