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July 2014 Archive (18 posts)

Playgirl / Playboy Cupcake Disc Toppers Print | Chantelle's client needed some pink and black Playgirl / Playboy themed cupcakes for an upcoming birthday party, meaning of course that I was asked to fire up Photoshop in order to oblige. Included in the downloadable zip file is a 300 dpi print quality PNG ... (Design)
How to Determine Windows Disk Usage | My work laptop kept pointing out to me that the free space on the primary C:\ drive was getting ridiculously low, meaning of course that I needed to step in and delete some files. However, in order to do this effectively, one of course needs ... (Software & Sites)
Apache: Simple way to Force a Domain Redirect | I was decommissioning an old server the other day, and in the process of moving the system to a new server I learned that the old domain was in fact one that we didn't directly control. In other words, time to enforce a new domain ... (Tips, Tricks and Tutorials)
How to Add a Line Break to a ToolTip | I sometimes use the fantastic jQuery qTip plugin for some more intelligent HTML tooltips in my web systems, and the other day I came across a need to insert a line break into my tooltip text. It turns out, to achieve this is relatively simple, ... (Tips, Tricks and Tutorials)
How to Reboot a Frozen Huawei Ascend P6 Android Phone | Annoyingly, my Huawei Ascend P6 android phone (a really good phone just by the way), froze the other night whilst browsing, remaining in its locked, unresponsive state for far longer than what I was comfortable to wait. Of course, this smart phone has a built ... (Tips, Tricks and Tutorials)
How to Reset Your Telkom IP Address | I sat with an interesting problem the other day. Essentially all of a sudden I couldn't access this site ( from my home connection, which of course meant that I immediately hopped on to Afrihost's support page to log an issue (they currently host this ... (Tips, Tricks and Tutorials)
Victoria Falls Safari Experiences | Needless to say, a trip to the majestic Victoria Falls, or Mosi-oa-Tunya (the Smoke that Thunders) as it is know to the locals, should be right near the top of anyone's African sights bucket list. Of course, being in the area would also unlock the ... (Partner Content)
Ubuntu Server: How to Manually Start VMware Tools | I keep having to install VMware Tools on some of our Ubuntu Server installs (12.04) for a variety of reasons, and sometimes I notice that VMware Tools fails to start on reboot, meaning that one needs to manually start it up. So this is a ... (Tips, Tricks and Tutorials)
Ubuntu Server: Start Halted Process | My Linux knowledge is rather rusty, so needless to say, I managed to frustrate myself by accidentally halting a running program (VMware Tools installer) by pressing CTRL+Z whilst working on one of our Ubuntu Server installs (12.04) the other day. So as a quick reminder to ... (Tips, Tricks and Tutorials)
Ubuntu Server: How to Generate a Certificate Signing Request (CSR) | Every now and then I need a new SSL certificate for a server, and of course therefore need to produce the relevant certificate signing request (CSR) for processing. So this little note sums up the Ubuntu Server (12.04 LTS) process in a nutshell, i.e. so ... (Tips, Tricks and Tutorials)
Review: InuYasha the Movie: Affections Touching Across Time (2001) | When Kagome's arrow shattered the Shikon no Tama, its shards scattered across feudal Japan, putting power into even the most lowly of creatures' hands. Now, surrounded by their friends and fighting comrades, Inuyasha and Kagome must journey across Japan, locating the shards and righting the ... (Anime | My Reviews)
XBMCbuntu: Recover from "Error: File Not Found. Grub Rescue" Fail | The problem with running your Media Center PC on the floor next to the television is that your little three year old girl who likes to do things without any assistance at all, will press every and any button at random in the hopes of ... (Tips, Tricks and Tutorials)
Fun in the Sun (City): The Nedbank Golf Challenge | The original Million Dollar Challenge was formulated by Gary Player and Sun International founder Sol Kerzner way back in 1981 to beat sporting isolation and bring the world’s top golfers to the homeland of Bophuthatswana – the only chance South Africans would have to see ... (Partner Content)
XBMCbuntu: How to Automatically Shutdown your PC | Because XBMCbuntu is essentially a light-weight Ubuntu install configured to run XBMC at startup, you have access to most of the basic commands that a normal Ubuntu box would have. In other words, you have access to all the normal niceties of Ubuntu - like ... (Tips, Tricks and Tutorials)
XBMCbuntu: How to Upgrade | I'm kind of fond of using XBMCbuntu on my media-serving PC hooked up to the Samsung flatscreen TV in the lounge, though I have had two epic failures thus far - which I can't entirely blame on the operating system because I'm running some pretty ... (Tips, Tricks and Tutorials)
Help, The SVN Repo Server has changed its URL! | It is inevitable that at some point in time the server hosting your Subversion (SVN) repo is going to change IP address or even URL. Of course when that happens, any SVN working copy check outs will instantly be rendered useless, moaning at the slightest ... (Tips, Tricks and Tutorials)
WordPress: How to Replace an Image in the Media Library | Every now and then I mistakenly hit upload on the wrong image whilst crafting a post. Annoyingly, I then have to upload the correct version of the image, which automatically gets assigned a new identifier instead of giving me the option of just simply replacing ... (Tips, Tricks and Tutorials)
Ubuntu Server 12.04: How to Enable phpMyAdmin | The last little while I've slowly been bringing all our servers up to a base level of operating system, in this case Ubuntu Server 12.04 LTS (Waiting for 14.04 LTS to become a little more 'in use' before making the jump), and I came across ... (Tips, Tricks and Tutorials)
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