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August 2010 Archive (41 posts)

Photo Gallery: Walking Into Our New Home (2010-08-31) | We finally got the keys to our new house - which of course meant champagne time! :) (My Life | Photo Gallery)
How Ubuntu's Version Numbering Works | So the latest codename for next year's first planned Ubuntu release has been revealed as being Natty Narwhal, not perhaps the most awe-inspiring of codenames but one I guess which will work. Still, I kind of like the fact that the next one coming up is ... (CodeUnit)
Mamma Mia is Here Again | So last week's Mamma Mia musical didn't quite clear Chantelle's flu away, but it certainly did bring a smile to her face, brought out a laugh or two and got her head bopping to the music - so in terms of just that it was ... (My Life | My Reviews)
Photo Gallery: Steenberg Lunch Time Walk (2010-08-30) | For a while instead of going to gym during lunch at the Touchwork offices, I would grab my iPod and head off for a brisk walk through Steenberg for some much needed exercise. On this particular trip, I decided to let my camera tag along... (My Life | Photo Gallery)
How to Install Webmin on Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid Lynx Server | Installing Webmin in Ubuntu is not exactly a quick win thanks to Webmin's reliance on a deprecated PERL package (an MD5 wrapper to be exact) that Ubuntu and the like just don't want to include any more, but never fear, following these steps one by ... (CodeUnit)
Photo Gallery: Nagua Bay Complex (2010-08-29) | Andy's flat in the Nagua Bay complex was our rented home for a couple of years, and more importantly, the first place where Chantelle and I lived together under one roof, meaning that it will always have a special place in our hearts. These photos were ... (My Life | Photo Gallery)
Photo Gallery: Gordon's Bay Walk (2010-08-29) | Despite the ferocious wind that blows here, I really do love living here in the picturesque Gordon's Bay. These photos were all snapped on one of my epic long walks, trying to take in as much of the scenery as possible after just having bought ... (My Life | Photo Gallery)
Thank You SARS, I'll Take It! | Sigh, Tax Season is upon us once more, though I must say that the advent of SARS' e-filing system has certainly sped things up hundred-fold and made life pretty easy for simple taxpayers like myself. Nowadays it is simply a matter of logging on, generating your ... (My Life)
Cat Care Isn't Cheap | Eish, cat care really, really isn't cheap. It started a little while ago with Achilles who out of the blue started sneezing. This got progressively worse, more snotty and he basically just lost all energy, literally just lying there and meowing in protest if you so ... (My Life)
Come Dine with Me... Or Not | So this really hasn't been a great last couple of days for the 45 Nagua Bay household. Both cats are as sick as dogs and both humans are as sick as dogs - makes you wonder just how poor dogs must suffer then following that ... (My Life)
A Quick Guide to Bash Shell Scripting | I stumbled across this gem of a quick guide to Bash shell scripting over at some or other forum and so as not to lose this valuable resource for my later use, I've decided to duplicate it here and thus save it for prosperity. Common environment ... (CodeUnit)
Treading Painfully | Ouchie. Weird annoyance I'm sitting with at the moment. For those of you who know me, you know that I'm not the type to dress up very often - hell, I made my last couple of visits to the attorneys and financial planners in shorts ... (My Life)
Planet Hulk | So Planet Hulk is the latest straight to DVD animated film to be thrown out at us by the awesome Marvel Animation and Lionsgate Home Entertainment partnership, and after catching it I have to say that for the first time I really wasn't blown away ... (Comic Books | My Reviews)
Big Cat Sanctuary: Jukani Wildlife Park | On our weekend away to Pinnacle Point in Mossel Bay, Chantelle and I once again made our way through to Jukani Wildlife Park, lying just outside of its confines along the N2 highway. Now if you have never been to Jukani and you are a ... (My Life)
jQuery: Invert a Selection of Checked Checkboxes | If you have a group of checkboxes on a page, sometimes it is quite nice to give the user some quickfire controls that allows him to select all or select none at a click of a button. Similarly, it is pretty cool to give him ... (CodeUnit)
Joomla 1.5: Remove Copyright Info from the Bottom of the Page Footer | Most Joomla sites, with or without snazzy templates applied, all carry a pretty standard Powered by Joomla! footer text. Now while most people should be in favour of keeping this in, there are a lot of us out there who simply don't want it spoiling our ... (Tips, Tricks and Tutorials)
A Wife in a Blur | So I've finally managed to get Chantelle to upgrade and move from the always fun to play Burnout: Takedown, a well worn PS2 release from back in 2004, to the newly released 2010 Blur on my shiny black XBOX 360. To be honest, playing the PS2 ... (My Life)
Dekneecapitated | It would seem that the treadmills at Steenberg Virgin Active have suddenly all decided to rebel against me. So picture this. It's lunch hour and I find myself happily kitted out in gym and ready to put in a quick 20 minute run before I return ... (My Life)
jQuery: Count the Number of Checkboxes Checked on a Page | If you develop websites and work with JavaScript, but have never heard of jQuery before, then it is probably best that you start reading up on it right now. After all, as they like to put it themselves, jQuery is a fast and concise JavaScript ... (CodeUnit)
Pinnacle Point and the Long Weekend | (Note, this post is now officially more than a week late. I started it off last week with the best of intentions, but you know, things just always seem to get in the way...) So as I may have alluded to earlier, this long weekend past ... (My Life)
jQuery DataTables: Simple Row Highlight Example | I’ve mentioned the wonderful jQuery plugin DataTables a number of times before, the awesome little trick that instantly transforms any HTML table fed to it into a fully sortable, paginated, searchable and zebra-striped table, requiring the most minimum of coding to implement. Today's tip looks at ... (CodeUnit)
Step Up to Blur, Karate and a little bit of Family Time | Had a good weekend this weekend, a more stay at home one than last weekend of course, but a good one nevertheless. Things kicked off with a rather poor movie choice for Friday evening's entertainment, with Chantelle and myself opting to catch the newly released ... (My Life)
jQuery DataTables: How to Force Specific Column Widths | I’ve mentioned the wonderful jQuery plugin DataTables a number of times before, the awesome little trick that instantly transforms any HTML table fed to it into a fully sortable, paginated, searchable and zebra-striped table, requiring the most minimum of coding to implement. Today's tip looks at ... (CodeUnit)
FPDF PHP PDF Generator: How to Wrap Long Lines of Text in Tables | I have mentioned the useful FPDF PHP PDF generating library before, but today I'm quickly going to point out how you can solve the problem of inserting extra long lines of text into a table and forcing the table to automatically wrap or linebreak all ... (CodeUnit)
Accessing Values in Javascript JSON Objects with Keys containing Hyphens (Dashes) | In Javascript, JSON objects (well, JS objects in general) have a great short hand little way of accessing values using the fullstop object notation. In other words, using a JSON dataset looking like: {"status":"1","message-data":"Success!"} we could access the "status" value by simply entering: alert(myobject.status); However, if we tried the same ... (CodeUnit)
jQuery DataTables: How to Use jQuery ThemeRoller CSS Styling on Your Table | Widget styling is a long, laborious and tedious job for the most part, which is exactly why it is so great that the guys behind jQuery UI came up with the ThemeRoller concept which basically enforces a strict set of rules in terms of generic ... (CodeUnit)
Ubuntu: Delete Files Older than a Certain Number of Days via the Terminal | For example, let's say you currently do non-incremental backups of your data on a daily business. If you don't keep an eye on it, pretty soon your backup folder will run out of space and your system would come crashing down - so maybe it ... (CodeUnit)
ZombiePowder (Volume 4) | The battle aboard the magic train between the severely underpowered Wolfina and Shackaboon continues as Wolfina tries to stop the vicious tempered lady with the gargantuan eating problem from stomping the encased Emilio to a bloody pulp. However, even as this battle rages on, the Ring ... (Manga | My Reviews)
jQuery: Bind Multiple Different Elements to a Function | The question for today is how to bind a single function to multiple different elements (in other words, elements with either different classes or IDs) in a single call. Well actually, this is remarkably simple, but only because I JUST discovered that since day 1, jQuery ... (CodeUnit)
Photo Gallery: Jukani Animal Sanctuary (2010-08-07) | The Jukani Animal Sanctuary is a fantastic initiative that can be found just outside of Mossel Bay, its primary concern being the safe-keeping and eduction of the public in respect to big cats. And when I say big cats, I mean big cats. On the ... (My Life | Photo Gallery)
Ubuntu: Nicest Way to List a Folder's Contents from the Terminal | This short little note is intended entirely for my own usage because believe it or not, I am somehow forever forgetting the switches needed to make the bog standard list (ls) function output something that I can easily ready. ls -l -h -a There. That will help ... (CodeUnit)
Lean back, Feet up and Arms down | So don't expect to see too much of me online this long weekend, nor expect to find me lurking around Gordon's Bay anywhere. No, this long weekend (and I mean looonng weekend thanks to having booked Friday off), Chantelle and I will be dragging Retha ... (My Life)
Photo Gallery: Pinnacle Point (2010-08-06) | Pops has signed on to a pretty sweet holiday home deal, making him a fractional owner in this beautiful holiday house up at Pinnacle Point in Mossel Bay. This mean he gets four weeks of the year to enjoy a proper breakaway, and as these ... (My Life | Photo Gallery)
Ubuntu Server: How to Change Your Hostname | Changing the hostname of your Ubuntu server installation is a pretty simple affair. To view the current hostname of your system, simply enter hostname. Now to affect a termporary change of hostname, you could simply use: sudo hostname mynewhostname However, be careful here as this is really just a ... (CodeUnit)
The House Hunt is Over | So by now many of you might have heard through the grapevine (in other words Chantelle's FaceBook profile) that we have purchased our very first house. And you would be correct. We have indeed bought a fantastic starter home in the heart of Gordon's Bay, in a ... (My Life)
Stubborn Like Her Dad | Chantelle went for another check up scan on Friday, though this time around she gave her mom a much appreciated present, inviting Cheryl to accompany her to the gynae while I stayed at work, slaving away at my keyboard as per usual. The good news is ... (My Life)
Ubuntu Terminal How to Copy a File to or from a Remote Machine using SCP | SCP is a powerful utility that allows us to securely copy files between remote machines. What makes it even more powerful is the ability to add it to scripts and so for today's quick tutorial I will walk you through how you can go about ... (Tips, Tricks and Tutorials)
The Bryan Adams Concert | Seeing as I've been so lax in terms of my blogging output as of late (sorry about that), I just realized that I still haven't mentioned just how awesome and how much we enjoyed the recent Bryan Adams music concert we attended at Grandwest Casino, ... (My Life | My Reviews)
Ubuntu Terminal: How to Delete a System User Account | To delete a user account off your Ubuntu server or desktop via terminal is pretty simple, thanks to the useful userdel command. Given the username of the user account to delete, simply run: Of course, in the usual fashion of not giving you any feedback unless asked ... (Tips, Tricks and Tutorials)
Nostalgia Hit: Freezerland | Heh. When I was a bachelor, just moved out of the house and living in a flat all on my lonesome, one of my main staple food groups was that of Freezerland - basically the multitude of frozen, crumbed products that Freezerland produced en masses ... (My Life)
Ubuntu Terminal: How to ssh-copy-id When the SSH Port is not 21 | For the most part, the default port for SSH access into a Linux machine is 22. However, many people change this default in the name of security, meaning that for most of our function usage, we simply need to use the -p port number switch ... (CodeUnit)
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