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September 2008 Archive (43 posts)

Head Hunted | Sometimes it is simply amazing how things just seem to fall into place for me in my life. I've always received everything I have ever needed exactly when I needed it. Note, not wanted, but needed. And indeed, the latest such incident has to do ... (My Life)
Ben's on the Beach | Friday evening we had the pleasure of finally dragging Andri and Malcolm out here to Gordon's Bay to come visit with us, under the pretence that if they didn't make use of that voucher for Gordon's Beach Lodge that we'd given them way back in ... (My Life)
Pick Chobits 'n Pay? | Man, you know when what was formally a fringe-supported hobby/craze is becoming far too acceptable and 'normal' when you start finding its DVDs out at your local Pick 'n Pay store.Yup, I could hardly believe my eyes when I spotted multiple copies of Chobits DVD ... (General Nonsense)
The Forbidden Kingdom | I was in the mood for a little Jackie Chan again, after enjoying the thoroughly pleasant Shanghai Knights the other night, and after twisting Chantelle's arm around and explaining to her that it was my turn to pick something at the video store, I triumphantly ... (My Reviews)
No Running Rhythm | Man it's frustrating. Just as I finally got into a steady rhythm of exercise after work ever weekday, including normal gym workouts, katabox, yoga and running along the beach, what goes and happens? I fall sick again! All that hard work wiped out by a ... (My Life)
The Wee Free Men | I used to be a prodigious reader in my youth. I used to devour books, so much so that as a child, the kiddy section in the library simply was not enough to contain my hunger for literary knowledge and I soon moved on to ... (My Life | My Reviews)
Take Off Your Jacket and Pants | Heritage Day has come and past, and as per usual it was yet another public holiday well spent lazing around like a gigantic beached whale - though perhaps this was called for seeing as the rainy weather was as crappy as it was. We did ... (My Life)
xxxHOLiC (Volume 6) | Kimihiro Watanuki takes a welcome break from his grueling service to the time-space witch, Yuko Ishihara, only to find himself mixed up in the strangest parade of the Japanese magical world. But a slip up reveals that Kimihiro is a powerless human! How can he ... (Manga | My Reviews)
Trevor Manuel is Out | Oh crap, now we really are deep in the shit. Never mind Thabo Mbeki, it has just been announced that Trevor Manuel, our most efficient, effective and actually useful minister ever, has indeed resigned.Needless to say, this is exactly the last thing South Africa, and ... (General Nonsense)
Sonic Boom! | There are very few things cooler than a fighter jet screaming through the sky at breakneck speed, and if you have any sense of cool whatsoever (and happen to be living in the Cape Town area), then you simply had to be at Ysterplaat Airforce ... (General Nonsense | My Life)
Hellboy II: The Golden Army | Despite my protestations of being deathly sick once again (tell me that sleeping for six straight hours on a Sunday afternoon from 10:00 to 16:00 is healthy), Chantelle hauled me out and shoved me in the car and off we drove to Bellville to catch ... (My Reviews)
Starter for 10 | It is 1985 and the quiet but obsessive general knowledge collector, Brian Jackson has finally realised his dream of being accepted in university for the almost sole purpose of participating in and winning the popular TV general knowledge game show, University Challenge... and to make ... (My Reviews)
Joe Barber 4 the People! | On Tuesday evening we were invited through to the HB Thom theatre in Stellenbosch to catch the hilariously funny (or at least that is what Andy had promised us) Joe Barber 4, courtesy of the comps that Albert was able to organise for us.Seeing as ... (My Reviews)
A Feather in My Cap | Ah, I've finally figured out the mystery surrounding my seemingly never ending Internet cap. One of the conditions for me working from home for Commerce I.T. is that I need to provide my own Internet connection and seeing as I don't exactly have unlimited resources, I ... (My Life)
ZOGA for the Win! | For the last couple of months or so (though it has thankfully been put on hold for the last couple of weeks), our happy little household here in Nagua Bay has been cheerfully jamming it out to the seductive sounds of the original...Wait for it (My Life)
Bad Sleeper | Apparently I'm rather mean-spirited when I sleep-talk. (And yes, I do chat in my sleep. I've been told by multiple people about this).Now picture this, I'm fast asleep, dead to the world as always. Now Chantelle has already caught my snoring on tape before, but ... (My Life)
Saturday Afternoon Drive | Saturday afternoon, and on her return from Andrea's Treasure Chest lingerie party at the guesthouse (to which I was not invited - not sure whether that was a good thing or a bad thing), Chantelle and I decided that such gorgeous summer's weather was not ... (My Life)
Mi Casa Su Casa | Yeah. I don't want to be mean, but this was so bad that I can't really help it. On Friday Chantelle came home all excited, thanks to a piece of paper in hand that invited us to the 'grand' re-opening of the Mi Casa restaurant ... (My Life)
When it Rains, it Pees | Wow, I can't tell you how nice it has been to live in a flat that doesn't stink of cat pee or poo for the last couple of weeks, ever since we installed the cat flap and moved the litter box outside.Of course, this moving ... (My Life)
To Hubbly Bubbly? | Riley in his usual onslaught of daily inbox giggle included this particular note on the good old Hubbly Bubbly, a social phenomena which has never really carried any weight with me and is still something you won't find me partaking in. However, I thought it ... (Sport & Health)
Imperfect Hero (Volume 1) | Yuji Midorikawa is your typical high school student who has a secret identity: He is Green in the high school battalion unit, Gakusei 5 (G5 for short). G5 is the special unit trained to fight and protect Earth against the invasion of the dreaded Galactic ... (Manga | My Reviews)
The Hottie & the Nottie | That's Hot. That's Not. Wannabe musician and slacker Nate Cooper has never quite gotten over his childhood crush, Cristabel Abbott, much to the annoyance of his current girlfriend. After she's finally had enough of him, Nate finds himself moving back to L.A. in order to track ... (My Reviews)
Presenting the Kill | So I got presented with my first 'kill' last night while I slept - I woke up this morning and one of the two kitties had dropped off their play spider on my chest during the night. Of course, waking up to something furry lying ... (My Life)
Go Yoga | Wow, Tuesday evening I went and did something I haven't done since I was a scrawny young man in my early twenties - I went to a yoga class.Now yoga is something I'm quite a believer in because it has helped me out in terms ... (My Life)
GBL: One Year Down and Still Many to Come! | Yay! Today marks Chantelle's first year anniversary since she began working at Gordon's Beach Lodge (which subsequently triggered my own move through to the picturesque Gordon's Bay) last year. Now she's had nothing but raw deals since her return from her working stint in Ireland ... (General Nonsense)
VB .Net: Programmatically add Event Handlers to Controls at Runtime | More than once I've found myself needing to add event handlers to controls (like labels for instance) that I am generating on the fly based on ever changing parameters like folder contents or something like that.Now generating and adding on new controls at runtime is ... (Programming)
The Lost Socks | I didn't know that knee high stockings are JUST as dangerous as large pythons! It's the weirdest thing. Every time I do the washing and Chantelle has her stockings in the wash, I open the machine up to hang the washing up and without fail, at ... (General Nonsense | My Life)
Fetch Coco, Fetch! | You know what one of the cutest aspects of little old fluffy Coco is? The way she seems to behave like a little puppy at times. She has an intense and unbreakable love affair with this fugly black spider-like fluffy toy with twistable legs and ... (My Life)
Al ForNOs | So like I mentioned earlier, Saturday was Chantelle's mom Cheryl's birthday and as such the Montgomerys were spending the night at Gordon's Beach Lodge, meaning that a night of eating out was surely on the cards in celebration of this event. The designated venue of choice ... (My Life)
Catflapped! | I woke up Saturday morning still feeling like shit and my head feeling like crap (as it ended up feeling for most of the weekend), but I still managed to drag myself out of bed early morning and faffed around, making the most of my ... (My Life)
Mark Gillman back on 5FM? | Wow, nice surprise this morning to catch the old 5FM morning stalwart, Mark Gillman back on the 5FM wavelengths, being just as 'Gilly' as what he always used to be so early in the morning.I wonder if he's back at his mother station for good ... (General Nonsense)
Mr Brown in GB | Now Mr Brown is certainly no stranger to Gordon's Bay, having driven out to visit me quite a couple of times already, but yesterday just proved to be the perfect day for another one of these visits as the poor accountant blighters had been given ... (My Life)
Mamma Mia! | ...Here We Go Again. 20 year old Sophie is about to get married to the carefree Sky on her mother Donna Sheridan's run-down resort situated on the isolated Greek island of Kalokairi, but she has a secret - she has a burning desire to learn who ... (My Reviews)
Food For Thought | Note to self. Contact Lenses are a must when working in the kitchen.This morning I opened the door to a chorus of meows and squeaks, and proceeded to the kitchen where I placed the cats' food bowls on top of the kitchen counter and threw ... (My Life)
Now That's Not Cricket | The South African family's favourite restaurant, Spur is simply not playing fair I declare! It is just not cricket to stick a giant advert featuring their new range of delectable double stacked, hunga busting burgers onto the very table itself, making it almost impossible to ... (My Life)
Screw You! | And seeing as we are currently on the topic of tyres, today we finally got around to investigating the mystery surrounding Chantelle's slow puncture front right tyre - turns out that there was a nice fat screw embedded deep into the tread (shamefully, since March ... (My Life)
Tyred Out | Sigh, after putting it off for a couple of days already and having had such an enjoyable evening out with the guys on Tuesday night, yesterday morning was the perfect opportunity for me to tighten my loincloth and head off to my old steadfast Hi-Q ... (My Life)
Conquering Romans and FIFA | Seeing as the plan is to make the most of my rather unplanned holiday, a FIFA 07 game at Karl's place was an absolute must and thus last night saw me hitting the road and driving through to Ryan's place where I quickly annihilated him ... (My Life)
No Blisters for Bread | Man, Wednesday already and I'm still posting about the weekend? I must be on holiday! :)After having it penned in for over a month and then waking up to a grey, overcast sky that is being ripped apart by wind, rain and hail, Sunday morning's ... (My Life)
Entry Forms Ahoy! | The main reason for us choosing to camp out in Bellville for the weekend had to do with the Blisters for Bread fun walk we were taking part in on Sunday, with Saturday being the only day participants were allowed to pick up their ... (My Life)
Fat Cactus | Yes! Friday was the official start of my week-long leave and also happened to be Chantelle's weekend off, meaning that it was destined to be a weekend jam-packed full of wholesome activity goodness!Now we don't see Claire and Riley as much as we probably should ... (My Life)
Wave Protection | Man, so after a weekend away in Bellville with the Montgomerys, it felt good to step back into our own little flat back here in GB this afternoon, and better still was the big sigh of relief when we came around the corner and our ... (General Nonsense)
A Matter of Taste | While the old days of computing saw it as a rigid, scientific affair with expensive equipment housed in expensive to maintain surroundings, nowadays computers and their associated accessories have become so cheap that anyone will just a little iota of design sense within them can ... (Hardware)
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