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October 2010 Archive (37 posts)

Photo Gallery: Building the Shed (2010-10-30) | Dad bought us an awesome present for the new house in the form of a garden shed, the perfect protected spot to store my tools, lawnmower and whatever other crap I don't want lying around the house! Of course, these things arrive flat-packed, so there ... (My Life | Photo Gallery)
Images of Iron Man Episode 1 | As I mentioned previously in these pages, the Marvel Anime team-up between Marvel Animation and anime powerhouse Madhouse is now properly under way, with the release of what looks to be an exciting Japanese take on Iron Man, current media poster boy for Marvel. The first ... (Anime)
Ubuntu Maverick Meerkat: How to Quickly Install Apache, MySQL and PHP | If you are a web developer, then installing the Apache, MySQL and PHP stack is of paramount importance, something that becomes apparent when you look around and see how many customised LAMP and WAMP installers there are out and about at the moment. Ubuntu comes ... (CodeUnit)
Superman/Batman: Apocalypse | Lex Luthor is president no more, Batman has saved the world from the impact of an arriving meteor, and a strange young woman has made her appearance, confused, unable to comprehend our language and most important of all, wreaking devastating havoc with her uncontrollable powers ... (My Reviews)
PHP: Strtotime and Handling Different Date Formats | Strtotime is a powerful date manipulating ally of any PHP developer, but unfortunately it doesn't really respond to locale settings all that well, meaning that should you not be an American, in other words your dates don't look like the silly MM/DD/YYYY format, it can ... (Programming)
Images of Highschool of the Dead Episode 12 | Fan service drenched panties and tits with zombies anime series, Highschool of the Dead drew to a close with its final episode ringing in at the number 12 mark. In return, we got a return to some great zombie action, loads of bullets, dynamite and ... (Anime)
How to make Cottage Pie | My baby girl is expected early January. When this time arrives Olifant Pootjies is going to be exhausted and sore, so I've taken it upon myself that I will be running the household for the first month or so while mommy and baby bond, live ... (My Life | Recipes)
Antenatal Onslaught | The time for Jessica to join us in this great big world is starting to quicken its step now, and as a result we now find ourselves having already enrolled in and attended our first antenatal classes! On recommendation of Andy, we got in contact with ... (My Life)
PHP: Page Redirecting with Header... and Die() | I make use of PHP's handy header function to handle simple page redirects for me, perhaps a bit of a cheap way of doing it, but one that is remarkable effective. Sure, you need to change the way you code a little and perhaps introduce ... (CodeUnit)
The Guest House Bedroom | The one thing I am probably the most relieved about after moving all our furniture into the new house is without a doubt the fact that our brilliant, beautiful queen-sized bed actually fits in our rather small bedroom - but leaving enough space that I ... (My Life)
Photo Gallery: Buying Compactum and Pram (2010-10-23) | Look! We bought a pram and compactum for Jessica! (My Life | Photo Gallery)
Saturday Snigger: Finger Snack Anyone? | Paddy was working at the fish plant in Cork when he accidentally cut off all 10 of his fingers. Needless to say, he made his way rather quickly to the Emergency Room at Cork Hospital. The doctor took a quick looked at the stressed Paddy and ... (Jokes & other Funny Stuff)
jQuery: Change the Selected Index of a Dropdown List | To change the selected value, or selected index if you will, of a dropdown list using jQuery is not particularly difficult. The classic method to achieve this is to simply set the dropdown's value to a value already contained in the list using val(). (Of course ... (CodeUnit)
Kumite Training with Sensei Kai | Last Saturday saw the first of two special kumite training classes with German Sensei Kai Ellenberger and Marius Bouwer, held in the Gordon's Bay Primary School hall. Although the class was fairly well attended, it was disappointing to see how many of the senior belts didn't ... (Martial Arts)
The Official Opening of Gashuku 2010 | The evening of Friday 15 October marked the official start of Funakoshi Karate International South Africa Gashuku 2010, even though technically the event was already three days into its 15 day duration. Kicking off just after 19:00 at perennial Gordon's Bay dance floor favorite, The Barn, ... (Martial Arts)
PHP: Random Color Generator Function | Although I've posted simple random color generating code snippets before, I've noticed since that most of them have a flaw in that they sometimes don't always produce a proper six character long hex color code. Hence I have posted my latest random color generating PHP function ... (CodeUnit)
Stealing My Work: Ashihara Online's Fraudulent Portfolio Listing | I'm taken aback, really I am. Going through some of Google's nifty stats for my various sites the other morning, I came across the fact that my Funakoshi Karate International South Africa website was being linked to by South African web design company, Ashihara Online. Now ... (General Nonsense | My Life)
Cat in the Cot | I haven't gotten around to posting many pictures of our new home, or even discussing it that much, but I thought it imperative that I share this particular snapshot with you before it gets lost in the clutter that makes up my desktop. Although Chantelle and ... (My Life)
PHP: Convert Web Hex Color Code to RGB Array | Sometimes you need to RGB array that makes up a color when working in the wonderful world of PHP. Don't ask me why or when, though that said, I have required it at least once before when setting text color whilst generating PDFs using the ... (Programming)
Highschool of the Dead: Episode 12 | All Dead's Attack It is the start of Armageddon as China and the United States start tossing nuclear ballistic missiles at one another. Despite the joint US-Japanese air defences, one of China's retaliatory missiles break through, resulting in a massive EMP burst that instantly fries ... (Anime)
Come Dine with Us Again | Last Friday saw the second leg of our local little Come Dine with Me competition (well competition is unfair considering everyone is seemingly to chicken to allow voting), following on the first one held last month which I unfortunately missed out on due to illness, ... (My Life)
Gashuku 2010 Update: Senior Training Sessions with Sensei Marius and Sensei Kai | Currently we are slap bang in the middle of Funakoshi Karate International South Africa's official 2010 Gashuku, though truth be told it is not quite in its usual format. We are extremely grateful to Sensei Marius Bouwer, Sensei Kai and the rest of the Funakoshi Karate ... (Martial Arts)
PHP: Convert a RGB color Array into a Web Hex Code | RGB, that annoying little way of expressing a color via values between 0 and 255 for each of the three components that makes up a color. Always in the form of an array consisting of three values, namely one for red, one for green and ... (Programming)
Employee of the Month | Nice. One of the things Simon introduced at Touchwork after starting a couple of months ago as the Development Manager was the concept of the Employee of the Month award, basically a recognition of one singled out office dweller (generally of the Dev team) who ... (My Life)
FPDF: Failing to Insert a Google Chart into a PDF | My tried and trusted method for inserting graphs into PDFs is to use the nifty PHP FPDF library and insert an image into it via a Google Chart URL. In other words, your code would look something like this: $charturl = "" . implode(',', $colors) . "&chs=930x310&chd=t:" ... (CodeUnit)
Digger be Dead | The Cape golden mole. An extremely cute little fellow as far as I'm concerned, soft, streamlined, and oh so cuddly from a distance. However, it is entirely possible that I am one of the few people to actually like the little guy, considering the fact ... (My Life)
Marvel Anime: Iron Man: Episode 1 | Iron Man Arrives in Japan - So Marvel's Iron Man has come to Japan at last, under the steering hand of comics maestro Warren Ellis and anime director Yuzo Sato, who bring to us a 12 episode long anime series from the combined efforts of ... (Anime | My Reviews)
Cat Shot: The Hand Basin | Cats. We all know they are fond of lying in some rather strange and wonderful places. So let us take Achilles as an example this morning. My lovable white and ginger boy seems to have developed an absolute love for... hand basins. It started at Nagua Bay ... (My Life)
Saturday Snigger: Don't You Ever Stop!? | An attorney arrived home late, after a very tough day trying to get a stay of execution. His last minute plea for clemency to the governor had failed and he was feeling worn out and depressed. As soon as he walked through the door at home, ... (Jokes & other Funny Stuff)
Craig Goes to the Doctor | I don't do doctors. Much to Chantelle's chagrin of course. I really only drag myself there if I absolutely, absolutely have to - and even then that seldom happens! Of course this does mean that I don't yet have a house doctor here in Gordon's ... (My Life)
The lone Getz, an instant tip-off that I was working from home... How to Spot Someone working from Home | Just before we moved into the new place at Country Mews, I grabbed this shot of Olympus staring forlornly out the front door, confused as crap as to what was happening all around him and why our flat was suddenly more than half empty. However, looking ... (My Life)
Gina G. Getz’s First Check-up | So my beloved little 1.4 Gina G. Getz has managed to clock up to her 15,000 kilometre mark already, after owning her for just over six months now, meaning she is travelling in excess of 2,000 kilometres per month! This does of course mean that my ... (My Life)
Gi Goodness | Pleasingly, after the great debacle of the splitting of my one and only karate gi pants at the worst possible financial moment, I've managed to secure a replacement gi in a pretty short space of time - and at an absolute bargain price to boot! Although ... (Martial Arts | My Life)
And We're Still Entertaining | So we've been in our new home for only a week and still the entertaining continues. It was a good weekend, plenty of work on the house, in the garden, sprinkled with loads of sorting out of junk and just a touch of some Blur ... (My Life)
Burning Tyres and an Oil Spill... | The scenic drive through to Muizenberg from Gordon's Bay, Baden-Powell Drive (or the coastal road for those of you who prefer that title), turned out not to be particularly friendly to me last Friday, forcing me to travel both to AND from work in Westlake ... (My Life)
Entertaining at Country Mews | Well, we've been settled in our new home here at Country Mews for less than a week, and already we've entertained twice, the first being a nice Sunday morning visit from Dean, Zania and our uber cute god-child Zandea (with mother-in-law in tow), who stopped ... (My Life)
MySQL and XAMPP: Change Your Server's Max Allowed Packet Limit | Just a quick note on how to permanently change your MySQL server's configuration to allow for a bigger max_allowed_packet limit, basically the variable that controls how long a SQL statement can technically get. First, locate your my.cnf file, the config file that MySQL generally uses as ... (CodeUnit)
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