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June 2010 Archive (36 posts)

JavaScript: Extremely Short and Simple is Numeric check | Here is a particularly simple and short validation check to ensure that a value received is in fact a numeric (i.e. valid number) value. To achieve this, we are going to be making use of Javascript's built in parseInt function to check for valid numeric strings, ... (CodeUnit)
The Summer of '69 is nearly Upon Us! | Wow, expensive tickets. Sure, not quite as expensive as those bought by the poor people who wanted to catch that orchestral poser, Andre Rieu in action, but more than expensive enough by the standards of Craig's usually tightly drawn purse strings. But despite the expensive tickets, ... (My Life)
Dull Colors when Printing on my Canon IP4500 in Ubuntu | Plug and play is a lifesaver in the world of Personal Computing, really it is, but in the same breath it can be quite frustrating when the default settings set aren't necessarily the optimal settings for your machine! Take my Canon IP4500 printer for example. ... (CodeUnit)
Cattle Baron Carvery | I attended my very first session to the well known Durbanville Cattle Baron's weekly Sunday carvery last Sunday and I must say I walked away quite impressed! Monty, Cheryl and Robert are well versed in the ways of Cattle Baron's Sunday spread, and so I guess ... (My Life)
jQuery and AJAX: How To Send All Selected Values from a Multiple Select Box | Multi-select boxes are wonderful creatures in that they provide a particularly easy to implement user interface element that provides a great deal of functionality to the end user. Today's quick code tip looks at how one would send all user's selections made in a multiple ... (CodeUnit)
Ubuntu Lucid Lynx: Terminal Quick Launch by Right-clicking! | If you want an even quicker way of launching a terminal command line window outside of navigating to the Applications menu, selecting Accessories and then clicking on Terminal, then the excellent little Nautilus extension named nautilus-open-terminal is most definitely for you! To install, simply run: sudo aptitude ... (CodeUnit)
Ubuntu Lucid Lynx: Simple Resize of Images by Right-Clicking on It! | Seeing as we are all using Ubuntu/Gnome's powerful Nautilus file manager, a particularly quick and easy way to resize or rotate images by simply right-clicking on them comes courtesy of the extremely handy little Nautilus-image-converter extension. Installing this extension and then restarting nautilus (or simply logging ... (CodeUnit)
A Shocking Way to Start One's Morning | Shame, I must say I'm quite glad that it wasn't me who had such a disastrous start to the morning as poor old C this Friday! It all started off on the wrong foot when she woke up crying thanks to a bad dream she had ... (My Life)
SQL: Finding Duplicate Rows based on Multiple Columns | Locating duplicate rows based on multiple column values with SQL turns out to be a fairly simple exercise. If we take the usual method for locating duplicate rows based on a single column's value, we see that locating a duplicate is nothing more than grouping on ... (CodeUnit)
Our Wet Cement | So our soaked cement floor in the study, courtesy of a leaking copper pipe leading into the geyser, is almost dry at last, meaning that soon we can get the professionals in and get a new carpet laid. But just in case you don't quite ... (My Life)
Crusading for Cash | So the task of slowly emptying the house of my unwanted, unnecessary and perhaps unloved possessions, in order to generate more space now that I no longer have access to the "man room" to dump all my junk in, continues unabated. Now normally I'm a guy ... (My Life)
Ubuntu Lucid Lynx: Simple Way to Mount a Samba Drive in Your Home Directory | Samba is a fantastic free software re-implementation of the SMB/CIFS networking protocol that allows for shared file and print services across a variety of Windows and Unix (and even Mac OS) platforms. Today's quick tip highlights a simple way of mounting a remote samba directory as ... (CodeUnit)
MySQL: Prevent Two PHP Scripts from Overwriting One Another's Table Updates | From day one, the problem with database-driven applications is of course that the potential for two separate scripts to overwrite data being used by one another when run simultaneously is pretty huge. One of the main ways of dealing with this is to use "locks", basically ... (CodeUnit)
SQL: Add a Unique Compound Key to an Existing MySQL Table | A simple question for today: how does one go about preventing duplicate rows based on the value held by more than one column being inserted into an existing MySQL table? Well the solution lies in the use of a unique compound key which is basically a ... (CodeUnit)
Breaking my XBOX Live Virginity | Last Wednesday I fiddled around a bit and managed to set up a spare desktop PC running Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid Lynx to act as a Samba server, and thus act as a central point for my laptop and main desktop PC to access, and at ... (Games | My Life)
Simple way to Play MP4 videos on Your XBOX 360 | So you are already the master of streaming videos over to your XBOX 360 console using nothing more than Ubuntu Lucid Lynx, uShare and a UPnP, but here's a simple little trick for playing MP4 video files on your XBOX - without the hassle of ... (CodeUnit)
Ubuntu: Executing a PHP Script file from the Command Line | If you work as a web developer with PHP and all of a sudden you need a script to do something specific for you on a system (say as a cron job or such), there's no real need to switch to another scripting language like ... (CodeUnit)
And When I'm Not Careful During Online Shopping... | Oops. Don't you just hate it when you make a mistake and can't blame anyone else but yourself for being negligent? Man, I hate it. And I just suffered a prime example of it too. Now I've taken to online shopping quite well actually, having over ... (My Life)
PHP and Google Charts: Using a POST request when a GET String is too Long | Google Charts is an extremely stable and reliable web-based charting engine that is perfect for dropping into any project where you quickly want to produce some high quality graphs for your end user. The default way to generate a Google Chart is to simple create a ... (CodeUnit)
Ubuntu: How to View the Current Date and Time via Command Line | If you are working on an Ubuntu server installation that comes in the command line only variation, you might at any point in time want to see just what exactly the server's time is currently set to. Needless to say, getting the current date and ... (CodeUnit)
Photo Gallery: FIFA World Cup - Italy vs Paraguay (2010-06-14) | One of the highlights of 2010 was undoubtedly travelling through to Cape Town Stadium to witness Italy take on Paraguay in a Round 1 FIFA World Cup 2010 clash! (My Life | Photo Gallery)
Photo Gallery: Butterfly World (2010-06-13) | One of the nicest outings you can go out on here in the area is to Butterfly World, where they literally breed butterflies. Hundreds of colourful, flitting little creatures that delight both young and old. Miguel and Retha joined Chantelle and myself on this particular ... (My Life | Photo Gallery)
On Happiness and Extreme Sadness | Wow, two complete opposite sides of the emotional spectrum to deal with this past week. We'll start on the happy news side of things first, because in this case the sad news unfortunately overshadows pretty much everything else at the moment. So, the news just came in ... (My Life)
The Difference Between Include and Require in PHP | Just a quickie today, but a fairly important one at that. What is the difference between using include or require when pulling in data or functions from outside files into your main script in PHP? Well the answer lies in how the two different methods handle ... (CodeUnit)
Rolling Back the Carpet | Whew. So Chantelle had Cliffie, the plumber/maintenance man they use at Gordon's Beach Lodge come and have a look at the leaking geyser and it turns out that thankfully it wasn't the geyser at fault at all! Instead, one of the copper pipes feeding into ... (My Life)
Replacing Parts | Sigh, it must be that time of year again because all of a sudden it is the time of spending big money. As we have just discovered at the start of this week, our fairly new geyser of less than three years old has gone and ... (My Life)
Funakoshi Blue Belt Status Achieved! | Last Friday has come and gone and apart from the joyous occasion of seeing my child blob in its full black and white ultrasound glory, the other highlight to come out of the day was my successful grading for blue belt under the Funakoshi style. Lack ... (Martial Arts | My Life)
FancyBox: Dynamically Change iframe URL before Lightbox Load | The excellent and rather flexible jQuery plugin FancyBox has become my defacto jQuery lightbox implementation and as such it has found its way into most of my project work. One of the cool little tricks I stumbled across was the ability to dynamically alter the URL ... (CodeUnit)
And so the New Man Room 2.0 is Born! | Last weekend I kept myself rather busy, not with gallivanting around yet another luxurious guest house, playing games or watching DVDs like is the norm, no, instead I rolled up my sleeves and broke out a nice sweat as I set about stripping the current ... (My Life)
My Jellybean's Beating Heart | Last Friday was a momentous occasion for both Chantelle and myself - it marked our first ever ultrasound scan of the Jellybean, at last turning what is currently said to be so into something that is more of a concrete reality - an affirmation that ... (My Life)
Javascript Debug Window Script | I found this little snippet of code floating around the Internet and despite its age, it still proves to be quite a handy little guy to have around when you are looking to quickly pop in a debug window in order to test some values ... (CodeUnit)
Photo Gallery: Geyser Pipe Leak (2010-06-07) | Leaking pipes connected to your geyser always causes headaches... and damage! (This happened at Nagua Bay. Thankfully my PC's which were kept under the desk managed to escape damage!) (My Life | Photo Gallery)
Review: Spider-man: Web of Shadows | You'll note that I haven't exactly been blogging at my usual sterling pace the last while. Actually, this is partly on purpose as I'm trying to throttle back on the time spent behind a computer monitor on my off hours and partly because I've spent ... (Games | My Reviews)
PHP: Print out all Variables passed to a Function | Working on old scripts can be quite annoying, particularly when you encounter an undocumented function and are trying to figure out firstly which inputs that function accepts, and secondly what it actually then does with it! Of course, the easiest way of determining this is to ... (CodeUnit) - The Daily Twitter Newspaper | is a fun little service. The premise for it is pretty simple. Register your Twitter account with them and they will then analyze all links it can find in any of your recent posts and those of the people you are following as well. Those ... (CodeUnit)
Bye Bye Trojan: My First Ever Gumtree Experience | Did I mention yet that I actually managed to make my first ever Gumtree sale in the end? Yup, I managed to sell our Trojan elliptical trainer only a week or so after posting an online advert on Gumtree, something which proved remarkably simple, and pretty ... (My Life)
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