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April 2014 Archive (12 posts)

Capsule Reviews: Games (Max Payne 3, Hitman: Absolution, etc.) | I can't say I really game any more these days, but funnily enough, thanks to Microsoft's Games with Gold XBOX 360 initiative, I have been able to dip my toe into a far greater range of titles that I might have otherwise. This is a ... (Games | My Reviews)
Photo Gallery: Camping at Montagu Guano Caves (2014-04-24) | Taking full advantage of the multitude of public holidays and thus long weekends over the course of April/May, the weekend of the 25th to 28th of April 2014 saw the intrepid family units of Karl and Trish Storbeck, Damen and Michelle Oosthuizen, Ryan Lotter, ... (Photo Gallery)
8 Ways A Condom Can Save Your Life | Condoms have been included in survival kits for quite some time already. They have been used primarily as an expendable water container but this guide will show you a few more uses that you may not have thought of. Here are our 8 survival tips that ... (Partner Content)
Capsule Reviews: Television and Movies (Legend of Korra, Babalas, etc.) | I don't really feel like typing up reviews any more, and in truth, I haven't been doing so for a while. However, I do like coming back every couple of years to see if my thoughts on a particular movie or television show has subsequently ... (Animation | Anime | Live-Action | My Reviews)
Capsule Reviews: Animation (Tangled, Monsters vs. Aliens, etc.) | I'm not really into watching television or movies any more to be quite honest, and my love of animated things has dwindled to the point where I can't even be bothered to sit down and enjoy simply superhero-themed kids' show at all. That said, with a ... (Animation | My Reviews)
Capsule Reviews: Movies (John Carter, The Wolverine, etc.) | I'm not really into spending time collecting my thoughts in the form of movie, gaming, television reviews any more, but that said, I do like coming back three of four years later to see just how my enjoyment/appreciation of any given piece may have changed ... (Animation | Live-Action | My Reviews)
Port Elizabeth: The German Club Easter OX Braai 2014 | For 45 years the local German Club have brought the annual Oktoberfest to Port Elizabeth, and this year they would like to introduce the first German Easter Ox Braai to PE and the surrounding areas, as a nice additional event to the always popular Port ... (Partner Content)
Craig's Thumb versus the Super Glue | Annoyingly, the insole of my Pitbull sandals, which are only a few months old, are pulling loose from the base of the shoe - both of them at the same time believe it or not! (Strong evidence to indicate either poor manufacturing or design for ... (My Life)
Medical Aid Gap Cover: Pretty Useful After All | A couple of years ago, just after Chantelle and I had gotten married and were in the process of amalgamating all of our accounts, etc, Chantelle on the advice from her family had us sign up with Stratum Benefits through a broker. Now essentially, Stratum provides ... (My Life)
Calling All Buyers: Our Home is now up for Sale! | So with our Homelink Estates agent Len Wilmot's week long vacation now over and done with, pleasingly he kicked off the week by getting straight back into the saddle and putting our house officially up for sale. We've listed the house at what I think ... (For Sale | My Life)
Introducing | Started in early 2013, is the brainchild of one Dale Kopping, and while it started out as a humble personal blog for Dale and his camera to capture all the events he was attending, it has since blossomed into a proper go-to portal to ... (Partner Content)
The Big Sell | Believe it or not, Yesterday marked the end of the sixth year that I've lived in the wonderful little coastal town of Gordon's Bay. Six years of living close to the sea, but miles away from friends, family and work. First Nagua Bay, and then Country ... (My Life)
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