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Netflix Worthwhile Watch: Apex: The Story of the Hypercar Fast Cars | Live-Action 12 AUG 2016

There is a lot of varied content on Netflix, which is great because you can pretty much always find something to watch which you haven’t seen before. I tend to favour watching documentaries on the odd occasion that I do find myself in front of the television, and one of the most interesting ones that I recently caught is definitely well worth the watch – particularly if you love beautiful fast cars!

mclaren p1 hypercar

APEX: The Story of the Hypercar is a slickly put together documentary detailing the rise of the hypercar, a class of car that is so exotic, so beautiful, so rare and so unobtainable!

The current era of the hypercar (essentially supercars that are elevated to even higher levels of perfomance, perfection and price) is exciting for any petrolhead, and APEX (which was put together over a period of 3 years by a team lead by directors Josh Vietze, J.F. Musial) stitches interviews with car journalists and car creators together with jaw dropping footage of these cars in action against a variety of exquisite backdrops all across the world.

All the big names seem to be chasing the move to electric/petrol hybrids, with the result being a stunning subset of cars that include the likes of the Porsche 918, McLaren P1, Ferrari LaFerrari, and now the Koenigsegg One:1 (on which the film does focus quite a bit).

Also featured is the Pagani Huayra and the nod of the head to the original hypercar, the Bugatti Veyron.

Pulse pounding stuff!

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Fast Cars: Rossion Q1 Fast Cars 31 AUG 2015

Originally manufactured right here in South Africa (at the world-class Hi-Tech Automotive production facility near Port Elizabeth), the Rossion Q1 is a 2008 sports car from the US car maker Rossion Automotive.

us rossion automotive sports car rossion q1 1

It looks remarkably like a Noble M400, but that’s because it is actually based off that car, the rights for which were acquired by Rossion back in February 2007. The stated goal was to design a completely new car fusing the sporty strengths of the M400 with luxurious appointments.

Production of the Rossion Q1R began in July 2013 which is the track version of the existing Q1 (street) model. Both models are constructed using a complete carbon-kevlar body.

us rossion automotive sports car rossion q1 2

The 2015 Rossion Q1 has a max power of 379 kW at 4700 rpm, with a torque figure of 706 N·m at 4700 rpm. It has a power-to-weight ratio of 487 bhp/ton. It reaches 97 km/h in 2.8 seconds, 160 km/h in 6.9 seconds, and has a top speed of 314 km/h).

The quarter mile is reached in 10.2 seconds 216 km/h. As with the Noble M400, the Rossion uses a mid-mounted, transverse, single turbocharged V6 Ford Duratec engine.

us rossion automotive sports car rossion q1 3

In 2010 the estimated price of one of these brash American speedsters was around R1.2 million (ZAR). Needless to say, thanks to the plummeting Rand, that’s just become a whole lot more expensive!

us rossion automotive sports car rossion q1 4

us rossion automotive sports car rossion q1 5

us rossion automotive sports car rossion q1 6

us rossion automotive sports car rossion q1 7

us rossion automotive sports car rossion q1 8

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