The beginning of this month saw the roll out of the #MilkForChange campaign which saw Tetra Pak and Feed SA team up to fight undernourishment among South Africa’s larger communities and educate consumers about the nutritional benefits of long life milk.

Outside of the long life milk donations made by Tetra Pak and the other participants like Clover, Parmalat and Woodlands, consumers like you and I were encouraged to buy and donate boxes of long life milk during the week of May 26 to June 1 – which just so happens to have been World Milk Day!

Feed SA then collected the donated milk, audited the volumes and started the process of delivering this nutritious gift to communities in need – a worthy campaign indeed.


As we all already know, milk and dairy products in general are more than just a little good for us. Nutrient dense, milk provides high quality protein and micronutrients that are easily absorbed, plus it also happens to be an ideal source of protein and calcium – not to mention a source of some essential vitamins and minerals.

Long life milk is fresh milk that undergoes UHT (Ultra-High Temperature, or Ultra Heat Temperature), a process whereby the milk is pasteurised at a high temperature but for a shorter time, thus preserving both taste and nutrition. UHT is a key ingredient to producing fresh milk that lasts long without resorting to the use of any preservatives.

Combine this with the sterile, multi layer Tetra Pak carton that locks in all the goodness, and you get a nourishing product that requires no refrigeration until the package is opened – in other words perfect for stockpiling and thus conveniently completely load shedding proof! ;)

To learn more about Tetra Pak and Milk, check out their informative website here, and for more information on the Milk for Change campaign, click here.

dairy cows in a green field

As that long running American ad campaign used to say, “Got Milk?”

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