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December 2014 Archive (21 posts)

Piekenierskloof Mountain Resort Getaway (2014-06-14) | Halfway through this year Monty and Cheryl invited Chantelle, myself and the kids to join them for a weekend away at the Piekenierskloof Mountain Resort, perched atop the Piekenierskloof pass, just outside of Citrusdal. The chalet we stayed in had the most fabulous of views, you ... (Photo Gallery)
Christmas Eve 2013 Presents Opening (2013-12-24) | Although I've mentioned the 2013 Christmas Eve celebrations on this blog before, I've never actually shown anything from the day (basically because I took a year off blogging this year - no seriously, check the archives), something which I'll now rectify by posting all of ... (Photo Gallery)
Monkey Town with the Girls (2014-12-29) | Yesterday I took Jessica and Emily for a quickfire (hour long) trip down to Monkey Town, where the two of them could happily take in all the monkeys that they could possible want to. Which turns out isn't all that many - Jess doesn't appear ... (Photo Gallery)
Glenfinnan Langebaan Weekend Away (2014-07-12) | Earlier this year, Touchwork sponsored a weekend away for Chantelle and myself to say thanks for all the hard work my team and I had put into getting all the Distell work out of the door on time. Whilst Tracy and her partner opted to ... (Photo Gallery)
Christmas Day Lunch with the Montgomery Clan (2014-12-25) | With the incredibly enjoyable Christmas Eve present unwrapping event done and dusted, it was on to the main event, Christmas Day itself. This year we opted to join Monty (now a pensioner, so guaranteed to be home every Christmas from here on out), Cheryl, and ... (Photo Gallery)
Jessica's First Bicycle Ride (2014-01-12) | It's incredible just how much Jessica has grown in one year. Halfway through January 2014 we bought Zandea's old bicycle from Dean and Zania, thinking that perhaps it was time for Jess to start learning to ride a bike. She however turned the tables on ... (Photo Gallery)
Blaauwklippen Market Outing (2014-12-28) | Wanting to make the most of such a beautiful Sunday morning, Chantelle and I decided to take the kids out to the Blaauwklippen Family Market, a market that neither of us have been to for quite some time. As it turned out, the good weather and ... (Photo Gallery)
Christmas Eve in Gordon's Bay (2014-12-24) | As children we used to open up our presents on Christmas Eve. Or at least, I seem to recall that we did, which is why I continue the tradition with my kids. Last year didn't go so well, as Jessica was still a little too ... (Photo Gallery)
Photo Gallery: Muffins at The Garden Kitchen (2014-12-24) | Continuing our quest of trying to squeeze in as many activities with the kids over the course of this holiday period as possible, Wednesday morning saw Chantelle, the girls, and myself nip out to perennial favourite, The Garden Kitchen at Mountain Streams Nursery, with an ... (Photo Gallery)
Photo Gallery: Butterfly World on Boxing Day (2014-12-26) | Today is a public holiday, Boxing Day to all of us old enough to remember the term, Day of Goodwill for those of us who are not. Having been a Gordon's Bay resident long enough to know that you avoid the massively overpopulated beaches come ... (Photo Gallery)
Photo Gallery: Sunday Evening at Mondeor (2014-12-21) | Because most of our adventures over the next two week period whilst I'm on leave will be manned by Daddy and his two girls, it is particularly nice when Chantelle can join us for something, like what we did on Sunday evening when we capped ... (Photo Gallery)
Photo Gallery: Helderberg Farm on a Sunday (2014-12-21) | If you are looking for an inexpensive outing for the kids, then Helderberg Farm ranks right up there, although in truth it has a lot more going on than just it's picnic area! However, because I have a four year old and a baby, I'm not ... (Photo Gallery)
Getting Ready for Christmas 2014 | A bit better late than never, but at long last the advent calendar has gone up (Jessica loves moving the mouse along to the next pocket as part of her bedroom routine), and the Christmas tree too stands tall (...ish - it's a pretty tiny tree). This ... (My Life)
Photo Gallery: Jessica and Emily feeding Ducks (2014-12-20 ) | First day of my holiday and I'm already out and about with my girls (Chantelle is pretty much working 90% of the time whilst I'm on leave this year, so for the most part December 2014 will be the "Adventures of Daddy, Jessie and Embels" period), ... (Photo Gallery)
Cappuccino's in the Mall | Thursday evening was an unusual event in that due to work commitments on Friday for both Chantelle and myself, Jessica and Emily (both currently on holiday) needed to sleep over at Oupa and Ouma's house, meaning that for the first time in quite a while, ... (My Life)
Fizzers are now banned! | So Fizzers are now banned from my house. Hold up, you mean those deliciously pink, chewy bars of candy that seem to always be on hand at kids parties and can almost always without fail be found at the bottom of any pantry cupboard of a ... (My Life)
Photo Gallery: Emily brings the Festive Cheer! (2014-11-20) | Every year photographer Wendy Swart pops in at Baby Steps in order to take photos of all the little ones which the parents can then later choose to purchase. Wendy seems to like props. A lot. So if you are struggling to get into the ... (Photo Gallery)
PHP Regex Pattern Test Tool | Annoyingly, my regex, even after all these years of web development, is still completely horrible - pretty much non-existent actually. Which is exactly why I always like to keep a handy regex pattern test tool on hand for the odd occasion when I do actually ... (Software & Sites)
Eskom Load Shedding Schedule | Needless to say, we're in that horrible situation of dreaded load shedding once again, which means it is pretty handy to be able to quickly locate the Eskom load shedding schedule once those Princes of Darkness announce that the lights are indeed going to go ... (General Nonsense)
Finally, the Getz is Bought! | Way back in 2010 I bought my very first brand new car, the fantastically well priced, comfortable and surprisingly reliable Hyundai Getz. Of course, buying a car with zero kilometers off of the showroom floor is far more expensive than buying it out of the classifieds, ... (My Life)
Battling the Lawn Invaders | I'm not much of a gardener. Not because it is difficult mind you, but more because it seems so time consuming and in the end I just really don't care enough to actually be bothered with it. That said though, I am a particular lover ... (My Life)
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