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October 2017 Archive (8 posts)

Lunch at Potbelly Coffee Shop & Bakery in Klapmuts (2017-10-07) | If you have kids and live out in the Helderberg or Stellenbosch area like we do, then undoubtedly you have at some point made the drive and taken them out for a visit to the always interesting Butterfly World. If that's the case, and you travel the ... (Photo Gallery | Restaurants)
Wine and Pizza at Simonsvlei in Paarl (2017-10-08) | It's really hard to miss the Simonsvlei as you drive past Paarl on either the N1 or the Old Paarl Road, thanks in part to the gigantic oversized wine bottle statue that towers next to the winery's main premises. Effective, right? Anyway, with its name originating from the ... (Photo Gallery | Restaurants)
Beachfront Waffles from the Belgian Waffle House in Strand (2017-05-07) | Going for walks on Strand beach is always nice. If you ask my girls, getting rewarded for a long walk in the sand is even better. Enter the humble Belgian Waffle. Standing on Beach Road, tucked under the 97 on Strand building and sandwiched between an estate ... (Photo Gallery | Restaurants)
Water Level of the Berg River Dam in Franschhoek (2017-08-13) | Every time that we enter Franschhoek via Stellenbosch, a large mound/structure off in the distance on the right hand side catches my eye, I mutter to Chantelle, "I wonder what that is?", and then continue to drive on into main road of this wine-soaked, tourist ... (Photo Gallery | Travel Attractions)
Visiting Paardevlei following the Winter Rains in Somerset West (2017-07-16) | Gripped by this unusually long period of drought, I noted that Paardevlei was already bone dry back in April when the girls and I paid a visit to the nearby Cheetah Outreach wildlife sanctuary. (Not that this is all that unusual mind you. The very definition of vlei ... (Photo Gallery | Travel Attractions)
Feathers from the Cape Town Ostrich Ranch in Philadelphia (2017-01-29) | In case you were wondering who holds the current Guinness World Record for being the smallest ostrich in the world, the answer is Tom Thumb, the 127 cm tall, fully grown, adult male African ostrich that finds itself living in Philadelphia, or more accurately on ... (Photo Gallery | Travel Attractions)
A Morning Drive through Rooi-Els (2017-05-06) | Penguins and Kleinmond were on my agenda with the girls one Saturday back in May, but following the always delightful drive along Clarence Drive (with all of its 77 bends), I decided to first hang a right and slowly cruise through Rooi Els, a little ... (Photo Gallery | Travel Attractions)
Changing the Hostname in Ubuntu Server 16.04: Unit hostname.service is masked | For older versions of Ubuntu, many of the tutorials online show you how to edit your server's hostname by simply editing /etc/hostname and then restarting the service with "service hostname restart". However, attempting this on a 16.04 Ubuntu Server build will most likely fail with the ... (Tips, Tricks and Tutorials)
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