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June 2008 Archive (50 posts)

45 Nagua Menagerie | Okay, so maybe we don't really have a menagerie or such at home just yet, we are kept more than busy enough thanks to our two lively little kittens and the shoal of fish inhabiting our currently thriving fish tank. Actually, on the fish front, I ... (My Life)
Tinkering... Again | Seeing as Chantelle is currently as sick as a dog and working as hard as a domestic worker should be working, I ended up spending most of my weekend tinkering about online, working mainly on the old blog again, as well as completing Ryan's and ... (General Nonsense)
Cosplay: Black Lagoon (Revy) | As a person who is quite enthralled with the world of anime, manga, Asian martial arts and the Japanese culture in general, it would seem strange that I have as yet failed to include a single post on the worldwide phenomena that is cosplay.Well, in ... (Cosplay)
A Sound Decision | I have been going to gym for quite a number of years now, and have been with Virgin Active for more than half of those by now. First I was with Virgin Active Bellvile and now I'm with Virgin Active Somerset West. Now can someone ... (General Nonsense)
The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian | It has already been a year since returning from the magical world of Narnia, but Peter, Susan, Edmund and Lucy Pevensie can hardly just forget all that they had experienced there as the Kings and Queens of Narnia! However, little do they know that the ... (My Reviews)
Snow White (Version 2) | Seeing as I got 20 comments the last time I updated the site to its current 'all white' state, most of which were negative, I've decided to appease some of those naysayers by making a slight difference to the current Snow White theme - by ... (Blogging)
Your Honour? | If you've ever come across some Japanese manga or anime, you may be familiar with the idea of the Japanese honourific, usually taking the form of a suffix added at the end of the person's name. The Japanese culture is (or at least was if ... (General Nonsense)
Eli Stone | For those of you who know me, you’ll know that I am not exactly a big television watcher. Hell, rare are the occasions that you will actually find me sitting down on a couch and watching TV in the first place! Sure, I do watch ... (General Nonsense)
Sugiyama Beats Ferreira Out of the Books! | Amanda Coetzee and Wayne Ferreira were for many years South Africa’s only real representatives in the world of international tennis and while both of them are now retired and living like kings off all of their match earnings, Wayne at least still had a little ... (Sport & Health)
Review: Hellboy: Sword of Storms | Renowned professor of Japanese folklore, Professor Sakai is known for his thirst of all things antique, but this quest to chronicle all that has been is about to take a turn for the worse as he opens the forbidden scroll and releases the long-sealed demons ... (Animation | My Reviews)
Petrol Poofter | Oh crap. Oh crap, oh crap, oh crap. While not entirely unexpected, if you have been following the international business markets that is, but the announcement this week that in all likelihood petrol is expected to rise by an estimated 70 cents at the end ... (General Nonsense)
Visiting Hours | While last Saturday saw both Chantelle and I do ABSOLUTELY nothing the whole day long apart from playing games and lazing about, Sunday was a whole new bag of kittens entirely! Sunday morning we actually made the conscious effort to raise ourselves out of bed early ... (My Life)
We're Going to Win the World Cup! | This is oh so distasteful, politically incorrect, insensitive and just plain wrong, but for some or other reason it did make me laugh - and besides, what else can one do but laugh in these troubled times?(And besides, I don't post nearly enough jokes or ... (General Nonsense | Jokes & other Funny Stuff)
Cal and Tiga | Friday night we were in for a nice treat as Claire had invited Chantelle and me over to join the rest of my family and her at her place for a evening of a fondue (provided we bring the fondue equipment along of course!) Seeing as ... (My Life)
Licence to Drive! | My driver’s licence expired at the end of April this year, but being the good citizen that I am, I went to have it renewed a week or three before the expiry date in the hopes that I wouldn’t be caught out in an embarrassing ... (My Life)
Review: Naruto Ultimate Ninja | Naruto games have always been plentiful, but unfortunately just not that good, generally leaving a little bit of a bland taste in the mouths of the countless Naruto fans across the globe. Well that was until the original Naruto Ultimate Ninja came along. Bandai has graced ... (Anime | Games | My Reviews)
Anime Entitled | A lot of people might wonder just why I sometimes seem so overbearingly "been there, done that" when it comes to anime, and just what it is that makes me think that I’m so anime knowledgeable in the first place then. Well, the short answer of ... (General Nonsense)
Deception | When you're in this world, no one is who they seem, and everyone is playing the game. Jonathan McQuarry is a highly successful accountant who audits some of the biggest names on Wall Street. However, his socially detached work position has caused him to become somewhat ... (My Reviews)
The Inspirer | Ha ha ha, always feels good when you inspire someone to take up something new. Case in point, the UCT web manager Rethea, who added this little piece to the bottom of her reply to me following a request to change something on their server ... (General Nonsense)
Windows XP Locking Video Files | Windows XP has a nasty habit of locking corrupt or incomplete video files, and you’ll often find yourself screaming in frustration as your latest attempts to delete the offending file keeps resulting in an annoying Windows error message proclaiming: "Cannot delete FILE_X: It is being used ... (Software & Sites)
Amazon Blacklists SA Post Office! | Well someone had to put those thieves, I mean Post Office, in their place. Seems that the world's largest online retailer, Amazon, has finally pulled the plug on our good old postal service for good. Apparently fed up with the rampant theft by Post Office ... (General Nonsense)
C Gaming | Now as you know, I've always been a lover of playing games, be it computer or console games, but it has always been a pity that my partners don't necessarily share this particular interest with me. It's not a train smash of course, but it ... (My Life)
Weekend in Review (13-16 June) | Ooh, a long weekend! Long weekends are always great fun - unless you have to work of course! :( As it was, I had to turn down joining up with Dean and Zania who had planned a bit of a camping weekend away at Paternoster for ... (My Life)
A Comical Rediscovery | I have always been creative in nature, both in writing and drawing, and perhaps it was those aspects that drew me to world of comics in the first place. It was love at first sight, and as with every hobby I ever picked up in ... (My Life)
Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Uninvited Guests | "I'm the slayer. It's what I do. I don't like everything about the job…" Buffy Summers is coping with the fact that she is this generation's Chosen One. She just wishes it didn't interfere so much with High School - and the Holidays. On top of ... (Comic Books | My Reviews)
FAW! | Patricia volunteers at the Fisantekraal Animal Welfare (FAW) organisation on a regular basis and asked me a couple of days ago if I wouldn’t help them by forwarding this message to people I know. And while I don’t usually do things like this, I always ... (General Nonsense)
Stan Lee Presents: The Condor | Tony Valdez is a college dropout (much to the disappointment of his rich, robotics company-owning researcher parents) who lives for and is actually damn good at only one thing - being California’s best extreme skateboarder. Arrogant and at the top of his game, a tragic ... (My Reviews)
Review: Shura no Toki (2004) | According to legend, there is a clan of warriors who walk the undefeated path of the Shura, practicing an invincible unarmed martial art style which has since become known simply at the Mutsu Enmei Style. Always in the shadows, these undefeated warriors have travelled the ... (Anime | My Reviews)
The Ball Routine | So as I mentioned earlier on in the week, I went out and bought Chantelle a squash racquet and some court shoes with the intention of teaching her how to play squash and in the process try and kick start some kind routine where we ... (My Life | Sport & Health)
700 Posts Already!? | What, I’m on my 700th post already? Wow, that went by rather quickly. From starting erratically way back in March 2007 with a rather bland test post which served as my introductory piece, to all the way here in June 2008 where I now consistently ... (General Nonsense)
Counting Crows Live! | Man, what a concert. Now neither Chantelle nor I are big Counting Crows fans, but about a month ago Chantelle got wind that they would be playing and decided it might be a great way to spend an evening. As it turned out, yesterday was ... (General Nonsense)
Celebrating C | As I mentioned yesterday, yesterday was in fact C and my one year anniversary as a couple and as such, some celebrations were obviously in order. Of course, what is an anniversary without presents, and although I could have gone for the tried and trusted jewellery ... (My Life)
Emotional Writing | As you can no doubt tell by the latest comments, I now sit with a fairly serious problem on my hands, which has prompted this post which supersedes all the others I had planned originally for today. The point that I feel extremely necessary to point ... (General Nonsense)
Year One | One year. Twelve months. Three hundred and sixty five days. Today that is the exact amount of time that I have been going out with a girl that can only be described as the love of my life.Ever since I met up with her for ... (My Life)
Weekend in Review (6-8 June) | Seeing as I had slept over at mom’s place following the badminton the night before, Friday morning’s drive through to work was a lot shorter than normal and seeing as the students are currently writing exams, my walk up to campus is now a lot ... (My Life)
Trouble Looming... | Marriages are meant to be fun, happy occasions. However, should your would-be bride suggest a cake like this for your upcoming matrimony, I would suggest that it may be a sign of trouble looming on the horizon... (Jokes & other Funny Stuff)
Chobits (Volume 1) | Chi isn't your average humanoid computer. She can't do word processing, she can't connect to the Net, and she's incapable of interfacing with other Persocoms ... but when the hapless, technophobic Hideki rescues her from the scrap heap and takes her home, he finds that ... (Manga | My Reviews)
Justice League: The New Frontier | As the Earth was formed all those millions of years ago and life slowly but surely began to inhabit her, another creature was being born into existence at her very core, the centre of her being. This powerful and slumbering power chose simply to watch, ... (My Reviews)
Legendary Butterflies | I enjoyed Will Smith's I Am Legend, I really, really did. It was a great movie, even if it did stray quite far from its source material, and only served to reinforce my belief that Will Smith really is an outstanding actor (as long as ... (General Nonsense)
A Royal Cock-Up | I don't usually sleep around, hell, I don't think I've slept around at all since going out with Chantelle, but last night, last night was different… …I slept over at my mom's place. Why, you might be asking at this point? Well, not for any sinister reason ... (My Life | Sport & Health)
...And Again: Watch Out! Kittens on Deck! | ...and an hour later, typing still remains a mission to say the least. Seems work will have to sit on the back burner for now. Thankfully though, these two fluff balls go from rest to play in under 3 seconds - I just don't have ... (My Life)
Watch Out! Kittens on Deck! | Admittedly, today's work is going a little slower than usual. You see, the keyboard on my desk is a litte more inaccessible than what it normally is. The reason:Like I shouted to Terrance during an MSN chat session plagued by amusing and bemusing nonsense character ... (My Life)
Daily Backup Folder | After slapping together some backup software that I needed both for my ongoing SAN (Storage Area Network) project as well as for my personal Work Projects repository (which now stands at 21419 files, 5271 folders and weighing in at 3.16 GB worth of content), I ... (Projects | Software & Sites)
The Grand Scale of Things | Some time ago Virgin Active introduced their nifty HealthZone platforms which served to replace the existing BodyIQ stations which were slowly in the process of being phased out in favour of Virgin’s own in-house product. The HealthZone platform itself is a little wonder, basically a mobile ... (Sport & Health)
Abandon Adobe AutoUpdate | With limited, fairly expensive bandwidth at home, you can imagine that I am less than enthralled with products that choose to autoupdate themselves quietly in the background, without any notification of their dastardly deed. One of the prime offenders in this category is none other ... (Software & Sites)
Weekend in Review: Monday (30-2 June) | In an attempt to stretch this weekend to the max and make the most of the time that Chantelle is off on leave, I had taken Monday off and as such, the two of us woke in a near empty hotel and sat down to ... (My Life)
Weekend in Review: Sunday (30-2 June) | Having learned our lesson from our last stay at Caledon Hotel, we actually set an alarm to wake us up in time so that we could actually sit down and enjoy breakfast for a change and as with the last time, The Blue Crane restaurant ... (My Life)
Weekend in Review: Saturday (30-2 June) | So Saturday morning started out on a nice lazy note, with a nice long sleep in, and lots of game playing to follow. I picked up Warrior Orochi and The Red Star recently, and with a recent re-interest in Naruto Ultimate Ninja, there are more ... (My Life)
Weekend in Review: Friday (30-2 June) | Okay, so maybe you are wondering why I’ve got the weekend pegged at three nights instead of just the usual two in my subject line - well, it is simply because the weekend that we return to Caledon Hotel was finally upon us, and in ... (My Life)
Dan in Real Life | Something's happening to Dan. It's confusing. It's awkward. It's family. Dan Burns (Steve Carell) is a family advice columnist who also happens to be a single dad of three gorgeous girls of differing ages. Unfortunately his wife passed away a couple of years ago and ... (My Reviews)
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