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April 2008 Archive (38 posts)

Entertaining Ourselves in GB... | Yup, yup, yup. And you thought I was making it all up in my Weekend in Review post earlier this week, didn't you? Well, linked below is irrefutable proof that I wasn't. Should you be brave enough to download the video clip and actually view it, ... (My Life)
Trunky Monkey | Last Thursday it was our scheduled load-shedding downtime, so in a bid to be more proactive than just laze about reading manga for those two hours of nothingness, I got into my old Jetta Jameson and headed off to Somerset Mall for a little retail ... (My Life)
Active Virgins No Longer! | So yesterday was another lekker public holiday (Freedom Day I think - truly it is good to be a South African sometimes), meaning I could stay in bed just that little later and not worry about Monday office blues whatsoever. And the fact that Chantelle ... (My Life | Sport & Health)
Weekend in Review (25-27 April) | Yet another Friday of dragging myself out of bed at the ungodly hour of 05:00, getting ready and driving through to UCT, listening to the absolute drivel that 5FM puts out nowadays. I swear, from 05:30 to 06:00, all this moron named KB played on ... (My Life)
Passing On | Shame, our hearts go out to Karl and his mom Sue who had to deal with the double blow of both his Father Wolfgang passing away on Friday morning and then Auntie Sue’s current friend Robin passing away later the same evening as well. Our ... (General Nonsense)
The Skinny on Gordon's Bay | On Wednesday evening, on Chantelle’s return from yet another taxing day at work (she was working on the books), we headed off to Gordon’s Bay main beach, Uncle Barry’s Soft Serve shop to be a little more exact. Chantelle was craving for a chocolate-dipped soft ... (My Life)
Dead Fred | Do you ever have that problem of your pens mysteriously disappearing straight off of your desk at work? You know the type – that colleague that slyly moves in closer to chat and when you look again, your favourite pen has astonishingly found feet and ... (General Nonsense)
Horton Hears a Who! | I meant what I said, I said what I meant, an elephant is faithful a hundred percent! In the fantastic Jungle of Nool, a caring, imaginative elephant named Horton (Jim Carrey) is taking a bath in the pool, when a speck of dust floats past ... (My Reviews)
Tsubasa: RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE (Volume 4) | A fairy tale turned nightmare! Young Syaoran embarks on a worlds-spanning adventure to restore the memory of the most important person in his life, the princess Sakura – even though he knows that she’ll never remember her love for him. The trail leads to a ... (Manga | My Reviews)
Doing the Splits | Yup, yup, yup, yup. So, we haven’t quite joined up with the local gym here just yet, thanks in part to the rather financially tight month we’ve had with all those purchases we had to make for the house. However come payday and both of ... (My Life)
Set IIS 6.0 To Allow .exe Downloads | How do I configure IIS 6.0 to allow .exe files to be downloaded? IIS 6.0, when it was first released, was a lot more locked down than previous versions of Microsoft’s web server software and as such simply balked at being asked to serve unknown ... (Software & Sites)
Waterworks | It was a fun morning yesterday for the two of us as I was sitting frantically trying to get everything on the server back up and running after finally fixed my PHP installation late last night and Chantelle got to sleep in a little later ... (My Life)
Sea Snores on the Sea Shore | Sleeping. I am not a guy known for his struggle to get a good night’s rest. When I sleep I sleep and my wonderful knack of being able to sleep anywhere, any place has stood me in good stead on many occasion – heck, I ... (My Life)
In the Fold | Now I have always been a bit of a domesticated guy, even living as a bachelor my clothes were always neatly ironed and my dishes were always done. Admittedly, I am not all that great when it comes to cleaning, usually adopting the ‘vacuum the ... (My Life)
Weekend in Review (18-20 April) | Friday saw me once again back in the office, furiously working the day through on my laptop to get as much as possible set up before the big server move on Saturday. Even the scheduled load shed at 12:00 wasn’t enough to stop me thanks ... (My Life)
Darker Than BLACK | Ten years ago an indescribable tragedy occurred across the globe when the inexplicable twin Hell’s Gate and Heaven’s Gate phenomena appeared in Tokyo and South America respectively, decimating the surrounding landscape and changing the world as we know it in the blink of an eye. ... (Anime | My Reviews)
Voodoo Knife Block | I am a little on the ‘cheap’ side of the fence when it comes to buying things, something Chantelle doesn’t quite seem to share with me. As she firmly believes, you have to pay a little more to get the best and that the one ... (General Nonsense)
Eyeshield 21 (Volume 3) | And They’re Called the Devil Bats: Sena faces a brick wall in the form of hulking uber-athlete Shin, of the White Knights. Rather than run away, Sena runs full speed, straight at this exciting new challenge! But will Sena’s frail body hold up to all ... (Manga | My Reviews) | The dreaded IP range with a subnet mask is the first indicator that there is something very wrong with your network setup and should you ever find yourself sitting with that IP range, then it is time for some serious cable checking. Normally ... (Software & Sites)
Boo Shorty! | I learned something last week and I am glad that I did because it has been bugging me for a while now. With the proliferation of rap, hip hop and R&B on 5FM, the only radio station that I am generally tuned into, I find ... (General Nonsense)
Madame Zingara | Finally it was here, the evening that Chantelle had so been looking forward to for months already - Our night out at Madame Zingara’s Theatre of Dreams. Michelle, Andri and Chantelle had plotted this evening out ages ago already and although perhaps not the keenest in ... (General Nonsense)
Weekend in Review (11-13 April) | It was another long slog into the office on Friday morning, but thank goodness the traffic was plain sailing and it wasn’t much of a headache to get to the office. What was a headache though was arriving right in front of the office door ... (My Life)
Transformers | Their war. Our world. Sam Witwicky is your typical, nerdy teenager who is trying his best to impress the girls but with a total lack of street cred like his, is pretty much failing hopelessly. However, his luck with girls may just change after his father ... (My Reviews)
Otaku Roadshow 2008 | Last year I joined Merkaba at the first ever Cape Town Otaku Magazine Roadshow, held in conjunction with the Genshiken Anime Appreciation Society here at the University of Cape Town. Much to my surprise the get together was quite the success with a far larger turnout ... (General Nonsense | My Life)
So Long and Thanks for the Fish | Oh noes! I arrived home this afternoon to find that one of our children was lying suspicously close to the water filter, so close in fact that he seemed glued to it. Combined with the fact that he wasn't really flailing about much, I took ... (My Life)
Working From Home | So it has now been two weeks of officially working at home now and okay, so the first week didn’t really count because I hardly got a chance to touch work, the second week has been a pretty good indication of what it is going ... (My Life)
Weber Get Together | Last night saw Chantelle and I make our first trip out of the Somerset West confines, well past Somerset Mall and all the way to Bellvile, to join up with the Montgomery clan at Chantelle’s parent’s place for a big get together. One of the cousins, ... (My Life)
The Big Move | So just after a week or so of living here in Gordon’s Bay, I can finally say The Big Move is now finally over. It has been a long slog to reach this point but we are now finally at a point where we are ... (My Life)
Projectile Terror | For years man has taken a perverse liking to killing, hurting and maiming mammals and other small creatures from a distance, probably because it felt far safer to toss a spear from a distance at that tasty looking wooly mammoth instead of standing underneath it ... (General Nonsense)
Weekend in Review (4-6 April) | Whew, it is ni-ip-py this morning! I should have worn a long top in to work this morning because damn, winter is definitely beginning to settle in at last! Anyway, work, work and still more work. A week of living in Gordon’s Bay already and ... (My Life)
Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion | Japan is no more. Conquered by the Holy Empire of Britannia armed with their awe-inspiring mecha known as the Knightmare Frames, Japan is now known simply as Area 11 and its native inhabitants simply as "Elevens". While society struggles to get to grips with the ... (Anime | My Reviews)
Landline Lapse | Oh noes! It is the 4th of April and still no sign of a landline or ASDL in my humble man room! Just what the heck is going on? O.o Well, first off the bat, I have to come clean and admit to this rather large ... (My Life)
Healthy Eating | Yeah baby, that’s what I am talking about! Man I am impressed with the two of us. Our first week of living together and it has been healthy eating right off the bat. Chantelle has stepped up to the plate on the nights that she ... (My Life)
Traffic Gnarl | The trains might occasionally have been delayed and took a whole lot longer to travel via than the car, but at least you could sit back and relax, catch a snooze or read a book – not sit with gritted feet in backed up traffic! ... (My Life)
The Courier Guy | Anyone with even the slightest of dirty minds (and come on, who doesn’t have one) would chuckle if they saw this sign on the side of any van and truth be told, I did laugh a little when I saw this logo up on a ... (Jokes & other Funny Stuff)
Tsubasa: RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE (Volume 3) | Can pure determination defeat a master magician? Sakura is awake, but she remembers almost nothing – certainly not Syaoran, who has sacrificed everything to help her. Accompanied by the happy-go-lucky Fai, the intense Kurogane, and the strikingly odd creature Mokona Modoki, Sakura and Syaoran make ... (Manga | My Reviews)
The Pizza Anime | Maybe it was just my misfortune, or maybe it is just the way in general in which anime is moving, but after watching Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion followed by Darker than BLACK, I am convinced that a new anime genre has been spawned ... (Anime)
Brain Box Bully | One sometimes wonders if certain things that get aired on TV are in fact allowed or not. For instance, ETV’s late night "interactive game show" Brain Box which purports to give away huge amounts of cash in return for answering some seemingly easy quiz questions. Of ... (General Nonsense)
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