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February 2012 Archive (55 posts)

Schadenfreude: Funny Women Fails | Schadenfreude: pleasure derived from the misfortunes of others. It's human nature really. We all know that women don't like to be told they're doing something wrong, which is exactly why this YouTube gem is so hilariously funny! :) Ouch. (Jokes & other Funny Stuff)
Joke Factory: Not Your Standard STD | Steve and Fiona were making passionate love in Steve's Volkswagen Kombi van when suddenly Fiona, being a bit on the kinky side, yelled out "Oh you dirty boy, whip me, whip me!!" Steve, not wanting to pass up this unique opportunity and obviously not having any ... (Jokes & other Funny Stuff)
Street Fighter II Cosplay Quickie: Cammy (Robin) | Japanese cosplayer with a penchant for going blonde, Robin, puts on her fighting gloves and wiggles into her tight fitting leotard in order to transform herself into Street Fighter II's British femaly fury, Cammy! (Cosplay)
Review: Bomb Queen vs. Blacklight 1-Shot (2006) | "CAT FIGHT! - It's the battle you never expected! All bets are off when Bomb Queen meets Blacklight in battle in Las Vegas! Scott (Blacklight) Wherle and Jimmie (Bomb Queen) Robinson join forces in the sexiest, funniest and wildest one-shot special of the year!" Well, at ... (Comic Books | My Reviews)
PHP: Compare the Keys of an Array and find the Difference | To compare two arrays to see if there is a difference, one often makes use of the array_diff function which takes two arrays, compares array1 against array2 and then returns the difference. Now if you actually want to check for a difference in array keys ... (Programming)
Knocking Down Auto & General Insurance's High Premiums | The truth about short term insurance in South African is that nowadays we're in a VERY competitive market, meaning that unlike before, the insurance companies are finding it a lot harder to rip people off, thanks to the fact that if they aren't doing their ... (My Life)
Assassin's Creed Cosplay: Altair (Lee Camara) | Lee Camara, a woman known for her many wonderful cosplay prop designs and and subsequent productions, sometimes also takes the time out to don her own creations, this time putting on one highly detailed costume and assuming the identity of the enigmatic assassin Altair, from ... (Cosplay)
Adam Kubert: Action Comics #851 Cover (2007) | Action Comics #851 brought us part four of Geoff Johns and Richard Donner's Last Son story arc, with interior art courtesy of the legendary Adam Kubert. Thanks to the wonder of people who love to document for the reason of documenting, provides this great ... (Comic Book Art | Comic Books)
Using a jQuery selector on an ID containing a Pipe (|) Character | I'm quite fond of using the pipe (|) character in tag, id and name properties because it just seems visually such a great delimiter to use when stuffing a string full of useful information to be extracted via splitting or exploding at a later stage. However, ... (Programming)
So Chantelle Can See Clearly Now (Well Almost Anyway) | I'm jealous. I won't lie, I'm insanely jealous. My lucky wife now no longer has to fight with contact lenses in the morning, complain as Jessica tries to grab the spectacles off her face for the umpteenth time, and can now simply go for an ... (My Life)
Comic Book Art: Vixen by Joshua Middleton | Without a doubt DC Comics' premiere black female superhero is Vixen, the African woman with the ability to tap into the abilities of any animal species she can think of. This mimicking of animal creatures thus allows her all sorts of abilities, such as that ... (Comic Book Art | Comic Books)
Joke Factory: Turning Water into Wine | An Irish priest is driving down to New York and gets stopped for speeding in Connecticut. The traffic officer smells alcohol on the priest's breath and then sees an empty wine bottle on the floor of the car. "Sir, have you been drinking?" asks the officer. "Just water," ... (Jokes & other Funny Stuff)
Daphne in the Brilliant Blue Cosplay Quickie: Shizuka Hayama (Karin Nonone) | The premise for 2004's Daphne in the Brilliant Blue anime series revolves around global warming which has had a devastating affect on the planet, with the world's oceans rising to such an extent that humanity now finds itself surviving on giant floating cities. One of ... (Cosplay)
Our 2002 Boland Hike (Or as Ryan Calls it - the Hike from HELL!) | I stumbled across this set of awesome, forgotten photographs while handling a drive I received from Ryan a while ago. Although I can't remember the exact date, I'm pretty confident that these were taken back in 2002, back when I was still happily chugging along ... (My Life | Photo Gallery)
Chantelle's Cookies and Cakes versus the Ants | Shame, I felt so sorry for poor Chantelle on Monday morning, after we woke up only to discover that overnight, a hungry horde of ants had descended upon the giant, moist, chocolate box cake that she had baked the previous evening for an order due ... (My Life)
Queen's Gate Cosplay Quickie: Alice (Suu) | Japanese cosplayer Suu uses the Queen's Blade expansion Queen's Gate as her inspiration to tackle Alice, an original character from Nitroplus, also named the Gate Opener. She wields a pair of modified Mauser C96 pistols with built-in combat knives and a whip that she wears ... (Cosplay)
Review: Switch (Volume 5) | Kai Eto may look like a squeaky-clean kid, but the Greater Kanto Narcotics Control Division's new investigator hides a violent alter ego and a dangerous past. Together with his stoic partner Hal Kurabayashi, Kai is assigned to track down and stop the distribution of a ... (Manga | My Reviews)
Jessica Splashing in the Bath | It's the cutest thing - if you splash in the water in front of Jessica, then she'll play copycat and excitedly splash with you. Of course, she's no trained monkey and almost never performs when on camera, but at least we were able to capture ... (Jessica | My Life)
Ubuntu 11.10: How to Change Workspaces using the Unity Workspace Switcher Keyboard Shortcut | Linux, and thus Ubuntu by extension, has always featured the idea of workspaces, basically multiple desktops that you can switch between at will, and thus better organise your work flow through the grouping of running applications. With the introduction of the Unity graphical shell, Ubuntu brought ... (Software & Sites)
X-Men Cosplay: Jean Grey (Kearstin Nicholson) | Heavily tattooed model, artist and cosplayer Kearstin Nicholson puts together today's great X-Men cosplay, featuring none other than the feisty telekinetic Cyclops and Wolverine love interest, Jean Grey. One of the original members of the X-Men team, Jean Grey used to be known as Marvel Girl. ... (Cosplay)
Photo Gallery: Playing Golf at Pinnacle Point (2012-02-18) | Seeing as I really am more of a social golf player, only really stepping out onto a golf course maybe twice a year if I'm lucky, it is no surprise that up until now, I haven't dared to tackle Mossel Bay's Pinnacle Point, a tough ... (My Life | Photo Gallery)
Adi Granov: X-Men: Legacy #232 Cover (2010) | The synopsis for Mike Carey's second chapter of the Necrosha storyline reads: A classic X-Villain hitched a ride on Destiny's body when Selene brought her back from the dead. But this villain doesn’t want to be part of the Black Queen's master plan - He's ... (Comic Book Art | Comic Books)
Photo Gallery: Pinnacle Point Weekend Away (2012-02-17) | Mom and Dad's week at Pinnacle Point session had rolled into play once again, and this time around it attracted the interest of the entire Lotter clan, meaning that Mom, Dad, Ryan, Claire, Jessie and myself were all making the trip through to Mossel Bay ... (My Life | Photo Gallery)
JavaScript: How to Implode (Flatten) an Array into a String | Coming from PHP, I'm well versed in using the handy implode function to flatten an array into a string, specifying the delimiter character to be used to indicate the border between the flattened array elements. Happily for me, plain old vanilla JavaScript also has this ability ... (Programming)
Jacobsbaai Weekend Away with the Montgomery Clan | Xander (short for Alexander) is the tenant who has been inhabiting Monty's Granny flat for the last couple of years, and in that time, Xander and his mom have struck up a great friendship with the family. A month or two ago, Xander's mom set ... (My Life)
First Beach Training Session of 2012 | Saturday the 4th of February marked the first Funakoshi Karate International South Africa beach training session for the year, and as it turned out, we got a lucky break in that the gale force wind that had been pumping through Gordon's Bay for the last ... (Martial Arts | My Life)
Valentine's Day and Separation Anxiety | Valentine's Day and Separation Anxiety, two completely different topics which I have now married together to form a quick post, a masterful stroke indeed. And when I say married together, I mean completely separate of course. Anyway, Valentine's Day 2012 caught Chantelle and myself somewhat unprepared, ... (My Life)
Comic Book Art: Captain America by Adi Granov | The highly skilled Adi Granov is a Bosnian-born comic book artist and conceptual designer who currently resides in England, where he churns out some absolutely stellar painted cover and interior comic book artwork, mostly for Marvel Comics. Whilst it was probably his work on Iron Man, ... (Comic Book Art | Comic Books)
Queen's Blade Rebellion Cosplay Quickie: Siggy (Robin) | Japanese cosplayer Robin goes blonde and grabs her revealing faux nun's attire to tackle the role of Queen's Blade Rebellion's Siggy, one of the Pope's Central Office inquisitors, tasked with executing those who commit heretic acts! (Cosplay)
Review: Patlabor 2: The Movie (1993) | Patlabor 2: The Movie is often referred to as one of Mamoru Oshii's most underrated films. After watching it, I have to disagree. It simply isn't accessible or enjoyable enough to make it a fan favorite in my opinion, and certainly not one I'm willing ... (Anime | My Reviews)
Jessica entertaining herself with a set of Keys | Of course at this age, just about anything is capable of thoroughly entertaining our young lady, but Jessica in particular has a wonderful fascination with keys. Which of course means that no set of keys are safe in this house any more! :) (And yes, she normally ... (Jessica | My Life)
JavaScript: How to Explode a String into an Array | Coming from PHP, I'm well versed in using the handy explode function to force a string into an array, using a specified delimiter character to chop up the string into the little bits that are to be stored in the array. Happily for me, plain old ... (Programming)
Vision of Escaflowne Episode Guide (16 - 20) | 16 The Guided Ones Dryden continues his reading of Allen's father's diary. It speaks of how he gave up his home, his family, his possessions, all to try and find the legendary Mystic Valley in order to solve the riddle of the power of Atlantis and ... (Anime)
Photo Gallery: Jacobsbaai Weekend - Abandoned Lookout Point (2012-02-12) | Xander’s mom Priscilla has just recently opened a guest house in Jacobsbaai (along the West Coast), called Artists’ Retreat. She invited Chantelle, Jessie and myself to come through for a weekend for some input from Chantelle, and as events would have it, the entire Montgomery ... (My Life | Photo Gallery)
Amazing Spider-Man Cosplay: Black Cat (Wind of the Stars) | American cosplayer Wind of the Stars dons today's figure hugging costume in order to bring to life for us one of the Marvel universe's premiere female cat burglars, the Black Cat, a.k.a Felicia Hardy when she isn't bearing her wicked little claws. Having been generated as ... (Cosplay)
Photo Gallery: Jacobsbaai Weekend - Paternoster (2012-02-11) | Xander's mom Priscilla has just recently opened a guest house in Jacobsbaai (along the West Coast), called Artists' Retreat. She invited Chantelle, Jessie and myself to come through for a weekend for some input from Chantelle, and as events would have it, the entire Montgomery ... (My Life | Photo Gallery)
David Mack and Joe Quesada: Daredevil Vol. 2 #10 Cover (2000) | With the Marvel Knights imprint from Marvel Comics now going strong, writer David Mack decided spin a story of Kingpin manipulating the deaf Echo into believing that it was none other than Daredevil that killed her father. The gorgeous cover tasked with binding this story came ... (Comic Book Art | Comic Books)
Photo Gallery: Jacobsbaai Weekend - Artists' Retreat Guest House (2012-02-10) | Xander's mom Priscilla has just recently opened a guest house in Jacobsbaai (along the West Coast), called Artists' Retreat. She invited Chantelle, Jessie and myself to come through for a weekend for some input from Chantelle, and as events would have it, the entire Montgomery ... (My Life | Photo Gallery)
Jquery: How to Set the Selected Radio Button via a Script | If you develop websites and work with JavaScript, but have never heard of jQuery before, then it is probably best that you start reading up on it right now. After all, as they like to put it themselves, jQuery is a fast and concise JavaScript ... (Programming)
Joke Factory: Do I know You? | A man standing in line at a check out counter of a grocery store was very surprised when a very attractive woman behind him tapped him on the shoulder and said in a very friendly voice, "Hello!" Not recognising her even in the slightest, he ... (Jokes & other Funny Stuff)
Driving on Fumes, or rather, NOT Driving on Fumes! | Heh, had to happen eventually. Chantelle has an annoying (well annoying to me) habit of driving her Hyundai Getz around until the petrol warning light comes on, before continuing to drive with that light shining brightly in front of her for a further couple of ... (My Life)
Review: Fullmetal Alchemist (Volume 15) | The horrors of the Ishbalan campaign occurred years before Ed became a state alchemist, and had serious repercussions, which set the tone for the complicated dealings of present-day state politics. Lieutenant Hawkeye reluctantly tells Ed all the dread details of the role Colonel Mustang and ... (Manga | My Reviews)
Queen's Blade Cosplay Quickie: Nanael (Maryou Chouzuki) | Japanese cosplayer Maryou Chouzuki is known best for her chunky ero cosplays, but for this particular shot she steps out with a little more clothing than normal, donning the wings and armour of the cheeky angel Nanael, from the popular ecchi Queen's Blade anime series. (Cosplay)
Jessica pulling herself up against the TV stand | These days Jessica is pulling herself up against anything that stands above her, including, but not limited to, couches, television stands, and even my knees! Of course, this comes with the added disadvantage that we no longer can just throw things down anywhere on coming back ... (Jessica | My Life)
Comic Book Art: Ms. Marvel versus Brood by Frank Cho | Frank Cho is a fantastically talented artist who has been entertaining us for years with his Liberty Meadows webcomic and of course his subsequent work done in the comic book industry. Incredibly detailed pencils and the ability to switch styles at the drop of a ... (Comic Book Art | Comic Books)
PHP: How to Get the Associated Key from an Array given a Value | If you have a value and you suspect that it might be contained within your array, can you somehow find the key linked to that value if it does exist? The answer is yes, thanks to the handy array_search function which searches an array for a ... (Programming)
Looking into Food Markets: Hathersage Farm Market | Outside of our Kirstenbosch family picnic, visits with both Ouma and Oupa, and then Evan, Natasha and Evalynne, the other thing we slotted in two weekends ago was a trip through to Hathersage Farm, situated in Somerset West and host to "The Marketplace", a local ... (My Life)
Photo Gallery: Jessica Splashing in her Inflatable Pool (2012-02-05) | Chantelle bought Jessie this awesome little inflatable pool, the perfect way for our little baby to cool down in on a hot summer's day! (My Life | Photo Gallery)
Batman Cosplay: Poison Ivy (Meagan Marie) | Former Game Informer columnist and current Community Manager for the Tomb Raider franchise over at Crystal Dynamics, cosplayer Meagan Marie, also known as Meagan vanBurkleo or VirtualGirl6654, is popular web celebrity who is known for coming up with some fantastic costumes in the past. This ... (Cosplay)
Mike Mignola: X-Men Classic #58 Cover (1991) | Always eager to make some money off their huge back issue archive, Marvel at one stage had a dig through their old X-Men archives, pulled a couple of great story arcs from the vault and commissioned some new cover art to wrap it in before ... (Comic Book Art | Comic Books)
How to Install a Standalone Android App on a Samsung Smartphone | Sometimes you need to install an Android App that isn't available in the Android Marketplace onto you phone, maybe because the App doesn't meet the Marketplace's rules, or perhaps because you are in the process of developing a new App and need to test it ... (CodeUnit)
Joke Factory: That's One Way to Secure the Votes | An elderly couple was having dinner one evening when the husband reached across the table, took his wife's hand in his and said, "Emma, soon we will be married 50 years, and there's something I have to know. In all of these 50 years, have ... (Jokes & other Funny Stuff)
My Toes are Singing the Praises of Medaspor | It's not often that I sing the praises of creams, mainly because I never use them (I'm not metrosexual like that), but this isn't your normal skin cream I'm going to be talking about now, oh no, I'm talking about medicinal creams (which coincidentally I ... (My Life)
Guess the Cosplay by Kipi | Can you guess which character, and from which gaming franchise, Japanese cosplayer Kipi is cosplaying? If you guessed Kasumi from Dead or Alive (DOA), give yourself a pat on the back! Or perhaps only half a pat. This one was particularly easy considering how often Kasumi ... (Cosplay)
First Impressions... Spectacular Spider-Man (2008) | I'm thoroughly, thoroughly enjoying this animated version of Spider-Man it must be said, even though it is telling all the stories we've heard before, just this time with more of a youthful, upbeat twist to them! :) We all know the story, puny Peter Parker gets ... (My Reviews)
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