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February 2008 Archive (47 posts)

The Kissing Test | What is the best way to test out the market effectiveness of a new lip balm? Surprisingly enough, the answer is that you run a battery of tests on the said lip balm, one of which obviously needs to be the age old classic, the kissing ... (Jokes & other Funny Stuff)
Office Politics are Fun! | My colleague Darryl can be one seriously nasty son-of-a-bitch sometimes, but only when it comes to the payback pranks he plays on the rest of us Commerce IT workers. Well okay, actually only Chris ever bears the brunt of these pranks, but like last time’s ... (My Life)
The Big Announcement | For the last while in my life I have been rather… fidgety would be the word I guess and decided that the only way to solve this feeling of restlessness with my current life is either to change my work environment or change my living ... (My Life)
Happy Birthday Mom | Man oh man, I just want to sit down and cry. Work is threatening to completely overwhelm me and I’ve almost reached that point where I’m just going to throw my hands up into the air and say "screw it all, I’m going to Tibet". ... (My Life)
Figure Four Football | Well, well, well. It is almost becoming a tradition now, but our bi-monthly four-man FIFA shoot out with Ryan, Karl, Jeremy and I does not seem to be showing signs of letting up any time soon! Last night saw me hosting the boys again for our ... (My Life)
Weekend in Review (22-24 February) | Seeing as the whole week had been overtime work anyway, the weekend was destined to be pretty much more of the same. So for the first time in ages, I’m going to have almost nothing to report in what will probably be my shortest Weekend ... (My Life)
Google versus Your Privacy | Have you ever wondered just how much of a liability Google can be sometimes? Let's have a look at a classic example. On Friday le_chiffre posted this poorly structured and horribly written comment on my blog (obviously English is not his first language so I ... (General Nonsense)
Naruto (Volume 1) | The Tests of the Ninja: In another world, ninja are the ultimate power – and in the village of Konohagakure live the stealthiest ninja in the world. But twelve years ago Konohagakure was attacked by a fearsome threat – a nine-tailed fox demon which claimed ... (Manga | My Reviews)
Review: Dancing Stage SuperNOVA | It has got to be pretty boring working as a developer on the Dancing Stage series of dance games, simply because you are never really required to bring anything new to the table. Release after release, Dancing Stage (the European release name of Dance Dance ... (Games | My Reviews)
The Woman and the Bottle | On a cold Monday morning, the sky filled with mist and icy daggers, a man and a woman are involved in a violent car accident in which both their cars are written off but miraculously both of them are spared and neither is too seriously ... (Jokes & other Funny Stuff)
Lens Longevity | Last night I finally got off my lazy ass, put my work aside and strode off to the badminton court for some stress-busting fun. I’m glad I did because someone had finally seen fit to wash the court floor and for the first time in ... (My Life)
Enough Was Enough | On Tuesday evening I got home (before I toddled off to the games evening at Colleen’s place) and I felt like shit. I was completely stressed out, my body and mind were exhausted, my eyes couldn’t focus and even my wrist was in pain. It ... (My Life)
Embarrassing DVD Fun! | So we had a rather funny incident at work (for us) the other day. A young Indian researcher brought her laptop in to us for repair, something about the hard drive giving hassles or something like that. She left and the guys proceeded to wrap ... (My Life)
Trivial Seconds | Colleen had invited us all over for a big board games evening, but unfortunately Chantelle was working which meant I got to partner Ryan for the evening. Amazingly enough, my rather hazy memory got us right to Colleen’s doorstop (on time I might add) and ... (My Life)
Gundam Loving | Otakus have garnered a pretty bad reputation amongst more ‘normal’ members of society, being dismissed as overly obsessive, anime-worshipping, complete Japanophiles and generally being unable to act normally in society without shouting some weird and cutesy Japanese word every 10 minutes. It also stands to ... (General Nonsense)
Run that by Me Again?? | I came across this doozy of an article a little while ago which made for quite an interesting read. It turns out that through deep brain stimulation (basically electrodes embedded in your brain), it is quite possible to stimulate the brain in such away that ... (General Nonsense | Sport & Health)
Weekend in Review: Sunday (15-17 February) | Sunday, 17 February While Chantelle got to sleep in nice and late on Sunday morning (she only had a stork party to attend later in the day), I was up and about at 05:00 already, busy getting ready for the day’s golf excursion. Ryan and Pops ... (My Life)
Weekend in Review: Saturday (15-17 February) | Saturday, 16 February Saturday happened to be the only morning that I could sleep in a little later than normal, desperately needed because I was basically running on empty anyway. So forgoing the original plan of squash or a run, Chantelle and I slept in a ... (My Life)
Weekend in Review: Friday (15-17 February) | Friday, 15 February After a late night out in Gordon’s Bay, I arose pretty damn early in the morning to drive through to work along the N2, arriving there around 06:00 and managing to beat Kyle to the punch in the process which is completely almost ... (My Life)
Death Note (Volume 1) | Light Yagami is an ace student with great prospects – and he’s bored out of his mind. But all that changes when he finds the Death Note, a notebook dropped by a rogue Shinigami death god. Any human whose name is written in the notebook ... (Manga | My Reviews)
An Insight Into the Mind of Man | Women are from Venus and men are… well men probably wish they could come from the planet that rhymes with their favourite tool instead. Mars only tentatively rhymes with arse you know. So compiled below are some scattered thoughts pulled directly from men in order to ... (Jokes & other Funny Stuff)
Review: Demon Chaos | The challenge never lets up in Demon Chaos for PlayStation 2. Wave after wave of hellish beasts must be destroyed by players directing their army’s strategy in addition to fighting one-on-one with their enemy on the battlefield. Demon Chaos is set against the backdrop of ... (Games | My Reviews)
SAN Space | Okay, so while I haven't had much luck in finding time to actually work on my software interface for the SAN system, the hardware finally arrived (just as our supplier LightEdge went bankrupt and liquidated naturally) and with the final piece, a four port network ... (Projects | Software & Sites)
Happy Valentine's | So yesterday marked Chantelle and my first Valentine’s day as a couple and therefore needed to be done just right. I had already done the gift shopping on the weekend before where I had found the most beautiful little heart pendant which afforded me the ... (My Life)
Goals Galore! | It had to happen. I can’t believe it. I expected it only to happen a long, long time from now, if at all. I am flabbergasted. Ryan (in his brand new, sparkly Stormers jersey) and I were beaten in a FIFA match. By the buffoon ... (My Life)
OMG, Iradney! | Well last night certainly was loads of fun, so much so that I got a whole 4.25 hours of sleep to carry me through today. The main culprit behind this sleep deprivation? None other than that mad hatter Iradney that tends to show up on ... (My Life)
Spoiled Sneaky Surprise | Last night started off on a rather funny foot when Chantelle excitedly told me that the plans had changed and that she no longer has to work on Thursday evening, namely Valentine’s Day. Much to her surprise I was absolutely devastated at the news, a ... (My Life)
Eyes Forward | This fun little news article was published a little earlier on IOL News: Wellington - A New Zealander ended up in court after punching a man over a breach of urinal etiquette. Edward Aldridge, 47, punched his victim twice after he used the urinal next to him ... (General Nonsense | Jokes & other Funny Stuff)
You had it Where?!? | An oldie, but a goodie nevertheless and simply because you always needs some good NSFW material in your life :) As the story goes, many Sydney (Australia) folks heard this on the FOX FM morning show in Sydney. The DJs used to play a game called ... (Jokes & other Funny Stuff)
CodeUnit.ZA | Last week Ryan and I got worked up into a frenzy when we finally made a move to try something out that we have always joked around but never taken to seriously. One of the UCT research departments had found themselves in a serious pickle ... (My Life)
Weekend in Review (8-10 February) | Geez, this week has once again been busy at work. Non-stop from early to late, and still I don’t even get a chance to work on the SAN system. Luckily I got a slight reprieve in the form that they couldn’t get the mirroring RAID ... (My Life)
Review: Star Wars III: Revenge of the Sith | Star Wars III: Revenge of the Sith is the movie-licence game that came out when old George Lucas was hashing up the much loved Star Wars (not by me mind you) universe with his rather atrocious trilogy of prequels. As the title of the ... (Games | My Reviews)
The Prince of Darkness | In light of our current power crisis (pun intended), it would appear that the creators behind the original and still number one South African long-running comic strip, Madam and Eve, had long ago already (way back in 2000 to be exact) pegged the culprit behind ... (Cartoons)
Give Me a Lift | Shame, during the last big power outage that Cape Town experienced a little while ago, Retha got trapped in the lift of her brother’s apartment block. A lift that is about a third of the size of the lifts at my flats, fairly airtight and ... (General Nonsense | My Life)
Windy Wait | Man, I’m so busy at work that even my posts get a little delayed! This one I started yesterday morning and only completed it today! Thank goodness the weekend is approaching fast :) So it was just as well that I did pack those two ... (My Life)
The Futility of it All | Aargh! The futility of it all! The last while I have been rather busy at work (to say the least), particularly on the SAN system which needed to be in good working condition by this morning because we are finally going ahead and installing the ... (My Life)
Left Step, Right Step and Power to the People! | At last! A chilled evening where Chantelle and I could just laze about and watch television for a change – what bliss! And a much needed evening of quiet time in all honesty because it looks like the weekend is going to be a bumper ... (My Life)
Do You Drive a Bakie? | Today I came across the perfect reason as to why the University of Cape Town should stop its practice of lowering its entrance standards with each passing year just to try and keep the numbers up. The reason? This perfect example of what UCT now ... (General Nonsense)
Our Condolences | Shame, mom phoned me up late last night to ask if we had yet heard the news. Riley’s grandfather, the old man who had given such a rousing and well-received speech at their wedding last December, passed away yesterday. It would seem that he had ... (My Life)
Monkey See, Monkey Do! | I love it whenever I see Science Fiction become Science Reality. Case in point: The monkey propels the robot. A couple of weeks ago this remarkable report appeared which tells the story of how a small monkey named Idoya made a rather large humanoid robot walk ... (General Nonsense)
Strictly Come Photoshop | So SABC’s smash hit, Strictly Come Dancing, is back on our silver screens in its fourth incarnation this time around. As with Idols, I get subjected to this torturous television show and Sunday was my first taste as Chantelle laid her hands on a recording ... (General Nonsense)
Moron in Trouble | Do you know what is really silly? People who forward jokes without really understanding them themselves, that's who! Like this guy I saw at Pick 'n Pay yesterday while on my horrible grocery shopping extravaganza. Now you all know those funny t-shirts that have some ... (General Nonsense)
Weekend in Review (1-3 February) | And I thought I might just get a chance to stretch out and relax this whole weekend - fat chance! Half day Friday again and although I hated leaving SAN Access behind, I knew that I would have to work on it during the weekend ... (My Life)
Review: Scarface: The World is Yours | Almost everyone knows of the 1983 iconic gangster movie Scarface, starring a young Al Pacino as Tony Montana - the ruthless cocaine gang lord in Miami who eventually gets his comeuppance after he starts getting a little too eager in sampling his product all the ... (Games | My Reviews)
National Treasure: Book of Secrets | In 2004 we were introduced to the highly successful National Treasure, directed by Jon Turteltaub, produced by Jerry Bruckheimer and starring Nicholas Cage in the lead role. Of course, seeing as this movie made such a killing at the box office and Mr Bruckheimer loves ... (My Reviews)
Full of Vitamin Sea | Sjoe, what a busy week I've had. Monday evening I took Chantelle out for dinner and then finished off the evening with a visit to my parents. Tuesday night I had the guys over for our FIFA tournament. Wednesday evening Chantelle and I had supper ... (My Life)
Symbol of My Rage | For sensitive readers you might want to tune out for the rest of this entry. You have been suitably warned.Motherfucking piece of shit. Bloody ass-wipe monkeys! If I ever catch that baboon be it a kid, a hobo or just some other piece of trash ... (My Life)
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