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The web comic to end all web comics that have ever been produced by men bearing the name of Craig: The House of C

The House of C 008: Sent Packing The House of C 25 JAN 2010

The female species. Seemingly completely incapable of packing sensibly and more importantly, packing in accordance with available space and duration of the trip. Without fail, with every packing opportunity, my dear wife will haul out the biggest bag available and stuff it to the seams, pausing only to inquire whether or not I still have space in my bag for say her hairdryer.

Or twenty million towels.

Either way, getting the car ready for the trip involves quite a lot of inventive reshuffling and an exercise in packing logistics.

I’m beginning to think that the airports have got this one right by restricting the amount of stuff you can throw aboard! :)

The House of C 007: Axed! The House of C 18 JAN 2010

Axed! It’s weak I know. But hey, sue me. It’s my webcomic and I can run out of good ideas if I want to! So there! :P

But in the interests to keep you on board as a regular reader, please be aware that I hereby solemnly do swear to come up with far better material in the future. Though I’m just not sure what comedians might think when they start seeing their material turn up here on the really slow days…

Final note in order to pad out this post entry. The joke revolves around the dual meaning of axed, in other words a literal axe and the implied meaning of losing one’s position. There, now it really isn’t funny any more!

The House of C 006: They are Always Late! The House of C 11 JAN 2010

Women. Nobody gets them, or rather no man understands them. Why is it that no matter how late or delayed they are in getting to any appointment, be it to make the opening of a show or meet the queen, there always seems to be that extra little time to change, just to be ultra sure that the outfit of the day is perfect?

It’s frustrating really, especially when you realize that the game has most likely kicked off already and your woman is busy worrying about what colour top matches her earrings best.

Shorts and slops girls, that’s all a person needs (though in your case a top might be a good idea too…)

The House of C 005: Dark Knight The House of C 04 JAN 2010

This one came out round about the time that the latest Batman movie, Dark Knight was first released and I’m pretty sure I’m not the only cartoonist to use the “dark night” wordplay, that’s for sure!

Still, I kind of like the brush stroke colouring on the Batman screen panel. The rest of it though is pretty much “ugh” as per usual! :P

As for the Batman mythos itself. Let me just say that the Dark Knight has long been my favourite comic book character and I’m so pleased that the live action movies finally got back on track and caught up with the quality stuff that the animated universe has been putting out for years already!

The House of C 004: Cam-puss The House of C 28 DEC 2009

Okay, seriously now, I have no idea why I thought the above to be funny when I first came up with it. A clever double meaning to the word campus as in university campus and pussy on camera, but seriously Craig, what the hell were you thinking when you dreamt this one up!?

Seriously not one of my finest moments, nor the best example of digital pens and ink in action.

Still, summer on campus was always hot – I won’t deny that. And I should know, I found myself studying and working at the University of Cape Town for a good 9 years or so! :)

The House of C 003: Hulk Smashed! The House of C 21 DEC 2009

“Hulk smash” is the classic line uttered by the fearsome greensome, and so it makes for the perfect comic fodder if we extend it just that little bit extra by throwing on an additional ‘ed’ at the end of it.

After all, it really can’t be a good idea to mix a psychopathic monster with loads of alcohol now can it?

Anyway, the digital pencils on this one really are all over the place. Not great, I’ll give you that, but I did have fun when I did it way back when. A good example if you keep coming back as to just how much my digital pencils keep improving! :P

(And comedy routine for that matter!)

The House of C 002: Shoot the Panda! The House of C 14 DEC 2009

I absolutely love Dreamworks’ Kung Fu Panda, it was seriously one of those movies that had me crying out in laughter in the cinema right from the start and all the way through to the finish. There is just something likable about Po the main character and the way he interacts with his world, and the movie easily sits quite comfortably in my list of greatest animated movies ever made.

This particular webcomic was the second ever comic I produced, following on from Pole Dancer, and the pun pretty much sits squarely on the word ‘shoot’.

Think about it, it’s not all that subtle when you are thinking of a bamboo… ah shoot! ;)

The House of C 001: Pole Dancer The House of C 07 DEC 2009

If you’re born in Poland then that makes you Polish right? In other words, you are a Pole. Which despite sounding like a negative thing could actually work out pretty nicely for you depending on where you find yourself. Like a strip or go go club for example! ;)

Anyway, this is a re-publish of my first House of C webcomic from the beginning of this year (originally flying under the banner of Reality Bytes) and as you can see, marks the start of my use of a genius drawing tablet to create the comics directly on the PC instead of going about it the traditional way of pencil, scan, digital ink, colour.

True, the result isn’t particularly smooth or all that great for that matter, but I guess you have to start somewhere don’t you? :P