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November 2014 Archive (8 posts)

How to Increase Sencha Ext.getStore Timeout behaviour | I encountered a problem the other day where my AJAX loaded store kept failing to load when calling the native Ext.getStore() function. Chrome's handy Developer Tools indicated that the request to the store URL was being cancelled, indicating that the AJAX request was in fact ... (Tips, Tricks and Tutorials)
XAMPP and Windows: How to Create a Symbolic Link | If you have scripts which need to be run in your local web browser but fall outside of your web root or any other declared vhost directory, there is always the option of simply creating symbolic links to these external locations from within your web ... (Tips, Tricks and Tutorials)
Why the funny shoulders on a Baby Vest? | Okay, so I just learned something new to me - which would have been handy to know four years ago! If you've had a baby in your life before, then undoubtedly you'll be familiar with the plain old baby vest. Pretty much all babies wear ... (My Life)
So my knee gave out again... | So my knee gave out again... in the most public manner possible of course. I can't really blame my bum left knee (which I heavily damaged via a karate tournament way back in July 2007) though, seeing as I've never even once taken it to ... (My Life)
Goodbye my Faithful Rechargeable Battery Pack | Goodbye my faithful rechargeable battery pack... you have indeed served me well. I joined the XBOX 360 game quite late, purchasing my first (and only to date) XBOX 360 console back in December 2009. I very quickly purchased an official Microsoft Charge and Play rechargeable battery ... (Games Notes)
Toys for Boys: 4D MASTER: Spitfire Mk. VB Debden Model Plane | Chantelle had a good chuckle as she handed over a shiny silver-wrapped present to me on our recent 5 year wedding anniversary. Apparently during the present purchase process, the sales lady (about to wrap it) had asked if it was for a little boy, to ... (My Reviews | Toys)
City of Cape Town Tracking Black Bins | I was quite pleased to see a press release coming out of the City of Cape Town saying that essentially they were starting to fit all existing 240-litre municipal wheelie bins with identification tags to ensure more efficient service provision and revenue accuracy. The tags ... (General Nonsense)
Pay on Google Play with PayPal - but not in South Africa | Halfway through this year the news broke of an unusual move that saw Google open up payments on its Google Play platform to Google Wallet direct competitor, PayPal. Which makes perfect sense when you remember that PayPal is a lot more mature and widely used ... (Tech News)
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