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October 2014 Archive (8 posts)

Ubuntu Server: How to Install Applications from .deb Files | It's pretty seldom that you have to install packages that aren't part of the official repositories (for which apt-get is king), but every now and then you will be presented with a .deb application installer file and told to install it on your server. Luckily this ... (Tips, Tricks and Tutorials)
Ubuntu Server: How to Extract a .tar.gz Archive File | An old one, but for my own reference purposes, worth noting down here in these pages. In order to extract the contents of a .tar.qz archive file, turn to the tar command ("man tar" for options as per usual): In this example we've extracted the contents ... (Tips, Tricks and Tutorials)
Stream English and Afrikaan South African Music with Rdio | These days streaming music from the Internet is actually a workable solution here in South Africa, which basically translates into a whole lot more music choice for you and I, the end user. I've been using a particular music streaming service for a while now, ... (Software & Sites)
Star Wars Rebels hits South African Shores | Following the massive success of the CG animated Star Wars: The Clone Wars series by Lucasfilm Animation (it ran for six seasons, hitting 121 episodes, and was popular with both young and old fans alike), it's no wonder Disney XD was keen on keeping the ... (Partner Content)
Jessica, Chantelle and Baby Emily have a Chat | Shame, Emily really does get the short end of the stick in terms of photos and videos posted here on this blog. Second child syndrome I guess you could call it. Anyway, seeing as I literally just posted a video of a really big milestone for ... (Emily)
Emily Leopard Crawls for the First Time | Wow, ten months down the line already and Emily continues to grow cuter by the day. Ticklish, talkative, inquisitive... and now we can add mobile to the list. Well almost anyway. She was already capable of moving her body around in a circle, but this evening ... (Emily)
Ubuntu Server 14.04: How to Install Webmin | So you've loaded up a copy of Ubuntu Server 14.04 (Trusy Tahr) on your VM, and because you don't feel like doing everything via the command line, you now want the ease of use that Webmin supplies. No problem, grabbing it and installing Webmin on an ... (Tips, Tricks and Tutorials)
How to Fix the "Invalid jdkhome" Error Message on NetBeans Load | For NetBeans IDE users: Whenever you upgrade/downgrade your JAVA installation, more often than not you will encounter an error message when firing up NetBeans that essentially complains about not being able to locate the JAVA installation in the specified jdkhome variable: (Note, selecting the Yes option ... (Tips, Tricks and Tutorials)
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