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March 2008 Archive (40 posts)

Weekend in Review (28-30 March) | The BIG weekend at last! While I was meant to finish up work at 12:00 on Friday, I only ended up leaving the office around 14:30 – but I did leave with a car loaded up with electronic equipment! Yup, I had managed to convince ... (My Life)
Step Up 2 the Streets | It's not where you're from. It's where you're at. Andie (Briana Evigan) is a misguided troublemaker who is passionate about street dancing and is part of the infamous 410 crew that lead the pack when it comes to the illegal street dancing competition scene. However, Andie’s ... (My Reviews)
Move That Lazy Ass! | Whew, I don’t have it in me to work like poor Chantelle has to. Got a sms from her last night at around 23:30 to tell me that she is STILL as work! Me on the other hand was already fast asleep in bed – ... (My Life | Sport & Health)
Ta Ta My Jag | So the biggest news in the automobile industry for this week was undoubtedly Ford’s decision to sell the landmark, prestigious British Jaguar and Landrover brands to… wait for it… Tata Motors. Yes, South Africa’s most ridiculed brand of cheap car, Indian car manufacturer Tata Motors is ... (General Nonsense)
Free Comic Book Day is Coming! | 3rd of May 2008. What are you going to be doing? Me? Well, hopefully I will be standing in the jam-packed forecourt of Stadium on Main in Claremont, right in front of the hordes of fans attending Reader’s Den’s contribution to the 7th annual worldwide ... (Comic Books)
Update on Kayna's Condition | Well Kyle is back in the office after his emergency trip up to Johannesburg last week, and apart from his little bust up with Chris, the resulting news was positive and I am happy to report the good news that little Kayna pulled through and ... (General Nonsense)
Colleagues at Work | I routinely used to poke fun at Ryan working from home, focusing mainly on the fact that removed from the office he now really only has ‘virtual colleagues’ to call upon. However, next month I am going to be sitting in exactly the same boat ... (Cartoons)
Weekend in Review: Monday (21-24 March) | Whew, this has been one heck of a long "Weekend in Review" piece, so much so that I thought it prudent to split it into four posts and even post the individual entries across two days! So sorry if you were wondering what happened to ... (My Life)
Weekend in Review: Sunday (21-24 March) | Sunday morning and I needed to get up and be ready in time for the early morning arrival of Ryan, who was coming to test out some or other compatibility issue with his Xbox 360 on my TV set. As it is, the test proved ... (My Life)
Weekend in Review: Saturday (21-24 March) | Somehow we only managed to get to bed after 03:00 on Saturday morning and after five or so hours it was up and at them as I realized that we don’t have any food or drink at the GB flat which is a major catastrophe ... (My Life)
Weekend in Review: Friday (21-24 March) | Easter Weekend is upon us, even if it feels kind of strange to be having it in March and not in its customary April slot. An important weekend to all those belonging to the Christian faith and even more important to all those little children ... (My Life)
Sample Please | I despise going to the doctor or hospital, simple as that. I always leave it right until I am half dead and absolutely have to go, and then usually only at the bequest of my loved ones. So, as my sickness took hold last week ... (My Life)
Love Hina (Volume 1) | When Keitaro Urashima fails his entrance exams to get into Tokyo University for the second time, he’s officially an unemployed and uneducated slacker. To make things worse, his parents have kicked him out of his house. Fortunately, his grandmother owns the fabulous Hinata House and ... (Manga | My Reviews)
Review: Lara Croft Tomb Raider: Anniversary | Seeing as Crystal Dynamics did such an outstanding job in resurrecting the Tomb Raider franchise with their stunning (and player-friendly) Lara Croft Tomb Raider: Legend, it would have been quite a shame not to keep the ball rolling and that is exactly what Eidos did ... (Games | My Reviews)
Vending Violence! | When vending machines work right, then they are a tremendous source of joy and customer satisfaction, particularly when you are working an all-nighter and want something to drink at 2am in the morning and no normal shop is open or close by to the labs. I ... (General Nonsense)
Banknote Lickin' Good! | South Africa’s AMPS (that’s the "All Media and Products Study" group in case you don’t know) just made their 2007 research findings available recently and as is becoming more and more apparent on the streets, it has once again been confirmed that there are a ... (General Nonsense)
Sickened Sod | Tuesday can only be described as being a completely crappy day. I am under enough stress thanks to all the work currently on my plate, not to mention all the preparations for my big move at the end of the month, but to walk into ... (My Life)
Shoot Left! | Last night marked the final FIFA foursome featuring KJ versus RC, well at least for the time being as my flat has now steadily regressed to a point where basically there is nothing there besides a bed, table, TV and fridge and by the end ... (My Life)
Weekend in Review: Sunday (14-16 March) | Chantelle arose early enough thanks to the fact that she needed to get ready for work and of course, being the concerned boyfriend that I am, I did my best to keep her in bed but sadly to no avail. So instead I got up ... (My Life)
Weekend in Review: Saturday (14-16 March) | Saturday morning I was up bright and early, immediately getting to work on stripping my flat down even more, making it look more and more like I am in fact squatting and not living there at the moment. Being on the seventh floor of a ... (My Life)
Weekend in Review: Friday (14-16 March) | Friday morning and work started early as I went into work by car in order to get as much done before the clock struck 12, signaling my departure on merry old half day Friday. Not that I got any time to relax of course. My ... (My Life)
Review: Devil May Cry 3: Special Edition | The undisputed king of PS2 frenetic-paced action titles without a doubt sits squarely with Capcom’s legendary 2005 release, Devil May Cry 3: Dante’s Awakening which exploded on the scene and left millions of frustrated gamers on an complete adrenaline rush. One year later and Capcom ... (Games | My Reviews)
Read or Die: The TV | Five years after the infamous "I-Jin" incident, star author Nenene Sumiregawa, who hasn’t produced anything in the last couple of years, finds herself lonely, embittered and without her best friend, Yomiko Readman (also known as ‘The Paper’, an agent of the British Library Task Force) ... (Anime | My Reviews)
Montgomery Morsels | Thursday’s work went okay I guess - got a lot of smaller items I need to focus on which means some of the larger projects have to get pushed behind a little, which isn’t all that great. On the up side, we did get a ... (My Life)
Dinner at Dean's | Seeing as I haven’t seen Dean and Zania for some time now and Chantelle still has not had the opportunity to see their new(ish) digs, I did the thing I always do when I want free drinks - phone them up and invite ourselves over ... (My Life)
Nipple Shot! | Scott Kurtz’s Player vs. Player (PvP) webcomic is always highly entertaining, and this latest paintball arc of his proved to be no exception. Paintball is an addictive, fun adventure outing, but in the hands of a psychopath, could be more just a slightly dangerous pastime. And ... (Cartoons)
Between a Soft and a Hard Place | I’m generally a sucker for slightly softer mattresses than what is the norm, preferring to sink into my bed for a good night’s rest, rather than forcing myself flat over a concrete slab. However, the mattress must not be so soft and infirm that you ... (General Nonsense)
Fantastico Football | Ah, another night of fantastic four-way football had dawned upon us come Monday evening. After a hasty call to arms late Friday afternoon, the lads all responded favourably and come the end of the weekend, all four of us were once again hunkered down around ... (My Life)
Weekend in Review (7-9 March) | I was up dark and early, sealing the last box that I wanted to pack in, finalising the contents of my tog bag and getting ready for work. The morning did not get off to the greatest of starts as I promptly smashed a big ... (My Life)
Eyeshield 21 (Volume 2) | The False Hero: Wimpy Sena Kobayakawa has been running away from bullies all his life. But when the football gear comes on, things change – Sena’s speed and uncanny ability to elude big bullies just might give him what it takes to become a great ... (Manga | My Reviews)
1408 | The Dolphin Hotel invites you to stay in any of its stunning rooms. Except one. Mike Enslin (John Cusack) is a talented horror author who found success in his books on debunking supernatural phenomena. His latest book aims at demystifying the various haunted houses of ... (My Reviews)
Telecommuting GoGoGo | Great news on the whole work deal: Kyle has confirmed with me that the new telecommuting contract has been confirmed in principle, we’ve gone through and agreed upon the conditions that will be appended to my current contract and the final contract is currently being ... (My Life)
Pizza-laid Plans | Last night I made another delivery drop in Gordon’s Bay as we had organised for Andrea to be there for a little impromptu meeting. I was a little late in arriving thanks to the trains being a little delayed and me stuffing my car with ... (My Life)
Software Simian | As a coding monkey myself, I couldn’t help but find this recent Dilbert strip extremely amusing. From now on I shall be referring to myself as CodeUnit, Software Simian for hire! Click on the image to see the comic in all its Dilbert glory! Related Link: (Cartoons)
Convert M4A to MP3 Music Files | iTunes has been around since 2001 now and as an anti-Apple person myself, I’ve pretty much avoided it from the get go. However, I was finally forced to accept defeat, download and install the software after finding myself in possession of more and more .m4a ... (General Nonsense)
The Hunter Strikes Again | Welcome all Comlab, Scilab, Chemlab, Ebelab and general upper campus computer lab users who have no doubt arrived here by Googling "Silent Hunter" in an effort to track down this rumoured application that seems to be disturbing your DC++, Half-Life and Counterstrike games and file ... (Software & Sites)
Weekend in Review (29-2 March) | Half day Fridays aren’t quite as fun when you know you need to work over the week, which pretty much made this Friday not that great. I’m still working under great pressure and it still seems like I’m not really getting anywhere. Oh well, I ... (My Life)
Much Congratulations for R&R | Just a quick side note to heartily congratulate Mr Carpenter (that would be Riley) and Mr Lotter (that would be Ryan) on some fantastic news for the both of them. First up is Riley who has managed to crack the Board Exam and is now ... (My Life)
News24 Blog No More | I ran a little experiment a little while ago that got terminated just the other day after about two weeks of running live. Currently I am quite fond on this little blog, treating it almost as my new hobby and I have become almost fanatical ... (General Nonsense)
Review: Final Fantasy X-2 | Final Fantasy is one of the longest running RPG series of all time and perhaps the one with the biggest fan following worldwide. Every incarnation has been different in characters, settings and style, yet all have maintained a certain sombre, huge scale, planet-saving tone that ... (Games | My Reviews)
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