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April 2010 Archive (61 posts)

Photo Gallery: Braai at GBL and Lunch at Bertie's Mooring (2010-04-30) | Entertaining is always fun, and it was a blast to have Wayne, Candice and Laluna over for a braai at Gordon's Beach Lodge, and then later entertain my sister Claire, who came down to join us for lunch at the always pleasant Bertie's Mooring restaurant. (My Life | Photo Gallery)
Using CTRL+ALT+DEL on a Remote Desktop Connection | The "three-finger salute", interrupt key combination extraordinaire CTRL+ALT+DEL is pretty important to most PC users out there, giving one a reliable way of bringing up the Windows Task Manager in order to hunt down and kill that annoying hanging application or process (and thus save ... (CodeUnit)
Freedom Day and in Pain | So as all we South Africans know, Tuesday was a grand old public holiday, Freedom Day if you're counting. Now judging by the traffic pattern on Monday, it's pretty clear that a lot of my fellow Capetonians decided to take Monday off and enjoy an ... (My Life)
Afrihost Internet Connectivity: A "Still not Quite Up" Update | If you are in the position of having switched to Afrihost thanks to their particularly cheap ADSL prices or any of the other smaller ISPs that offer some quite attractive rates, you'll no doubt be quite frustrated over these last couple of days I'm sure. International ... (CodeUnit)
A Retouch or Two | So yesterday was Freedom Day, an important (aren't they all) public holiday on the South African calendar and one which you can see I made good use of in terms of tinkering a bit with my CodeUnit site (not to mention sleeping in, watching Batman: ... (CodeUnit)
Don't Touch Me on My Site - A Retouch | Just a note, I may be a little delayed in getting new material up on this site over the next while. You see, my creative muse simply can no longer stand my inactivity towards all the websites I'm responsible for and as such I've started ... (My Life)
Gin Tama (Volume 1) | Nobody with Naturally Wavy Hair Can Be That Bad - The samurai didn't stand a chance. First, the aliens invaded Japan. Next, they too all the jobs. And then they confiscated everyone's swords. So what does a hotheaded former samurai like Sakata "Gin" Gintoki do ... (Manga | My Reviews)
How to Download to a Specific Directory using Wget for Windows | The Wget for Windows application is of course exactly that: the classic GNU/Linux wget application built for Windows command line usage. Of course, this means that most if not all command line switches are still available to you, just as what they would be had you ... (Tips, Tricks and Tutorials)
How to Train Your Dragon... An Opinion | I thoroughly, thoroughly enjoyed it. How to Train Your Dragon is the latest computer animated film from DreamWorks Animation and tells the story of young Hiccup, a rather useless viking (but good at thinking boy) that aspires to follow in his tribe's (and more importantly his ... (My Reviews)
Screenshot Saturday: Wolverine and the X-Men (Episode 7) | Apart from the pretty cool Hulk versus Wolverine short that made it straight to DVD in the form of Hulk Vs., Wolverine also managed to find himself going up against the unstoppable rampage that is the Incredible Hulk in Wolverine and the X-Men episode 7, ... (Comic Books)
Photo Gallery: Niewoudtville Weekend Getaway (2010-04-23) | Niewoudtville is known for its annual explosion of color with each coming flowering season, but it also makes for a stunning getaway location if you just want to escape from it all. Retha's folks own a place up there, and as such, it seemed obligatory ... (My Life | Photo Gallery)
PHP: Calculate the Number of Working Days in a Month | How to calculate the number of working days in a month, in other words discount Saturdays and Sundays from a month's total number of days. It sounds pretty simple, but because of the shifting nature of the calendar we use, one can't just take a ... (CodeUnit)
Assault on Mount Scratch Post | Mount Scratch Post does not often get scaled, nor does it receive much love for the most part, but on those occasional moments when one of the warrior males decide to climb it and proclaim it their own, then the battle spark is ignited and the other ... (My Life)
Sketches: Despair | Okay. So now I have my scanner. Which means I can put a black pen on paper and make a quick scribble in say ten to fifteen minutes. Then I take that sketch home with me, pop it into the scanner and bring the black ... (Sketches, Paint & Photoshop)
Throttling My Output | Okay, so I've finally taken the hard decision and decided to throttle back a bit on the output I produce for my CodeUnit code, technology and tutorials blog. I currently run three blogs plus am meant to be running a fourth Karate site (which quite simply ... (Blogging)
PHP: How to Get all the Letters out of an Alphanumeric String? | Given a registration code, or something important like that, which often contains information encoded in the alphanumeric string itself, it is sometimes quite useful to be able to simply strip out the numbers from the string, leaving only the letters behind. So for example, for a ... (CodeUnit)
The Blind Side... An Opinion | I thought The Blind Side was... okay. It's the movie that won an Oscar award for best Actress for Sandra Bullock in case you didn't know, and tells the story of current Baltimore Ravens offensive lineman Michael Oher - taking you through his rise towards the ... (My Reviews)
Canon LiDE 100 Scanner | Alright, now we're in business! My delivery from Take 2 arrived two days ago and I am now a proud owner of a beautiful black Canon LiDE 100 standalone scanner. I mentioned the reasons for wanting a scanner previously in these pages and now that I have ... (Personal Musings)
Shutting Down - Again and Again | Aaargh, so frustrating! I mentioned a while ago that my newish PC back at home kind of packed up on me some time back, completely losing its video output as a start. Listening to it and plugging it into various other display sources, I concluded that ... (My Life)
Download Webpages with Wget for Windows | If you are a well established Linux user then you'll already be pretty familiar with the awesome little wget application that gives you a command line interface with which to download content from web servers via either HTTP, HTTPS and FTP protocols. Amongst its many features ... (CodeUnit)
The House of C 020: Global Warming - Not Cool | Frost Giants. They're big, they lumber and they seem to be made up completely of ice. A staple of fantasy no matter where one looks, it does however become quite tricky to remove them from the natural, frozen habitat. After all, no one likes a ... (The House of C)
How to Disable Sorting on a Column in jQuery Datatables Plugin | I've mentioned the wonderful jQuery plugin Datatables a number of times before, the awesome little trick that instantly transforms any HTML table fed to it into a fully sortable, paginated, searchable and zebra-striped table, requiring the most minimum of coding to implement. Today's quick tip is ... (CodeUnit)
And so the Quest to Become a Father Begins | So here's the big new coming out of 45 Nagua Bay then: Chantelle and I have at last decided that the time is now and that we would like to become parents - meaning of course that in other words, the baby-making quest has now officially ... (My Life)
Setting Your Worksheet Printing Layout Options in PHPExcel | I've gone on and on in length over just how awesome the PHPExcel OpenXML spreadsheet reader/writer project is over the last bit here in this blog, and today is no exception as I take a quick look at how one can set the page printing ... (CodeUnit)
PHP: Select Random Web Color with One Line of Code | HTML or Web colors are defined using a hexadecimal (hex) notation for the combination of Red, Green and Blue color values, commonly known as RGB. The lowest color value possible for one of these "light" sources is 0 (hex 00) and the highest value is ... (CodeUnit)
Screenshot Saturday: Seikon no Qwaser (Episode 1) | Screenshot Saturday today borrows some shots from the breast-suckling, religious-dripping, action packed spectacle that is Seikon no Qwaser, or for us Englishmen out there, The Qwaser of Stigmata! As episode 1 slowly starts building the story and characters that will go on to eventually make the ... (Anime)
A Thirsty Gina G. and a Sick Chantelle | So my beloved new girl Gina G. has already hit the 1100 kilometers travelled marked and so far she really is proving to be a wonderfully smooth, comfortable drive. I'm very happy with her on the road at this point, though there is just one ... (My Life)
PHPExcel: How to Underline a Cell's Text | The CodePlex project PHPExcel is an absolutely brilliant implementation around Microsoft's OpenXML standard, giving us a powerful PHP object driven engine that is capable of creating and reading from Excel 2007, PDF, HTML and even Excel 2003 spreadsheets and documents. Today's little hint is on how ... (CodeUnit)
The High Price of Standalone Scanners | I've decided that I need to lay my hands on a scanner. The reason is pretty simple. A while back I moved to the straight digital path after laying my hands on a drawing tablet to use at home for my own purposes. Doing everything via ... (Personal Musings)
Eyeshield 21 (Volume 4) | Intimidation: Wimpy Sena Kobayakawa has been running away from bullies all his life. But when the football gear comes on things change - Sena's speed and uncanny ability to elude big bullies just might give him what it takes to become a great high school ... (Manga | My Reviews)
Magic Quotes and json_decode on Your Post Variables | Annoyingly, my PHP json_decode function was not working on my ajax pushed data, using the Javascript function json.stringify to post the data to the script in the first place. However, even more annoying than this was that the code worked perfectly fine on the live server ... (CodeUnit)
PHPExcel: How to Place a Border Around a Cell Range | The CodePlex project PHPExcel is an absolutely brilliant implementation around Microsoft's OpenXML standard, giving us a powerful PHP object driven engine that is capable of creating and reading from Excel 2007, PDF, HTML and even Excel 2003 spreadsheets and documents. Today's little hint is on how ... (CodeUnit)
Damen's Birthday and a Montgomery Stronghold Visit | Like I mentioned earlier, this weekend turned out not to be all that awesome, despite all the cool things that were actually going on around me. Stupid mighty morphing sickness! Anyway, Friday evening kicked off with Chantelle preparing us some awesome fishcake burgers for supper before ... (My Life)
Portfolio: EPRU Tree Logo (October 2007) | Way back in October 2007 I was commissioned to come up with a logo for the newly established Environmental Policy Research Unit that fell under the Faculty of Commerce at the University of Cape Town. Since I was recently asked to dig up those old ... (Sketches, Paint & Photoshop)
SQLyog: Connection Denied for User Error | SQLyog is an absolutely brilliant GUI front-end for MySQL databases. Delivering all functionality you could ever want to apply to a database, MySQL makes database administration a breeze and more importantly, a snap. Have you ever come across the following error dialog when trying to connect ... (CodeUnit)
Cough Splutter Cough | Ugh. Sick. Sick as a dog. I finally went and caught this damn cold that everyone seems to be grabbing hold of here in the Cape on Friday evening, starting off with a gentle rasped throat, and then progressing to a nose flows like a ... (My Life)
The House of C 019: Dumping is Illegal | You might laugh at this one, but a lot of cities do have ordnances in place that forces people to pick up after their dogs or face rather stiff penalties - though one is left to wonder just who is responsible for all that illegal dumping left ... (The House of C)
PHPExcel: Avoid Exceeding Maximum Execution Time | The CodePlex project PHPExcel is an absolutely brilliant implementation around Microsoft's OpenXML standard, giving us a powerful PHP object driven engine that is capable of creating and reading from Excel 2007, PDF, HTML and even Excel 2003 spreadsheets and documents. Recognise this? Fatal error: Maximum execution ... (CodeUnit)
We're Going to See the World Cup Baby! | I'm just thinking here, but I'm pretty sure that I never mentioned on this blog that way back in the beginning of Februrary, end of January, we got confirmation that one of our two bids for tickets to the Football World Cup 2010 was actually ... (My Life)
PHPExcel: How to Link to another Worksheet | The CodePlex project PHPExcel is an absolutely brilliant implementation around Microsoft's OpenXML standard, giving us a powerful PHP object driven engine that is capable of creating and reading from Excel 2007, PDF, HTML and even Excel 2003 spreadsheets and documents. Today's little hint is on how ... (CodeUnit)
Screenshot Saturday: Stripperella (Episode 4) | Taken from episode 4 (Everybody loves Pushy) of Stan Lee and Pamela Anderson's Stripperella, this week's Screenshot Saturday post! You've been waiting for it, haven't you? Pushy Galore, the annoying, flamboyant and persistent TV saleswoman, known to the world for her ultra cheap high fashion items ... (Animation)
Create Excel 2007 Spreadsheets using PHP | For the quickest implementation time in terms of churning out Excel 2007 spreadsheets in your PHP-based project, look no further than the brilliant PHPExcel project! Built around Microsoft's OpenXML standard and PHP, PHPExcel is a brilliant little spreadsheet engine that can read and write from a ... (CodeUnit)
PHP: Implode a Multi-dimensional Array | PHP's implode is a pretty handy function to flatten any array into a single string value, using any piece of 'glue' (basically a substring) that you specifiy to put everything together. So in other words, if we had an array containing the string values of cat, ... (CodeUnit)
Friday Funny: One Man's Earring is Another Woman's Lie | Dave and Joe are work colleagues, working together in one of those open plan offices that seem to be all the rage a short while back. One day Dave notices that the usually rather conservative Joe is sporting a single earring in one of his ears. ... (Jokes & other Funny Stuff)
jQuery: Checking or Unchecking All Checkboxes | Providing functionality to check all, uncheck all or even to invert the checkboxes currently selected on a page is pretty simple to achieve with either plain old JavaScript or the newer, more flashy jQuery library. Important too if you think just how much more usable ... (CodeUnit)
Lady Death: The Movie | 15th century Sweden and the Church still holds most of the populace in its ironclad grip. Hope is the beautiful daughter of a powerful mercenary lord named Matthias, who is forever conscripting men into his ever swelling army in order to fight the good fight. ... (My Reviews)
How to Play a DVD in Ubuntu Karmic Koala | Annoyingly, Ubuntu isn't set up to all for DVD playback by default. The reason of course is that most DVDs are encrypted, region-encoded, etc. and Ubuntu simply doesn't have the legal right to ship with the necessary software to play them back right off the ... (CodeUnit)
All I Want to do is Crawl into Bed! | Thanks to some superb, night time wildlife photography, I at last have some concrete evidence as to why getting into bed is just so darn difficult on those late nights when I choose to stay up a little later fiddling with blog posts or twitching ... (My Life)
The Long, Long Weekend | Well, we're finally back from what has been an absolutely brilliant break from work, the excellent four day weekend courtesy of Easter Weekend. Unfortunately Chantelle worked every single day of my four days off, but luckily for me, I was able to sketch in some ... (My Life)
PHP: How to Sort Your Array but Keep Your Keys | PHP comes bundled with a range of nifty array sorting functions the simplest of which will simply take your array and sort it either alphabetically or numerically, acting on the array object itself rather than creating a new, sorted object. But if you have an associative array, ... (CodeUnit)
The Arrival of Gina G. Getz | Jetta Jameson. My beloved chariot is getting a little long in the tooth now. 12 years old, lots of kilometers on the clock, the simple fact of the matter is that she can no longer keep up with my demands (well, she's not that perky any more). ... (My Life)
The House of C 018: Deposit | At the height of the global economic meltdown, this was most certainly true. However, in an era of government bank loans and propping up of failing companies, who knows? Still, I kind of liked that short moment in time when I didn't feel like bankers ... (The House of C)
Add PubSubHubbub to Your Blog with PuSHPress! | PubSubHubbub is a nice solution to the increasing problem of aggregators struggling to ever get around to parsing your WordPress RSS or Atom feed during its continuous polling thanks to the ever multiplying number of blogs they might need to serve. Basically put, it is ... (CodeUnit)
Photo Gallery: Lunch at Claire & Riley's New Pad (2010-04-04) | Claire and Riley's Newlands flat renovations were finally complete, resulting in the Lotter Clan being invited over for a nice lazy lunch. Unfortunately Chantelle was working so she couldn't tag along, meaning I needed to drag the camera with and take as many pictures for ... (My Life | Photo Gallery)
jQuery DataTables: How to Sort by a Specific Column on Load | I somehow missed this breezing through the available documentation on the DataTables website, but basically the question arose on how to force a table that has just been loaded (with Datatables applied naturally) to be sorted in a particular manner by default? Well it turns out ... (CodeUnit)
Screenshot Saturday: Porco Rosso | Studio Ghibli and the master Hayao Miyazaki's Porco Rosso takes center stage for today's Screenshot Saturday. Exciting, I know! ;) Porco Rosso was the legendary Hayao Miyazaki's sixth time in the director's chair and turned out to be an absolutely enjoyable romp set in Italy in ... (Anime)
PHP: Re-index an Array | Say you used to have a nice little array which you've since gone and hacked to pieces through various merges, and cuttings, etc., resulting is a rather non-uniform, keyed array mess. Now in order to return to some sort of sanity it might be a good ... (CodeUnit)
Dante's Inferno: An Animated Epic | EA Games recently released Dante's Inferno, a re-imagining of the original epic poem sharing the same name, and a game that borrows much from the hack and slash classics that is God of War. Of course, in an attempt to cash in on the big ... (My Reviews)
Split Large Files Into Smaller Pieces | It's annoying when you pull down a really large file and then when you want to put it on your little flash drive you realize that the file is simply to large to fit. So enter GSplit, a great little reliable, free file splitter application that ... (CodeUnit)
Plugin to Manage Adverts on Your WordPress Blog | Managing your adverts on a WordPress blog becomes a pretty simple thing thanks to the great little WordPress plugin entitled Advertising Manager from developers Scott Switzer and Martin Fitzpatrick. Basically it allows you to manage and rotate your Google Adsense, AdBrite, Adify, AdGridWork, OpenX, Yahoo!PN ... (CodeUnit)
ZombiePowder (Volume 2) | Can't Kiss the Ring (of the Dead): A knife-thrower. A sharp-shooter. A martial artist with a metal hand. And now... a journalist?! Meet the newest member of Gamma Akutabi's gang, the amazing Wolfina, as deadly with a camera as her friends are with a gun. ... (Manga | My Reviews)
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