A City within a City at MiniTown in Durban (2018-02-07) Kid Activities | Photo Gallery 06 FEB 2019

Small buildings, check. Small boats, check. Small cars, check. Small planes, check. Small trains, check. Big smiles, check. Yup, we’re definitely in MiniTown, the smallest city within the city.

Amazingly, this miniature marvel (situated right on the beachfront) has been operating in the city of Durban since 1969. The structures are all built to a scale of 1:24, and the mini town boasts a large network of road, rail and water ways, complete with moving models and a large number of iconic Durban buildings.

With all the bright colors, moving boats, planes and trains, you’re pretty much guaranteed to walk out of there with a big grin on both your and your kids’ faces.

Also, they do host kids birthday parties in case you were wondering.

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