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March 2010 Archive (65 posts)

Free Microsoft Anti-virus for Windows | Free stuff is always good, especially when it is of a good quality nature and while I've long used AVG's free anti-virus offering (after having ditched the very user unfriendly ClamWin) on my personal machines, I've now found myself shifting over to Microsoft's very own ... (CodeUnit)
It's Complicated | It's Complicated is actually quite a great little comedy movie making the rounds on the cinema circuit at the moment and as you might have expected, Chantelle did drag me along to see it - and I actually quite enjoyed it. The story revolves around a ... (My Reviews)
Photo Gallery: Purchase of the Getz (2010-03-31) | My first every brand new car was a 1.4 Hyundai Getz, bought at Helderberg Hyundai in Somerset West. (My Life | Photo Gallery)
The Birth of Craig's Debt and Bertie's Moorings | We actually enjoyed a great weekend this past weekend, even though technically we didn't get up to all that much in the end! :P Friday evening kicked off with a visit from Candice and Wayne who joined us for a supper made up of Chantelle's home-baked ... (My Life)
How to Add a Favicon in WordPress | Favicons as we all know are extremely important to a site, because a) it helps people identify your site brand quicker and b) it looks totally groovy when someone actually bothers to bookmark your site. Now creating and setting a favicon for a website isn't particularly ... (CodeUnit)
The House of C 017: 1000 Posts of Pain | Another dated cartoon finds itself on the House of C, this one pulled from the original CodeUnit blog and marked the 1000th post on that particular site. Needless to say, there isn't much of a joke to be found here, but at least you get ... (The House of C)
How to Add Google Analytics to Joomla 1.5 | Adding Google Analytics to your Joomla 1.5 website turns out to be a rather simple affair thanks to the guys behind JoomlaGATor!, formerly known as Google Analytics Module for Joomla 1.5 (needless to say, this new title for the project is a whole lot more ... (CodeUnit)
Grease at the Artscape, Broadway Rocks at Barnyard Theatre | So in the space of two weeks I got to take in two different shows, the first being the wonderfully energetic Grease over at the Artscape in Cape Town and the second being the fun sing-along Broadway Rocks, put on at the always inviting Barnyard ... (My Reviews)
How to Check if Your Javascript Function Exists | So I updated a panel generating script to adhere to some campaign rules, meaning that certain graphing functions were no longer being generated by the PHP script. Great, as easy as that I thought to myself as I patted myself on the back and uploaded ... (CodeUnit)
Photo Gallery: Lunch at Bertie's Mooring (2010-03-28) | On a sunny day in Gordon's Bay, not much beats a lunch next to the water at the famous Bertie's Mooring - especially if you want to try out your newly purchased suede hat! (My Life | Photo Gallery)
Get the Last Day of a Month using PHP | Picked this cool little PHP function to calculate and return the last day of a month for any year off the always informative lutrov interactive website the other day, and posted it here for future reference - because that's just how I roll! ;) Anyway, here ... (CodeUnit)
How to Unlock Locked Files in Windows | Sometimes Windows can be really, really stingy. For whatever reason, some or other application on Windows may make reference to a particular file on your system which of course results in a locked file - great because it allows for integrity when working with files ... (CodeUnit)
Stripperella | I won't lie, I've been thoroughly enjoying this show as of late. Stripperella chronicles the adventures of the crime-fighting superheroine/secret agent Erotica Jones, who works as an exotic dancer by day but then battles evil by night in the guise of Stripperella, the woman whose ... (My Reviews)
The Dynamic Duo of Craig and... Dean | It kind of looks like the boys are going to be doing an XBOX gaming evening just about every second weekend now, pretty much neatly coinciding with Chantelle's on weekends (fancy that). This week I decided to shake things up a bit and convince Ryan ... (My Life)
PHP: Delete all Values to Reuse a Keyed Array | It's sometimes pretty valuable to reuse array structures if you're kind of doing a task over and over again, and don't necessarily want to recreate the array's keyed structure from scratch with each iteration. In other words, it would be really nice to have a ... (CodeUnit)
jQuery DataTables: How to Reload a Table's Data | Since my discovery of the awesome jQuery DataTables plug-in I haven't stopped using it in my projects at it is by far the simplest and cleanest way of delivering feature-rich tables to a user. Of course, I don't usually work with static table data, meaning that ... (CodeUnit)
No Break from being Social Just Yet | Wow. Serious, I'll get around to organising another day in GB event when I get the chance boys, but before then I need my social calendar to calm down just that little bit and give me some time to breathe! ;) It all started last week ... (My Life)
Going for a Drive | Ah, the guys at Vodacom Golf Village, Somerset West. Persistent really. You see, I'm quite keen of finding something new to keep me busy and get me outdoors on the weekends that Chantelle works, meaning the time to work on my golf game is now ... (My Life | Sport & Health)
How to Apply a Function to Each Value in an Array | Sometimes you wish to apply a certain function, be it a built in PHP function or one of your own creations, to each and every value within a particular array. Now doing this is of course as easy as writing a loop to iterate through ... (CodeUnit)
The House of C 016: Hand Me my McCain Please | The big election before the United States ushered in their first non-white president saw a heated race/battle between Obama and John McCain - something that a lot of people expected to go Obama's way anyway. Which obviously it did. And that explains why poor old John now ... (The House of C)
PHP: How to Skip to the Next Iteration of a Loop | By now, you'll know that loops are essential to your livelihood as a programmer and as such you have lovingly nurtured your loops, nesting and expanding them, and in general just making them better little iterations with each passing moment in your life as a ... (CodeUnit)
Review: Devil May Cry 4 | Hands up if you were a fan of the trigger-happy button masher on steroids that was Devil May Cry 3, featuring everyone's favourite son of Sparda come Demon Hunter, Dante? Yes? Well I absolutely loved it and I'm happy to say that Devil May Cry ... (Games | My Reviews)
The New CodeUnit Skin | Alright boys and girls, it is time to hit that good old Ctrl+F5 to force a cache refresh of once more. As well aware as I am that there are far better and more constructive ways in which to spend an whole Saturday afternoon ... (CodeUnit)
Screenshot Saturday: Lupin III: Castle of Cagliostro | Master Thief Lupin III sneaks in with today's Screenshot Saturday post: Hayao Miyazaki's 1979 The Castle of Cagliostro is the second movie in the Lupin III franchise and marks the only time the master director worked his magic for Lupin on the big screen (he did ... (Anime)
jQuery Text Area Character Counter | Aaron Russell has gone and created a huge time saving jQuery plugin for us all to use in the form of his nifty jQuery Simply Countable plugin which basically provides a character counter for any text input or textarea box. Using it is as simple as ... (CodeUnit)
PHP: Optimize and Analyze All Your MySQL Tables | When you start working with sizeable datasets and the like, things like database optimization become more and more important for you to pay attention to. So for today's quick tutorial I present to you a script which can be used as either a cron or scheduled ... (CodeUnit)
Make the Circles Bigger! | As I write this I sit with my head in my hands experiencing the deepest of shame. Let me tell you where I was around 19:00 on Monday evening: Sitting in McDonalds Tyger Manor, consoling myself with a Quarter Pounder Deluxe meal and speaking to ... (My Life)
Howling Balls of Scratching Fury | The other night saw a tired Chantelle and I finally retire to bed just before midnight after having successfully returned from a Ster Kinekor screening of It's Complicated (which by the way is a thoroughly enjoyable movie in case you were wondering). Anyhow, as it had ... (My Life)
PHP: Measure How Long Your Script Runs | It's often quite useful to know just how long a particular PHP script is taking to run, and of course, working this out and showing it on screen is a pretty simple thing to do. Basically all you do is grab the time at the start ... (CodeUnit)
Ultimate Fantastic Four: The Fantastic | The Fantastic - When ten-year-old scientific genius Reed Richards is chosen to be part of the United States top research and development programme, events are set in motion that will give birth to the world's First Family of Superheroes! Twenty-one years later Reed Richards leads a ... (Comic Books | My Reviews)
Fix a snom 300 VoIP Phone NR Error | We currently use snom 300 VoIP phones here in the office and the other day I was asked to troubleshoot a phone that had all of a sudden stopped working. The error that it was coming up with was NR and every number that you ... (CodeUnit)
Tries and Bullseyes | This weekend past didn't offer up all that much in terms of news, mostly because Chantelle spend Friday evening in Bellville preparing for Andri's Stork Party that she was organizing for Saturday morning and finishing Alita's son's 21st key-themed birthday cake for delivery that evening, leaving me ... (My Life)
Why Does FOUND_ROWS() Keep Returning 1? | MySQL comes with the handy little function known as SQL_CALC_FOUND_ROWS which can be used in normal LIMITed SQL statements to force the DBMS to calculate the number of rows fetched had the LIMIT statement not been applied and leave the result for a later FOUND_ROWS() ... (CodeUnit)
The House of C 015: That's not Cricket! | You shout "four" when your favourite batsman times a beautiful cover drive which runs all the way down to the boundary rope, you yell "fore" when your favourite golfer lets loose a magnificent drive that travels for absolute miles. But although they sound the same ... (The House of C)
Using both Pages and Categories for WordPress' Page Menu | A lot of Wordpress themes made use of the handy WordPress page_menu() function that generates the main page horizontal page navigation bar at the top of the website. However, there is one annoying little restriction this handy functionality comes packaged with, namely: How do I use ... (CodeUnit)
White Lion... An Opinon | According to the legend of the Shangaan people, white lions are the messengers of the gods and the presence of one means peace and prosperity for all in the valley. But white lions have now been a thing of legend for so long that most ... (My Reviews)
Ubuntu: Installing a Software Application from a Terminal | Installing a new software package via a command line terminal in Ubuntu Karmic Koala (and basically all the other versions preceding it) is deceptively easy thanks to the powerful apt-get command that is used as the interface into Ubuntu's Advanced Packaging Tool (APT). It can ... (CodeUnit)
Screenshot Saturday: Golden Boy (Episode 2) | Golden Boy, how can you not love this classic? Honest lad, seems a bit simple at first glance, loves the ladies just a little too pervertedly, always gets in trouble... anyway, today's screengrab for our Screenshot Saturday slot comes directly from episode 2 of the ... (Anime)
Avoid HTML Special Characters in Your Querystring | I must admit, I was totally left scratching my head a couple of days ago while presenting a survey capturing site I had just finished whipping up, when all of a sudden the site stopped redirecting properly when tested in Internet Explorer (IE) using compatibility ... (CodeUnit)
Photo Gallery: Andri's Stork Party and a Cake (2010-03-13) | Apart from attending the very pregnant Andri's stork party, Chantelle was also tasked with baking a key-shaped cake for someone's 21st birthday celebrations. (My Life | Photo Gallery)
AutoComplete Country Selection using jQuery | Marc-Antoine Ross has knocked together a great little jQuery plugin, or extension if you will, which gives you a nice autocomplete country selector textbox (with little flags). So in order for someone to provide you with their nationality, all they now need to do is start ... (CodeUnit)
Basic Japanese Karate Terminology | As karate originated from Okinawa, Japan, many styles across the world seek to maintain this inherent heritage by continuing to teach karate using the original Japanese names for the various techniques being taught. Secondly, as karate now finds itself very much an international phenomenon, training with Japanese terminology ... (Martial Arts)
Download a Full Facebook Photo Album in Firefox | Yet another cool little Firefox extension, add-on from LazyRussian, Arthur Sabintsev. FacePAD, Facebook Photo Album Downloader is a brilliant little addition to your Firefox arsenal in that it allows you to download all the photos and images from either a Facebook friend, event or group's ... (CodeUnit)
No Water? More Dishes | So this Tuesday evening past Chantelle and I decided to skip going to the movies after all. Why you might ask? Well remember I mentioned previously that Gordon's Bay had lost its water supply from early Sunday straight through to late Monday evening thanks to ... (My Life)
Photoshop: Text Tool Keyboard Shortcuts | In order to speed up your work using Photoshop's powerful but sometimes quite frustrating text tool, here are a couple of handy keyboard shortcuts you might like to remember: Commit text changes by pressing CTRL+Enter. (Pressing Enter on its own will just start a new line ... (CodeUnit)
The CampMaster versus Craig | Last Thursday saw Chantelle and myself meet up in Bellville after work in order to join Dean and Zania for a braai - after all, someone had to eat those crayfish and that Geelbek that his colleague had gifted him! Of course on arrival Chantelle ... (My Life)
Send Highlighted Text and Link via Email Fast! | Arthur Sabintsev (aka LazyRussion) brings to us the brilliant little Firefox add-on named Email This! which basically allows you to right-click on any selected text on any webpage your are currently browsing and then send the highlight text, title plus link to an email recipient ... (CodeUnit)
Of War and Heat | It's bloody hot out here in Gordon's Bay at the moment. But I'm sitting here, secretly hoping that the Spur ribs we've just had won't give us the runs tomorrow, and thankful that we once again have running water, after Gordon's Bay went and lost ... (My Life)
Force Your Script to Run Longer than Maximum Execution Time | I have to process some large CSV files that generate a lot of SQL statements that need to be executed. Naturally, trying to parse any of the files almost always results in my script spitting back that horrible maximum execution time exceeded error message, even ... (CodeUnit)
The House of C 014: Fast Food | Who doesn't love a free lunch? Back when I still worked at the varsity, committee meetings were the greatest because there was always some finger snacks, sandwiches and juice to be had - which of course made paying attention to what was being stated in ... (The House of C)
And This is Why You Should Keep All Your Comics | At the end of last month, 22 February 2010, something big happened in the world of comic books, more specifically in the world of comic book collecting, when the previous record of $317,000 for an classic issue was easily bested by the auction of a ... (Comic Books)
How to Convert an UTF-16 File to an UTF-8 file using PHP | Taking Andrew Walker's previously mentioned handy little UTF-16 to UTF-8 string converter function, we now have in our means a particularly easy way in which to craft a simple UTF-16 to UTF-8 file converter, useful as I have found in the past for those silly ... (CodeUnit)
Inserting Backslashes into a Database Table with PHP | Sometimes you need to store things like file paths into a database table during your PHP script's execution. However, on going back to the database after running your script, you might come across your path with all of its backslashes () missing! So just what is ... (CodeUnit)
Screenshot Saturday: Michiko to Hatchin (Episode 16) | It Michiko to Hatchin time again, episode 16 to be precise, entitled Crimson Faithless Etude just in case you were wondering. And hey, with this particular surprise moment halfway through, there is simply no way the ratings could have stayed down! ;) On their never ending ... (Anime)
PHP: Convert a UTF-16 String to a UTF-8 String | Andrew Walker crafted this handy little PHP function which can convert a UTF-16 encoded string into a more PHP-friendly UTF-8 encoded string. The function first checks to see if the string passed to it is prefixed with a Byte Order Mark (BOM), and if the necessary ... (CodeUnit)
Japanese Terminology: Black Belt Dans | Reaching one's black belt is often considered the pinnacle of one's karate journey, but in reality, this is in actual fact only the first step. Now that you have finally reached your black belt, you are now ready to really start training in other words. ... (Martial Arts)
Getting the First Object Returned by a jQuery Selector | If for instance you have just used a jQuery selector to grab a whole lot of objects and now realize that in actual fact you only want to effect the first object that the selector returned to you, you can rest easy in the knowledge ... (CodeUnit)
Images of Candice Hillebrand's Nina Williams | Ages ago (back in November 2008) I popped in a quick blog post asking the question as to whatever happened to SA actress/singer export Candice Hillebrand, ending off with the announcement that she landed the role of Nina Williams in the upcoming Tekken live-action movie. ... (Live-Action)
SQL: Finding all Duplicate Records in a Table | Sometimes it is quite handy to see which records based on a particular key appear more than once in a database. The trick here is that we are focusing on a particular column and deeming that should that particular key appear more than once in ... (CodeUnit)
Sterkinekor's Pink Lovenest Seats | If you've used Sterkinekor's nifty self-service portal or booked your tickets via their online booking function recently, you would have noticed a new addition to their cinema layout diagrams: pink seats. If you are curious as to what these new pink seats signify, they are ... (General Nonsense)
Wonder Woman | The Island of Themyscira, a mystical place populated by the strong Amazon warrior caste that shun all male contact and who have gone so far as to cut themselves off from the corrupt world of man entirely. However, one of their sisters has broken their ... (Comic Books | My Reviews)
Optimize Your Javascript by Minifying with Google's Closure Compiler | Optimize your Javascript by minifying with Google's Closure Compiler. Well, that pretty much says it all. By now we all no that there is plenty of scope for reducing the size of one's Javascript code by replacing bulky variable names with shorter versions and stripping ... (CodeUnit)
jQuery: Get all Selected Values or Text from a Multiple Select Listbox | Grabbing all the selected values or even text values from a multiple select listbox turns out to be quite simple if you know which tools to use. The idea here is pretty simple. First we declare an array to hold our gleaned variables. Then we need ... (CodeUnit)
The House of C 013: Leet Mad Skillz | Gamers are pretty sophisticated computer users aren't they? They tweak and they hack and they optimize and they perform magic with that little mouse and keyboard of theirs - in other words they the equivalent of PC Gods. Yet for some or other reason these ... (The House of C)
Moo, Braai and Chill | It turned out to be quite the sociable and relaxed weekend this time around, with Chantelle and I kicking Friday off by heading out to Bellville after work in order to visit with Mom and the rest of the family in celebration of mom's 53rd ... (My Life)
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