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November 2008 Archive (44 posts)

Cosplay Sundae: Pikachu (Pokemon) | Well of course someone as famous as Pikachu must surely make it into the cosplay world.Enough said I think. (And if you've never heard of Pikachu, I'd be worried, very worried. Unless of course you're over the age of 40, then you're excused.)Related link: (Cosplay)
Chocolate Fridge Fudge Recipe | Because one never knows when nuclear disaster will strike and rip everything you have ever treasured asunder, I have decided to save the most important recipe in the world on the Internet today. So please Google, cache this for me. Chocolate Fridge Fudge Ingredients - 250g Margarine - 1.5 ... (Recipes)
Cat Burglar | Man, our complex security is lax! Last night around 22:30 Chantelle and I successfully ran a black-ops operation that had me scale a wall, take an item from our target house and then successfully extract to our home base without the night guard or his ... (My Life)
Four Stages of Competency in Kung Fu | On the way to mastering any particular skill, four definite phases of competency have been identified. These phases are applicable to all daily life and not just martial arts. The phases that have been identified classify a person as either being a complete newcomer to a ... (Martial Arts)
Mood=Happy | Oh man, feeling good at the moment. Just 1.5 days to go and then I'm finished with the old and starting with the new. I've already rounded off the last of my work in record time yesterday, and today I'm just finishing up with the ... (My Life)
Moley, Moley, Moley | So seeing as Olympus has already moved up the kill chain, promoting himself from frog catcher to pigeon killer, Coco has now decided that he too wants a higher status in life - which would then explain why at 01:00 this morning Chantelle was playing ... (General Nonsense | My Life)
Deus Vitae (Volume 1) | In the year 2068, the Brain Computer - built by humans to be the core of a machine-driven Earth - created selenoids, androids with abilities far superior to man. They have, in turn, created a virtually perfect society, with only one flaw in need of ... (Manga | My Reviews)
Review: SingStar 80's | Seeing as I've been a bit light in the pants with regards to flowers and chocolates for poor old Chantelle as of late, I decided to try and make up for this by buying something completely different for her - SingStar 80's. Seeing as she is ... (Games | My Reviews)
Celebrating is Fun | Hmm, busy, busy, busy. So busy that my weekend posts have to wait all the way to Tuesday it would seem!So I'm in a good mood at the moment. Last week of Commerce I.T., only in the physical office on Monday and then Friday, I've ... (My Life)
Dattebayo to Stop Fansubbing Naruto on January 15 | Wow, now there's a major surprise announcement. Dattebayo fansubs, arguably the most known Naruto and Bleach fansubbing groups out there, have come out saying that they are finally to stop subbing Naruto, effective January 15th 2009.Now I must admit that I used to be a ... (Anime)
Cosplay Sundae: Yoko (Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann) | Yoko from Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann (one of those madcap action-packed, fun-loving shows that you really should see) is proving to be one of those characters that is seeing a LOT of cosplay time.Maybe it is because there is so little costume to collect? :)Related ... (Cosplay)
Whatever Happened to Candice Hillebrand? | You know, back in the day, everyone was thinking that it was going to be Candice Hillebrand that would crack America wide open and bring much needed fame and glory to South Africa. She was very good looking, talented, loved by all thanks to her ... (General Nonsense)
Iron Man | So I finally got around to watching this year's big Marvel release, Iron Man a little while ago and damn it, I really should have made an effort to catch it on the big screen the first time around! Iron Man tells the story of genius ... (My Reviews)
Powered USB Leaving PC in Semi-Powered State | I'm missing something here, I just know it. Maybe one of you guys can figure it out?I have a powered USB 2.0 hi-speed hub which I plug into the back of my new Linux/Windows PC. The hub works beautifully both in a powered or unpowered ... (CodeUnit)
I Won't Lie, That Felt Damn Good | I won't lie, but that felt DAMN good yesterday.I sent off this simple email just to inform all Commerce staff members that they need to start using the official webmaster email address for all their web-related communications...Good afternoon.Just a quick notice. As I am currently ... (My Life)
Less than Two Weeks to Go! | Ooh, time really is flying by! I've got less than two weeks to go before I say goodbye to good old Commerce I.T. and hello TouchWork. As it is, it looks like my position here at Commerce I.T. is going to remain unfulfilled still for ... (My Life)
OS Idol Win-chan (Version 2.0) | I mentioned the fact that Ryan purchased the highly adorable, rather voluptuous and very risqué Win-chan last weekend, a figurine that you can only own if a) Your girlfriend shares your passion for all things Asian, b) You don't have a girlfriend, or c) You have a sturdy ... (My Reviews | Toys)
Download Google Chrome Standalone Installer | I must admit to loving using Google's Chrome internet browser release, though admittedly I always keep Internet Explorer at hand because there is still a lot of websites that Chrome can't seem to render correctly.I'm enjoying the fact that you can follow a lot of ... (CodeUnit)
Another Weekend Please? | Sjoe, this weekend ended up being quite a busy affair - not a single spare minute to try and further my Total Overdose drive so to speak! Man, I feel like I need another weekend just to recuperate from this one! :)Friday started out as ... (My Life)
Cosplay Sundae: Saber (Fate/Stay Night) | Fate/Stay Night's Saber makes an appearance for this instalment of Cosplay Sundae. The cosplayer in question is Arisa Mizuhara, a girl who is quickly moving up the ranks of well Internet star cosplayers. For more information about the character and the series, click on the 'related ... (Cosplay)
Where's All this Monkey Stuff Coming from Then? | Just in case you are wondering where all this Monkey Kung Fu stuff is coming from, it actually comes from my notes that I kept when I was still practicing Tai Hou Quan a couple of years back. (The good old days when I could ... (Martial Arts | My Life)
Basic Monkey Kung Fu Style System | The approach to Monkey Kung Fu has its own flavour and mechanics because of having such a reliance of groundwork and not allowing positioning to deter from its effectiveness.Upper Body Attacks When using the hands in monkey, open palm slaps are best served quick and ... (Martial Arts)
Everything is Just Fine | Maybe I'm shooting myself in the foot here, but it feels like ages ago since I last received a traffic fine. Eager to find out whether this feeling was misplaced or not, I dug up these two online traffic fine view/pay sites.- PayFine- ViewFinesBoth sites ... (General Nonsense)
Thank You Gifts are Always Welcome | Got quite a nice surprise on Monday during the day at the office. John Macey gave me a tinkle to ask if I was in and if he could come up and see me. No problem of course, and I quickly minimised all my non-work ... (My Life)
Shaun Morgan is Back! | Last year Chantelle and I started attending the Old Mutual Summer Sunset Concerts at Kirstenbosch and it turned out to be quite an enjoyable experience. One of the acts in particular that I thoroughly enjoyed was that of a solo Shaun Morgan (formerly Shaun Welgemoed), ... (General Nonsense | My Life)
The Games are Coming. The Games are Coming. | Shame, business must have been very heavy for them since I moved all the way out here to Gordon's Bay, so much so that they have now finally made the jump and followed me to my hood!Yup, those awesome purveyors of all digital thumb-bruising thrills, ... (Games)
First Impression: Detroit Metal City | Detroit Metal City is certainly... entertaining ... and a complete riot to boot! :)I've just started watching it and oh my goodness what an enjoyable change of pace. This edgy, crude, gag anime will have you bursting out in fits of laughter as it tells ... (Anime)
To the Skies We Will Eventually Take | Well, it is now done. Our plane tickets have been booked, our accommodation secured. All that is needed now is the car hire, but if that doesn't come through, I'm sure a couple of rickshaws won't mind picking up the 2 hour drive slack.Next year ... (My Life)
Splinter Bowl | Nuts. Got a crappy job to do when I get back home this evening. Chantelle awoke this morning to discover that during the night one of the cats had knocked our glass fruit bowl off the counter, showering the tiled floor with shards of glass. ... (My Life)
Weekend Wisitations | Ag no man, the weekend has come and gone again, faster that what a full grown man can sing 'Waltzing Matilda' while clutching a pitcher of beer in his right hand.Chantelle was once again on full time duty for the duration of the weekend, meaning ... (My Life)
Red Alert! Invalid Key Entered | Ooh, someone's head surely needs to roll for this screw up. A week or two ago EA finally slipped Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3 out its doors, much to the excitement of many a gamer worldwide. Unfortunately for said gamers, purchasing your copy of ... (Games)
Cosplay Sundae: Lupin, Jigen & Mine (Lupin III) | Seeing as I've so enjoyed my introduction to the Lupin III universe, you can hardly blame me for posting this picture in my weekly Cosplay Sundae slot. This unidentified trio strut their stuff as master thief and playboy extraordinaire, Ars (Cosplay)
Friendly HTML Codes for HTML Special Characters | More often that not, particularly when dealing with languages other than English, you'll find yourself needing to include so-called 'special characters' to your website. As a handy quick-reference guide, I've gone and listed all the special characters that have been assigned a unique 'friendly' HTML ... (CodeUnit)
My First Dive Into Intrepid Ibis: Ubuntu 8.10 | I hate to say it, but I'm impressed. Very impressed. The last time I mucked about in the Linux world was back when I was still a student studying Computer Science and that takes us back a good 6-8 years ago now. Everything was bash ... (CodeUnit)
First Impression: Total Overdose | Okay, so playing Total Overdose is proving pretty tough thanks to my heavily scratched disc that keeps conking out on me in usually the most action-packed of places, but still, I've managed to play enough so that I can give a quick 'First Impression' of ... (Games)
Would You Hand Me a Sock Please? | Yesterday morning I was greeted by quite a humorous sight as I passed our bedroom on the way to the study to retrieve my USB modem. I had just previously got dressed and had obviously not yet got around to tidying up the room, a ... (My Life)
The Castle of Cagliostro | It sure took me long enough to get around to it, but now I can finally say that I've seen one of the most favourably mentioned anime classics of all time, The Castle of Cagliostro. For those of you who have never heard of it, The ... (Anime | My Reviews)
Obama for the Win! | Finally the day has come where Americans of all shapes and sizes get to pick their new leader and finally rid themselves (and the rest of the world) of Bush (I'm talking about their president, not their personal hygiene by the way). Surely it must ... (General Nonsense)
One Spur of Family | Saturday was once again a bridal expo that Chantelle wanted to attend (don't ask me, I don't understand these sort of things), and I found myself with plenty of time to kill, abandoned and lonesome in big old Bellville, while she pranced away at the ... (My Life)
A Shot or Two | It has been a full month already since we cruelly snipped off our boys' balls and as such, Saturday it was time to go back to the vet for their follow-up shots. Needless to say, we didn't make a booking or anything (having kind of forgotten ... (My Life)
It's Frightful Really | So as alluded to in an earlier post, Friday night Chantelle and I were booked in for a not quite so frightful Halloween party hosted by Andy and her partner in crime at Treasure Chest, held at the delightfully remote and feathered Blue Mountain Bird ... (My Life)
Frogger | You know, it's really not that nice to wake up after a thoroughly refreshing night's deep sleep, move the cat off your legs so that you can stand up and then watch in horror as a severed, half-eaten frog's hindquarters proceeds to fall off the ... (My Life)
Cosplay Sundae: Rock Lee & Guy Sensei (Naruto) | Rock Lee prepares to lift the people's eyebrow as he takes centre spot (with sensei Guy of course!) in this week's Cosplay Sundae pick.For those of you who don't follow the wacky adventures of Rock Lee, the only Hidden Leaf ninja not to use special ... (Cosplay)
The Awesomeness of it All | Thursday night saw me head out to Bellville after work just for the fun of it, where I picked up Ryan and we hit the mall, promptly heading for all the digital entertainment spots, scouring for games, comics and just general digital goodness. And while ... (My Life)
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